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Cambria County Burial Index

we have built. Please note that it has been built with the data from THIS web site only, and therefore, cemetery data from the Blacklick and White Township web pages is not included.

If you have any information or corrections to add to any of these locations, please contact either Lynne Canterbury or the host of the appropriate Township or Borough.

Researchers should be aware that the cemetery listing information provided here represents the best efforts by sincere contributors to share information. This data may be incomplete or may contain errors in interpretation of gravestone information or in transcription. This data should never be considered as primary validation or proof for genealogical purposes. It is offered here as tool to stimulate further research.

You may also wish to check out the:

1908 Veteran Burial List

published by the Johnstown Tribune on 19 May 1908, and contributed by Anthony J. Ream.

NOTE:  We realize that some cemeteries are located in cities and boroughs that are officially separate from townships. However, for reporting purposes here, these cities/boroughs and their cemeteries have been included with their nearest township.


Cemeteries by Township
  • * Note: There are no known cemeteries in Munster Twp. and West Taylor Twp.

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