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1889 Johnstown City Directory



Transcribed by Connie Williams

Bailey Maggie Miss, type writer, bds 345 1/2 Locust st.
Bair John, r h 650 Wood st. 8.
Bache James, laborer, r h 123 Frankstown road, Con. 6-6.
Backenheimer Lewis, clerk, rooms 167 Main st.
Bader Charles Jr. stone mason, home 113 Sherman st.
Bader Charles, works steel mill, o h 197 Napoleon st. 5-4.
BADER CONRAD, street commissioner of Johnstown, o h 113 Sherman st. 5-5.
+Bader Leo, stonecutter, r h 46 White alley, Wv. 6.
Bader Mary, widow, home 113 Sherman st.
Bader Peter, laborer, o h 116 Sherman st, 6-6.
+Badger Oliver (col'd) barber, rooms rear 84 Franklin st.
Baer Isaiah, grainer, o h 52 Main st, Grubb 4-4.
Baer Reuben E. printer Democrat, bds 85 Morris st.
Baer Rosa A. Miss, bds 52 Main st, Grubb.
Baer R.L. Mrs,grocery 52 Main st, res do.
+Bage Frank, laborer, r h 414 Fourth ave,Camb. 4.
+Baggin Patrick, laborer, o h 522 Railroad st, Camb.2.
Bagley James G. laborer, o h Lincoln st, Morrellville. 2-2.
Bagley James M. teamster, r h Locust st, Morrellville. 4-4.
*Bagley Wm. laborer bds Frank Killens, Morrellville.
+Bah Conrad, mill hand, bds David st, Hornerstown.
+Bahler Simon, wagonmaker, o h 112 Portage st, Con. 7.
Bailey Abram K. laborer, r h 35 Bedford st. 7-7.
Bailey Alice L. Miss, student, bds 77 Napoleon st.
BAILEY RICHARD S. (S.C.Bailey&Son), home 79 Vine st.
BAILEY S.C.& SON (Richard), plumbers, gas fitters, &c. 162 Main st.
BAILEY SAM'L C. (S.C. Bailey &Son), oh 79 Vine st, 9-9.
Bailey Wm. miner, o h 107 Centre st, Prospect.8-5.
Bailey Wm. R. machinist, bds 107 Centre st, Prospect.
Bair Albert S. steel worker,r h 150 Feeder st, Con. 2-2.
Bair Benjamin, boss at steel works, r h 82 Front st, Pv.4-4.
Bair Samuel L. works at steel works, bds 82 Front st, Pv.
+Baker Andrew, wire drawer, r h 420 Chestnut at, Camb. 4.
Baker Andrew J. harness maker, o h 191 Maple ave,Wv. 5-4.
Baker Anna, widow John, o h Upper Prospect. 6-6.
Baker Catherine, widow Conrad, r h 587 Horner st, 3-3.
*Baker Catherine and Agnes Misses, r h 86 Market st. 2.
Baker Dorsey, auction stand, r h 36 Iron st, Mill. 5-5.
Baker Enoch T. carriage painter, r h 355 Bedford st. 2-2.
+Baker George (col'd), laborer, bds Wm. A. Bogus's, Con.
*Baker James II. laborer, r h rear 56 1/2 Maple ave, Wv.3.
Baker James R. laborer, bds 100 Adam st.
Baker John, miner, bds Anna Baker's Prospect.
+Baker J. Patrick, wiredrawer, bds 146 Lincoln st.
Baker Peter, miner, bds Anna Baker's, Prospect.
BAKER S.H. prest Johnstown Lumber Co, res. Pittsburg.
Baker Wm. miner, bds Anna Baker's, Prospect.
Baker Wm. C. machinist, r h 23 White alley, Wv. 5-5.
Baker Wm. II. mill hand, bds Henry Sweitzer's, Minersville.
*Baldwin George II. machinist, r h 317 Apple alley. 4.(?)
+Baldwin Joseph, laborer, bds 84 Vine st.
Baldwin Oliver P. photo artist, home 317 Apple alley.
Baldwin Patrick, laborer, o h Walnut Grove. 4-4.
Baldwin Robert II. blacksmith, home 317 Apple Alley.
Baldwin Watson C. teacher, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 4-4.
Banfield Edward, wire drawer, r h 171 Church ave, Con.6-7.
+Banfield George, supervisior C.I. Co, oh 39 King st.2.
Banks Wm. II, (col'd), barber, bds 116 Haynes st, Con.
Bannon Anna, widow John, r h 346 Gantier st, Con. 6-7.
Bannon James, laborer, bds 346 Gautier st, Con.
Bannon John II., laborer, bds 346 Gautier st, Con.
Banozyk Albin, moulder, r h 65 Somerset st, 5-5.
BANTLEY & FRONHEISER ( H. Bantley and E.H. Fronheiser), dealers in hardware, farming implements, etc., 117 Clinton st.
Bantley Gotlieb F. ins agt, o h 121 Clinton st. 7-5.
BANTLEY HERMAN (Bantley & Fronheiser), o h 36 Napoleon st. 5.
Bantley Wm. II carpenter, o h 711 Bedford st. 2-2.
+Barbour George M. weighmaster, r h 34 1/2 Maple ave, Wv. 6.
+Barbour James C. storekeeper P.R.R., res rear ticket office.
+Barbour Sarah M. widow Wm. C. bds 34 1/2 Maple ave, Wv.
Barbour Thomas P. foreman, r h 199 Maple ave, Wv. 2-2.
+Barclay Dorinda Miss, home 83 Market st.
Barclay Eliza Mrs. widow, r h 83 Market st. 5-5.
Barclay Harvey G. clerk wire mill, r h 55 Haynes st. 4-4.
Barclay John M. roll hand o h Elm ave Morrellville. 5-5.
Barclay Lowman, mill hand o h Wood st, S.S. 3-3.
+Bard Felix, painter, bds 148 Main st.
+Barefoot John, laborer, bds 169 Clinton st.
+Barge William, laborer, o h Pine ave, Wv. 2.
Baringer George W. teamster, r h 38 Iron st, Mill. 5-5.
Baringer Isaac, teamster, r h 279 Iron st, Minersville. 5-5.
Baringer John B. laborer, r h 263 Iron st, Minersville. 5-5.
Baringer John W. laborer, R H 257 1/2 Iron st, Minersville. 4-4.
*Barker Edward W. roll hand, r h 211 Beech st, Wv.5.
Barker Eugene V. clerk, o h 61 Church st, Coopersdale. 7-7.
+Barker Roland M. work at Gautier, bds V. Barker's.
Barkhimer Charles E. mill hand, r h 220 Iron st, Mv. 2-2.
Barkhimer David H. Laborer, O h Blain st, Morrellville. 7-7.
+Barkhimer Lewis mill hand, O h First st, E. Con. 5.
Barkhimer Michael, fireman, o h Main st, Frank. 2-2.
Barkhimer Samuel A. mill hand, bds David H. Barkhimer.
+Barkhimer Wm. laborer, r h 509 Walnut st, Camb. 3.
Barkley Wm. laborer, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 4-4.
+Barkley Wm. C. teamster, r h rear 34 Morris st. 5.
Barks John (col'd), laborer, o h r 70 Franks road, Con. 3-3.
+Barley Alpheus, blacksmith helper, bds 277 Maple ave, Wv.
Barley Daniel K. laborer, r h 277 Maple ave, Wv. 6-5.
Barley Elijah J. st car driver, r h 226 Maple ave, Wv. 8-2.
+Barley Gideon, clerk, bda 277 Maple ave,Wv.
Barley Jerome B. st car driver, r h 230 1/2 Maple ave,Wv. 4-4.
+Barnes Barbara Miss, home 173 Vine st.
Barnes Charles, retired, o h 176 Main st. 4.
Barnes Harry J. plasterer, home 117 Somerset st.
Barnes Henry B. plasterer, o h 117 Somerset st. 9-9.
+Barnes James C. plasterer, home 117 Somerset st.
Barnes James W. wagon maker, C.I.Co. o h 53 Vine st. 8-6.
+Barnes Shannon (col'd), porter, 237 Main st.
+Barnes Thomas, mill hand, home 53 Vine st.
+Barnes Wm. G. printer Herald, home 117 Somerset st.
Barnett Ella Miss, teacher, bds J. Barrett's, Grubbtown.
Barnett Jeremiah, groceries &c. Main st Grubb, o h do . 9-9.
Barnett John M. blacksmith, r h Elm ave, Morrellville. 2-2.
Barnett William, coal miner and dealer, r h 88 Union st. 4.
BARNHART P.A. (August), Barnhart Bros. bds 116 Morris st.
BARNHART BROS. (P.A.&M.H.), plumbers, 54 Morris st.
Barnhart Edw. F. insp.Nat'l Gas Co. r h 116 Morris st.6-6.
Barnehart George, Laborer, r h Second st, E. con. 2-2.
*Barnhart Jacob, mill hand, r h 112 Johns st. 7.
+Barnhart Laura, domestic, 65 Haynes st.
Barnhart Lewis, gas fitter, bds 116 Morris st.
BARNHART MELLON H. (Barnhart Bros.), bds 116 Morris st.
Barnhart Reuben H. Carpenter, r h 718 Oak st. 4-4.
+Barnhart Sadie, domestic, 123 Chestnut st.
Barnicle J. T. weighmaster steel works,r h 80 Market st. 5-5.
Barnitz W. H. wrks C.I. Co. cold saws, o h 202Grant st. 7-7.
Barr Albert C, pass'r brakeman, bds Jennie M. Barr's, E. Con.
Barr J. Edgar, clerk, bds Jennie M. Barr's, E. Con.
Barr Jennie M. widow H.K., r h Second st, E. Con. 6-6.
+Barr Reinhart, mill hand r h 23 Potts st. 3.
+Barrett Anthony, laborer, bds 9 Lewis ave, Mill.
Barrett Elizabeth Mrs. r h 75 Second st. Peelorville.
*Barrett James, machinist, rooms 137 Franklin st.
Barrett John. laborer, 75 Second st, Peelorville..
Barrick Frank S. clerk, bds 636 Horner st.
BARRICK WM. R. & CO. (Sam'l Munn). gen'l store 636 Horner st.
BARRICK WM. R. (W.R.Barrick & Co.), o h 636 Horner st. 5-5.
Barron James H. machinist, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 5-5.
Barron Joseph W. blacksmith hlpr, bds Fairfield ave, Morr.
Barron Wm. tinner, bds James H. Barron's, Morr.
Barry David, cashier C.I.Co. bds Mary Barry's, Pros.
Barry Edward A. Clerk, bds Mary Barry's, Pros.
Barry James, laborer, bds 130 Branch st, Camb.
Barry Johanna, widow, r h 16 Hickston ave, Mv. 7-8.
Barry Mary, widow David, o h 220 Ebensburg road, Pros. 8-8.
Barry Mary, widow, r h 181 Iron st, Mv. 3-3.
Barth Charles, machinist, bds 59 Conemaugh st.
+Bartholomew Ed. plumber, bds 136 Jackson st.
Bartlebaugh Jas. A. steel wrker, r h 41 Connelly ave.,Mv. 4-4.
Bartlebaugh John, laborer, bds Wm. Bartlebaugh, Mv.
Bartlebaugh Wm. no occ, r h rerr 9 Hineston ave, Mv. 6-6.
Bartlebaugh Wm. II, laborer, bds Wm. Bartlebaugh, Mv.
*Bartosh Martin, laborer, r h 411 Front st, Camb. 10.
Bartley Russell, wks elec. lights C.I Co. rh rear Main st. 3-2.
Baserman Kasper, laborer, r h Von Lunen lane . 5-5.
Bash Ida V. Miss, teacher, bds John L. Bash, Morr.
Bash John L. mill hand, o h Garfield st, Morr. 4-4.
Basset Joseph, laborer, bds John E. Hill's, Morr.
Basset Wm. E. barb wire maker, r h Elm ave, Morr. 3-3.
Bassett Hannah, domestic, 138 Somerset st.
Bast John, boss roller, o h 80 Smith alley, Con. 7-7.
Bateman John, mill hand, r h Virginia ave, Morr. 4-4.
Bates Abram, teacher, home 184 Somerset st.
Bates Benoni, student, home 184 Somerset st.
Bates W. H. Rev. pastor Ref. church. o h 184 Somerset st. 9-9.
Batey Wm. M. steel worker, r h 12 Ebensburg road, Mill. 5-5.
Batsel Frank, mill hand, bds Joseph Batsel.
Batsel Joseph, mill hand, r h River st, Morr.7-7.
Baum John, mill hand, r h 51 Vine st. 4-4.
Baumbach Frederick, laborer, r h Garfield st, Morr. 8-8.
Baumbach Henry, laborer, r h Virginia Ave, Morr. 5.
+Baumer Elizabeth, widow, bds 206 Maple ave, Wv.
BAUMER HERMAN, postmaster at Johnstown, also Akers & Baumer, o h 27 Morris st. 11-10.
BAUMER LEWIS (Akers & Baumer), o h 393 Locust street, Con. 9-9.
Baumer Michael D. clerk, nds 393 Locust st, Con.
Baumer Philip N. student, bds 393 Locust st. Con.
Baumgardner George H. mill hand, r h 733 Bedford st. 5-5.
Baumgardner H.J. (Baumgardner & Miller), r h David st. 7-6.
+Baumgardner Jennie Miss, domestic, 131 Main st.
Baumgardner Levi, mill hand, r h Bedford Pike. 4-4.
Baumgardner & Miller, meat market, 466 Bedford st.
Bazili Paul, laborer, r h 501 Chestnut st, Camb. 5.
BEALE DAVID J. REV. D. D. pastor Pres church, Parsonage 165 Lincoln st. 10-8.
Beale Jennie R. Miss, school teacher, home 165 Lincoln st.
Beale John C. C. student, home 165 Lincoln st.
Beam Albert C. printer, bds 715 Oak st.
Beam David, no occ. bds David H. Beam's, Frank.
Beam David H. car inspector, r h Main st, Frank. 6-6.
Beam Fred, carpenter. o h Strayer st. Morr. 8-8.
Beam Harry M. engineer, bds Samuel Beam's, Morr.
Beam Ira M. student, home 144 Market st.
Beam James H. bricksetter, r h River st, Morr. 4-4.
Beam John, heater, r h 715 Oak st. 12-12.
Beam John C. Mill hand, bds 715 Oak st.
*BEAM LEMON T. physician, 142 Market st, o h 144 do. 6.
Beam Samuel, no occ. o h Railroad st, Morr. 4-4.
*BEAM WM. C. physician, 140 Locust st, o h do. 5.
Beaner John, policeman, o h 738 Pine st. 6-6.
+Bear George, cigar maker, bds Somerset House.
Bear John, laborer, o h 650 Wood st. 9-9.
Beard Henry, laborer, r h 221 Beech st, Wv. 3.
Beard Mary E. and Delida Misses, r h 82 Market st. 2-3
Beard Thomas, charcoal burner, home 82 Market st.
Beas August, steel worker, o h 702 Broad st, Camb. 9.
Beatty Wm. florist, houses Main st, Morr. o h do. 6-6.
+Beaujon Charles, brakeman, bds 520 1/2 Chestnut st, Camb.
+Beaujon Emil, laborer, o h 518 Chestnut st, Camb. 2.
+Beaujon John H. laborer, bds 520 1/2 Chestnut st, Camb.
Beaujon Josephine, widow Theo. o h 520 1/2 Chestnut street, Camb. 4-4.
+Beaujon Wm T. hammerman, bds 520 1/2 Chestnut st, Camb.
Beck Andrew S. works Gantier's, r h 498 Chapin st, Con. 3-3.
+Beck John, cook, rooms 234 Main st.
*Beck Wm. F. laborer, bds 198 Maple ave, Wv. 6.
Beck Wm. H. laborer, bds 93 Haynes st, Con.
Becker Peter, mill hand, o h Brownstown. 9-9.
Beckley Chas. F. mill hand, r h Bed. pike, Hornerstown. 6-6.
Becklay George W. mill hand, r h 705 Bedford st. 4-4.
Bee David, stationary engineer, o h 182 Morris st. 13-8.
Bee George T. laborer, home 182 Morris st.
Bee James C. roll turner, r h 169 Morris st. 2-2.
Bee Mary, clerk (Clark's), home 182 Morris st.
Beehes Stephen, carpenter, o h Parl ave, Mox. 4-4.
Beegle William, agent Singer S. M.'s, r h 135 Chestnut. 2-2.
Beemish Daniel, steel worker, r h 36 and Second st, Pv. 8-8.
Beemish Martin L. laborer, bds 36 Second st, Peelorville.
Beemish Peter, laborer, r h 124 Iron st, Mill. 2-2.
+Begley Ann, widow, bds 54 River ave, Mill.
Begley Mary, widow, o h 94 Ihmsen ave, Prospect. 1-1.
+Beehoff Mary, domestic, at Geo. Suppes.
Behrend Max, mill hand, r h Brownstown. 4-4.
+Beilstein Charles C. candy maker, home 234 Main st.
BEILSTEIN WM. H. engineer, oh 234 Main st, 2nd floor. 6-6.
Beisel John H. laborer, C. I. Co. r h 104 Somerset st. 3-3.
+Beisel Robert, wire drawer, bds 102 Vine st.
+Beitel Edward, laborer, r h 222 Maple ave, Wv. 5.
Beitle John, laborer, o h Pine ave, Wv. 2-2.
Beitler Joseph, saloon, 165 Clinton st, r h do. 6-4.
Bell Anson L. wire drawer, bds 128 Washington st.
Bell John, clerk at Gautier, bds 89 1/2 Vine st.
Bell Robert S. shoemaker, 23 Dibert st, r h do. 3-3.
Bell Samuel H. timekeeper at Gautier, r h 89 1/2 Vine st. 4-4.
Bell Thomas, mill hand, r h Park ave, Mox. 4-4.
Beltz Elizabeth, widow, bds 39 Coal st, Con.
Beltz George, laborer, r h 72 Frankstown road. 3-3.
Beltz Wm. laborer, o h 39 Coal st, Con. 2-2.
Beltzner August, wire drawer, o h 71 Haynes st, Con. 12-12.
Beltzner Fred, watchman, r h 32 Portage st, Con. 8-5.
Beltzner John moulder, r h 74 Haynes st, Con. 2-2.
Beltzner Lewis, wire drawer, bds 36 Portage st, Con.
Beltzner Mary H. Miss, artist, bds 73 Haynes st, Con.
Bend Lewis, laborer, o h Lincoln st, Morrellville. 3-3.
+Bender Frank, wire drawer, bds Richard Bender's.
Bender Joseph, laborer, bds 141 Devlin st, Con.
Bender Minnie V. Miss, domestic, 31 Haynes st.
Bender Nettie, domestic, 156 Vine st.
Bender Richard, invalid, r h 488 Cemtre st, Con. 8-7.
*Bending Elizabeth, widow John, o h 136 Locust st. 4.
Beneigh Cyrus e. laborer C.I. Co. bds 73 Union st.
*Beneigh John C. no occupation, bds 201 Broad st, Camb.
Beneigh John H. laborer, r h 73 Union st. 5-5.
Beneigh John S. laborer, r h 189 Iron st, Minersville. 5.
Beneigh Walter, laborer, o h near Bed. Pike, Hornerstown. 4-4.
+Benford Charlie, carpenter, bds W. D. Mitchell's.
Benford Charles W. carpenter, home 729 Horner st.
*Benford Elizabeth Mrs. bds Hulbert House.
+Benford Edward, home 60 Napoleon st.
*Benford George Lewis, trav. agt., bds Hulbert House.
BENFORD FRANK A. propr Hulbert House, 110 Clinton st. 37.
Benford Harry C. bookkeeper, home 729 Horner st.
Benford James, carpenter, o h 60 Napoleon st. 6-6.
Benford Jesse W. student, bds 729 Horner st.
Benford John, contractor and builder, o h 729 Horner st. 9-9.
*Benford May and Maria Misses, bd Hulbert House.
Benford Walter J. clerk, r h 281 Locust st. 4.
Benke Henry, mill hand. o h 624 Horner st. 6-6.
Bennett Benjamin, weighmaster at mill, bds 27 Market st. 2.
Bennett Elisha, laborer, bds Henrietta Clarages. 3.
+Bennett Henry, mill hand, r h Evarts allry, 85 Franklin st.5.
BENNETT & GREER(M.E.Bennett, D.N. Greer), proprs Morrell Institute, art, music, commerical, etc., 84 Main st, r h do. 17-17.
BENNETT MAURICE E. (Bennett & Greer), Morrell Institute, 84 Main st, res do.
Bennett Michael, mill hand, o h Locust st, Morr. 4-4.
Bennett Richard J. steel worker, o h 56 McCulley ave. 4-4.
+Bennett James G. laborer, r h 17 Maple ave, Wv. 3.
+Bennett Sarah Mrs. milliner, W.M.&Co., home 27 Market.
*BENSHOFF ARTHUR M. (Benshoff & Sons), home 76 Somerset st.
Benshoff Benjamin, flouring mill, Rosedale, o h do. 11-11.
Benshoff Benj. S. teamster, home Benj. Benshoff's.
BENSHOFF ELI (Benshoff&Co.), meat market, Wv, r h Rosedale, 6-6.
BENSHOFF HARRY M. (Benshoff & Sons), home 76 Somerset st.
Benshoff John, boss at rail mill, o h Rosedale. 4-4.
*BENSHOFF JOHN QUINCY ADAMS (Benshoff & Sons) o h 76 Somerset st. 5.
BENSHOFF J.Q. & SONS (A.M. 7H. M. Benshoff). book-sellers, stationers and bookbinders, 172 Main st.
Benson Ann, widow, bds 180 Iron st., Minersville.
Benson Eli, no occupation, bds 302 Walnut st, Camb.
Benson James, laborer, r h 605 Railroad st, Camb. 7-7.
+Benson James, laborer, bds 60 Iron st, Mill.
Benson Julia, widow, r h 60 Iron st, Mill. 4-4.
Benson Reuben, laborer, r h 310 1/2 Chestnut st, Camb. 4.
+Benson Susan Miss, dressmaker, bds 60 Iron st, Mill.
Benson Thomas, no occupation, r h 70 2nd st, Peelorville. 6.
Benson Thomas, laborer, o h 310 Broad st, Camb. 6.
Benson Wm. II. laborer, r h Fairfield ave, Morr. 2-2.
Benson Wm. engine hostler Johnson Co. r h Park ave, Mox. 2-2.
Benton Mary A. Mrs, widow, o h 18 Water st. 1-1
Bentruck Stephen, laborer, o h Brownstown. 3-3.
+Bepis Aaron, engineer, o h Greeve st, E. Con. 6.
Berg Philip, laborer, o h 487 Bedford st. 2-2.
*Berge Jacob, laborer, r h 221 Chestnut st, Camb. 4.
Berger Philip, laborer, r h 351 Gautier st, Con. 8-8.
Bergman Charles E. boss roller, r h 347 Locust st, Con 5.
Bergman John G. boss roller, o h 165 Napoleon st. 7.
+Beringer Daniel A. laborer, r h 139 Iron st, Mill. 4.
+Berringer David R. laborer, r h 139 Iron st, Mill. 4.
Beringer Elizabeth, widow Andrew, r h 100 Iron st, Mill. 3-3.
Beringer Elizabeth Mrs. r h Main st, Coopersdale. 2-2.
+Beringer Wm. B. works at bolt mill, bds 109 Iron st, Mill.
+Berkebile Adam, mill hand, bds 392 Bedford st.
Berkebile Albert, mill hand, r h Main st, Morrellville. 5-5.
+Berkebile Alex. M. wiredrawer, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 2.
+Berkebile Brinton S. wire drawer, bds 30 Portage st, Con.
Berkebile Cornelius, meat market, Bridge st, Frank.
Berkebile David A. Formn wire mill, r h 30 Portage st, Con. 7-6.
Berkebile David L. boarding house, r h 329 Railroad st. 13-3.
+Berkebile Dessie Miss, domestic, 233 Broad st.
+Berkebile Francis M. staple cutter, bds 30 Portage st, Con.
+Berkebile Frank, butcher, r h Portage st, Franklin. 2.
Berkebile George, engineer, o h Second st, E. Con. 6-6.
Berkebile George M. mill hand r h 707 Bedford st. 7-7.
Berkebile George W. mill hand, r h 392 Bedford st. 8.
Berkebile Harvey, mill hand, bds Hiram Berkebile's, Morr.
Berkebile Hiram, mill hand, r h Railroad st, Morr. 7-6.
Berkebile Isaac B. stocker at steel works, o h 188 Sherman st. 3.
+Berkebile Leroy, engineer, home 329 Railroad st.
*Berkebile Mahlon, mill hand, bds Hiram Berkebile's.
Berkebile Oliver, laborer, r h Main st, Frank. 2-2.
+Berkebile Robert F. mill hand, home 392 Bedford st.
Berkebile Silvester, mill hand, o h Cypress ave, Mox. 2.
Berkenbusch Joana, widow George, o h 86 Sherman st. 3-3.
Berkey Alexander J. carpenter, o h 93 Main st, Grubb. 8-8.
Berkey David B. laborer, r h 447 Bedford st. 2-2.
Berkey Ella Miss, domestic, Lewis Berkebile's.
Berkey George, shoemaker, r h rear 186 Morris st. 6.
Berkey George II. wire drawer, home rear 186 Morris st.
BERKEY MRS. HENRY S. propr Somerset House, 187 Clinton st. 18-8.
+Berkey Henry S. manager Somerset House, home do
Berkey Jacob, no occupation, bds 172 Napoleon st.
Berkey John W. painter, bds E. K. Miller, Grubbtown.
Berkey Jonathon, carpenter, o h 42 Hickory st. 2-2.
Berkey Joseph A. carpenter, home 108 Somerset st.
Berkey Lewis J. mill hand, r h Chandler st, Morrellville. 4-4.
Berkey Mattie, domestic, 71 Morris st.
Berkey Rachael, widow, o h 108 Somerset st. 3-3.
Berkey Samuel T. laborer, r h 217 1/2 Maple ave, Wv. 4-4.
Berkey Wm. carpenter, r h 192 Sherman st. 5-5.
Berkey Wm. laborer, bds 366 Bedford st.
Berkley Albert (col'd), laborer, r h 137 Centre st, Con. 5-4.
Berkley Clayton, ladleman steel works, r h 55 Somerset st. 4.
+Berlin Joseph II. Bookkeeper, bds 104 Jackson st.
+Berlock Joseph, merchant tailor, 305 Main st.
+Bernet John, laborer, o h rear 48 Somerset st. 5.
+Berry Albert, clerk, r h 89 1/2 Main st. 4.
BERRY CHARLES L. (John M. Tancy & Co.), druggist, home 116 Napoleon st.
Berry Clarence, water gauger at mill, home 116 Napoleon st.
Berry Edward T. clerk at Benshoff's, home 116 Napoleon st.
Berry Frank, druggist, home 116 Napoleon st.
Berry John, foreman Co, meat Market, r h 116 Napoleon st. 9 .
Berry John, butcher, bds Edwards Sisters, Morrellville.
Berry John E. butcher for Whittaker, home 116 Napoleon st.
Berry William H. laborer, r h 419 Railroad st, Con. 10-10.
Berryman Francis, miner, o h 30 Frankstown road, Con. 9-9.
Berryman Richard R. wire drawer, bds 30 Frankstown road.
Berryman Thomas U. clerk, bds 30 Frankstown road, Con.
Beshof Frank, laborer, r h 79 Huber st, Con. 4-4.
Best Ed. E. machinist, rh 166 Sherman st. 2-2.
Best John, stone mason and bricklayer, r h r194Morris st. 4-4.
Betsler Joseph, steel worker, o h 415 Fourth ave, Camb. 7-4.
Bettermann Gustav (Bettermann&Mayer), r h 63 Duke alley, Conemaugh. 2-2.
Bettermann & Mayer (G. Bettermann and A. Myer) meat market, 7 Iron st, Millville.
Bettermann Rineholt (Bettermann & Vaughen), r h Main st Coppersdale. 5-5.
Betts John R. carpenter, r h 158 Somerset st. 5-5.
Betz Jacob, laborer, r h 178 Adam st, Con. 6-6.
Betz John, laborer at Mrs. Fritz, Grubb. bds do.
Beuler Frederick, Union Hotel, 461 Railroad st, Con. oh do. 5-5.
Beuler John, teamster, bds 461 Railroad st, Con.
Beutman Wm. carpenter, r h 460 Bedford st. 6-6.
Bevan Benjamin, machinist, r h Coleman ave, Mox. 8-8.
Bevan William, mill hand, r h Park ave, Mox. 3-3.
Beyers Annie Miss, home 68 Market st.
Beyers Chas. A. clerk W. M. & Co. home 68 Market st.
Beyers Kate Miss. home 68 Market st.
Beyers Susan Mrs. boarders, o h 68 Market st. 10.
Beyer Simon, laborer, o h Main st, Frank. 2-2.
Bice Wm. H. clerk, r h P.R.R. ave, Morrellville. 6-6.
Bickford Daniel F. wire drawer, bds Geo. W. Bickford's.
+Bickford George G. fireman, bds Geo.W. Bickford's.
+Bickford Geo. W. wire drawer, o h Greeve st E. Con. 4.
Bickford Samuel A. engineer, r h First st, E. Con. 2.
Biershenk Salona, widow Adam, o h 71 Morris st. 5-6.
Bifinger Barbara, widow, o h 440 Railroad st, Con. 3-3.
Bifinger Wm. peddler, bds 440 Railroad st, Con.
Bigham John, machinist, home 78 Union st.
Bigham Patrick, mill hand, home 522 Railroad st, Camb. 2-2.
Bigham Uriah, miner (retired), o h 78 Union st. 6-6.
Bigler Wm. G. Laborer, r h 500 Chapin st, Con. 8-8.
+Bindel Michael, laborer, bds 201 1/2 Chestnut st, Camb.
+Biney Robert, steel worker, r h 46 Iron st, Mill. 4.
Bingell Wm. F. laborer, r h 111 Adams st, Con. 7-7.
Bingle Edward, mill hand, o h Lincoln st, Morr. 2-2.
+Bingle Lucinda Mrs. domestic, 251 Pearl st.
Binns Maria, widow o h Brownstown. 3-3.
+Bird George E. student, bds 54 Garden alley, Mill.
Bird James, mill hand C. I. Co. r h 62 1/2 Main st, Grubb. 3-3.
Bird John Jr. student, bds 59 Main st, Grubb.
Bird John, heater, r h 59 Main st, Grubb. 7-7.
Bird Lydia, widow Edward, o h 54 Garden alley, Mill 2-2.
Birk George, wire drawer, bds 631 Pine st.
Birk John, wire drawer, bds 631 Pine st.
Birk John C. no occupation, o h 631 Pine st.6-6.
Birk Wm. C. laborer, bds 631 Pine st.
Bisbing John R. carpenter, o h Elk st, Morrellville. 3-3.
+Bishoc Thomas, laborer, r h 220 Chestnut st, Camb. 2.
*Bishof Charles, carpenter, o h 34 White alley, Wv. 8-7.
Bishof Charles, laborer, r h Pine ave, Wv. 2-2.
Bishof John, roll hand, o h Pine ave, Wv. 5-5.
Bishop Amelia, widow, o h 30 Benton st. 3-3.
Bishop Earnest, works in woolen mill, home 30 Benton st.
Bishop Francis J. miner, r h Walnut Grove. 5-5.
Bishop John, works in woolen mill, o h 34 Benton st. 6-6.
Bishop Julius, works at Gautier, home 30 Benton st.
*Bishop Julius, machinist, r h 217 Second ave, Camb. 2.
+Bishop Lawrence J. laborer, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 3.
Bishop Richard W. machinist, home Francis J. Bishop's.
Bitner Frank, laborer, bds Ed. Liberty's.
Bittner Henry, bricklayer C.I.Co. home 86 South st.
Bittner Henry, brakeman, r h Main st, Frank. 5-3.
Bittner Ulysses G. bricklayer, bds 341 Main st.
Bittner Valentine, carpenter C.I.Co. o h South st. 4-3.
Bittner Wm. laborer rod mill, r h 184 Morris st. 3-3.
BLACK ALEXANDER, merchant tailor, 246 Main st,2nd floor, o h 196 Stony Creek st. 3.
+Black Ella Miss, domestic, 20 Morris st.
Blackburn Edward, laborer, bds 436 Bedford st.
+Blackburn Edwin J.Moulder's helper, home 76 Locust st.
Blackburn Elvin, laborer at mill, bds 195 Stony Creek st.
+Blackburn Mary V. widow E.J. r h 76 Locust st. 5.
Blackburn Wm. H. wrks roof shop C.I.Co. h 191 Grant st. 3-5.
Blackford Frank, laborer, r h 51 1/2 Iron st. 3-3.
Blackford Samuel, carpenter, r h 32 1/2 Somerset st. 2.
Blackford Wm. laborer, r h 128 Portage st, Con. 4-3.
Blain Abram (col'd), barber, bds 4 Kennon alley, Con.
*BlairAlfred, pattern maker, r h 35 Maple ave,Wv. 6.
Blair Calvin, works at steel works, r h 191 Napoleon st. 4-4.
Blair Charles, clerk, bds 125 Main st, Coopersdale.
Blair Frank, painter C.I.Co. bds 63 South st.
Blair Hezekiah B. carpenter, r h 174 Napoleon st. 4-4
Blair Wm. F. tobacco, &c., upper Main st, Grubb, r h do. 2-2.
Blair Wm. J. painter, r h 93 Napoleon st. 2.
Blake Bridget, widow, r h 81 Coal st, Con. 2-2.
Blakely Elizabeth, widow, r h 4 Front st, Peelerville. 2-2.
Blakely John, laborer, bds 4 Front st, Peelerville.
BLAND WM. C. justice of the peace, office 93 Iron st, Millville, r h 2 Ebensburg road do. 3-3.
Blanset George H. laborer, bds 648 Horner st.
Blaski Michael, laborer, r h 29 Connelly ave, Minersville. 8-8.
Blauch Abram W. (Blauch & Allen), r h 143 Morris st. 11- 10.
Blauch Edgar W. clerk (Blauch& Allen's), home 143 Morris st.
Blauch & Allen (A.W.Blauch and S. W. Allen), dry goods and groceries, 25 Morris st.
Blauch David D. time kpr roof shop, o h 192 Napoleon st. 4-4.
Blenck Frank, mill hand, r h near Bedford pike. 3-3.
Blewett Charles, laborer, bds 50 Coal st, Prospect.
Blewett Thomas, mill hand, r h 101 Centre st, Prospect. 3-3.
Blight Samuel S. blacksmith C. I. Co. r h 77 Union st. 4-4.
Blimmel Geo. miner, o h 504 Broad st, Camb. 8.
Blimmel John C. bartender, bds 504 Broad st, Camb.
Bloch Charles H. mill hand, o h 670 Pine st. 5-5.
Bloch Christ, mill hand, o h 664 Pine st. 4-4.
Bloch Henry, groceries,469 Railroad st, Con, o h 467 do. 7-7.
+Bloch Lewis, mill hand, r h 30 First st, E. Con. 2.
+Bloch Rose, widow Jacob, o h 322 Railroad st. 6.
+Bloch Wm. laborer, bds 322 Railroad st.
Blocher John, steel worker, r h 520 Broad st, Camb.4.
Blocher John E. steel worker, bds 520 Broad st, Camb.
Block Christ H. mill hand, r h 171 Clinton st. 3-2.
+Block Henry, cigar maker, bds 171 Clinton st.
Block Mary, widow, bds 656 Bedford st.
Bloom Martin, laborer, r h 10 1/2 Kelley al, Mv. 7-7.
Blottet Fred, no occupation, o h and bds Wm. Mishler's. 4-6.
Blouch Peter A. laborer pottery, o h 111Main st, Grubb. 5-5.
Blough Barbara A. widow, r h 16 Water st. 5-5.
+Blough Christopher, fireman, bds Sarah Funk's, E. Con.
Blough Edward, barber in Altoona, home 87 Everhart st.
Blough Elias J. saddler, r h 731 Pine st. 7-7.
+Blough Emanuel, drug clerk, rooms 328 Bedford st.
Blough Eph. mill hand, C.I.Co. o h 87 Main st, Grubb. 9-8.
+Blough Hannah, domestic, 72 Somerset st.
Blough Isaac, carpenter, bds 472 Bedford st.
+Blough James A. clerk C.I.Co. office, bds 16 Water st.
+Blough Jennie, domestic, 82 Morris st.
Blough Joseph, laborer, r h 87 Everhart st. 5-5.
+Blough Josiah D. carpenter, r h Bausman alley. 3.
Blough Josiah J. Clerk Moses', o h 129 Morris st. 3.
Blough Marcellus J. painter, r h 113 Eight ave, Camb. 6-6.
+Blough Milton, painter, bds 113 Eight ave, Camb.
+Blough Rebecca, clerk Kranner's, bds 16 Water st.
Blough Sadie Miss, confections and boardrs, 102 Vine st, r h do. 9.
*Blough Sam'l T. jeweler, 266 Main st, r h 161 School alley. 3.
Blum Nicholas, mill hand , o h 113 Morris st. 7-7.
Blyler Joseph, wrks galvanizing shop, r h r 1881/2 Morris st. 4-4.
+Bodenshts Mary, domestic, 189 Vine st.
+Bodicut George, wire drawer, bds 140 Jackson st.
+Bodient John T. wire drawer, bds 140 Jackson st.
Bodner John, laborer, r h 88 Coal st, con. 4-4.
BOECHER CHARLES. meat market 144 Franklin st, r h 188 1/2 Somerset st. 3.
+Boecher Conrad, laborer, o h 133 School al. 3.
+Boecher Ludwig, mill hand, home 133 School al.
Boes George, steel worker, o h 610 Broad st, Camb. 6.
Boettcher Albert, press hand C.I. Co. bds 19 Main st Grubb.
Boettcher Emil, railroader, r h 19 Main st, Grubb. 4-4.
Boggs Henry (col'd), laborer, bds Maria Boggs.
+Boggs Maria (col'd), widow, r h 530 Portage st, Con. 3.
*Bogus Wm. A. (col'd), r h 530 Portage st, Con. 6.
Bohn Adam, laborer, r h 70 Ebensburg road, Pos. 3-3.
+Bolar Findley M. laborer, bds 48 River ave, Mill.
Bolar George W. laborer, r h Rosedale. 5-5.
Bolar Thomas J. furnance hand, o h Lincoln st, Morr. 3-3.
Bole David D. engineer, bds 185 Maple ave, Wv. 6.
+Bole Frank, laborer, r h 318 Chestnut st, Camb.
Bole George, invalid, r h 185 Maple ave, Wv. 6-7.
Bole George W. hammerman, bds 135 Maple ave, Wv.
+Bole Lizzie S. Miss, dressmaker, bds 185 Maple ave, Wv.
Boler Gilson, laborer, r h 104 River ave, Mill. 5-6.
+Boller Edgar F. carpenter, bds Wm. A. Boller's.
Boller George W. car inspector, r h Main st, Frank. 5-6.
+Boller Wm. A. shoemaker, o h Railroad st, E. Con. 4.
+Bolock Louis, laborer, r h 171 Front st, Camb. 4.
Bolsinger Frank W. clrk W.M. & Co. r h 86 Napoleon st. 3-3.
BOLSINGER PERRY C. in charge of grocery dept W.M.& Co. o h 136 Main st. 8-8.
Bolsinger Sarah, widow, home 136 Main st.
Boltz George, miner, r h 109 Huber st, Con. 5-4.
Bonn Sam'l G. clerk, bds 38 Maple ave, Wv.
Bonner Jas. M. groceries,622 Bedf'd st, o h 623 Wood st. 5-5.
+Boo hamer John, laborer, bds 417 Chestnut st, Camb.
Boo hamer Lawrence, dairyman, o h 417 Chestnut st, Camb. 6.
BOOSER JOSEPH, merchant tailor, 127 Market st, r h do. 2-2.
Boosok Paul, laborer, r h 35 Connelly ave, Mv. 2-2.
Bopp George, laborer, r h 60 Huber st, Con. 5-5.
*Bopp Jacob, saloon, 182 Washington st, r h 239 Broad st. 6.
Bopp Lawrence, laborer, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 6-6.
Border John, sawyer, bds Wm. H. Wendell's. Pine st.
Boreman Henry, laborer, r h 401 Broad st, Camb. 4-4.
Boring Abram J. carpenter, o h Park ave, Mox. 5-5.
Bosler Isaiah J. mill hand, bds 136 Jackson st.
BOSLEY JOHN T. upholsterer and carpet clearner, 110 Franklin st, home 52 Somerset st.
Bostert Gustav, flour and feed, 308 Railroad st, o h 19 Centre st, Con. 10-8.
Bosley Sam'l, carpenter, o h 52 Somerset st. 4-4.
Bouch Daniel, laborer, r h 361 Gautier st, Con. 5-5.
Boucher Andrew, policeman, bds 47 High st, Mv.
+Boucher James, laborer, bds Joseph G. Stewart's.
Boucher Jane, widow Patrick, o h 47 High st, Mv. 3-3.
Boucher john, laborer, bds 47 High st, Mv.
Boucher Patrick, foreman, bds 47 High st, Mv.
Bowden George W. rail driller, o h South st above Grant. 2-2.
Bowden John, laborer, o h 103 Napoleon st. 4-4.
Bowden Westley, laborer, home 108 Napoleon st.
Bowen Alvy, laborer, r h 238 Maple ave, Wv. 5-5.
Bowen Francis, wire drawer, bds 94 Quarry st, Pros.
Bowen Harry, mill hand, bds 94 Quarry st, Pros.
Bowen John R. wrks Gantier, r h 94 Quarryst, Pros. 12-11.
+Bowen Mrs. Mary, widow, home 78 Haynes st.
Bowen Robt. miner, o h 12 Ebensburg road, Mill. 2-2.
Bower Frank H. furnance hand, r h 252 Iron st, Mv. 5-5.
Bower Henry, laborer, r h 108 Iron st, Mill. 6-6.
Bower Wm. H. conductor, r h 52 Lock st, Mill. 2-2.
Bowers Amos, street car driver, r h 15 Seventh st, Wv. 6-7.
Bowers Charles V. sec ElectLight Co. r h r 134 Somerset st. 4-4.
*Bowers George W. street car driver, bds 241 Maple ave, Wv.
Bowers Ida Miss. domestic, 74 Haynes st.
Bowers Jacob, laborer, o h Blain st, Morrellville. 5-5.
Bowers John T. laborer, o h Lincoln st,Morrellville. 9-9.
Bowers Joseph, carpenter, r h Morris st. 8-8.
+Bowers Richard, driver for A. Recke, r h 169 Somerset st. 4.
Bowers Wm. F. furnance hand, r h 441 Third st, Mill. 4-4.
Bowers Wm. H. laborer, bds John T. Bowers, Morrellville.
+Bowersox Frank B. laborer, bds 68 1/2 River ave, Mill.
Bowman Chauncey A. caepenter, r h 130 Poplar st. 3-3.
*Bowman Frank P. shipping clerk, r h 161 Maple ave. Wv. 4.
Bowman Henry, blacksmith (Swank's), o h 36 Dibert st. 10.
Bowman Jerome, grocery, 33 Main st, Grubb, r h 49 do. 5-5.
Bowman John H. clerk Weaver's, bds 36 Dibert st.
Bowman Lizzie A. Mrs. dressmaker, 130 Poplar st.
Bowman Luther M. axle forger, o h 63 Haynes st. 5-3.
Bowman Robert, cond.Mox. R. r. home 49 Main st, Grubb.
+Bowman William, blcksmith, bds 36 Dibert st.
Bowser Bartholomew, laborer, r h Bridge st, Frank. 8-8.
Bowser John, laborer 20 Peter st, Con. 3-4.
BOWSER JOHN H. grocer, 10 Bedford st, o h do. 13-13.
Bowser John R. mill hand, o h 190 Sherman st. 3-3.
Boxler Anthony, mill hand, r h 105 Adam st, Con. 3-3.
Boxler Frank, water tender, o h Brownstown. 6-6.
Boxler John, mill hand r h 59 Adam st. 6-6.
Boxler John B. mill hand, r h Bedfd pike, Hornerstown. 2-2.
Boxler Rosalia, widow Sebastian, o h 23 Maple ave, Wv. 6-6.
Boxler Sebastian J. laborer, h 53 Centre st, Con. 7-7.
Boyd Charles, mill hand, r h 100 Adam st. 2-2.
+Boyd Ella Miss, cook, Hulbert House.
+Boyd James K. carpenter, r h 185 Lincoln st. 5.
+Boyd Nancy Mrs. widow, home 87 South st.
Boyd Patrick M. bookkeeper Johnson Co. bds 54 Main st.
Boyd William, roll turner, r h 87 South st. 2-2.
Boyd Wm. iron founder, Johnson Co. 54 Main st. 8-5.
Boyer Bernard, laborer, r h near Bedfd pike, Hornerstown. 4-4.
Boyer Elmer S. student, bds 586 Horner st.
+Boyer Emma Miss, domestic, 21 Maple ave, Wv.
Boyer Henry, teamster, o h 586 Horner st. 4-4.
Boyer Hulda M. Miss, bds 586 Horner st.
Boyer Jacob, mill hand, r h River st, Coopersdale. 3-3.
Boyer James F. mill hand, r h River st, Morrellville. 5-5.
Boyer John, fireman, r h Grant st, Coopersdale. 7-7.
Boyer Joseph H. shoemaker, r h Main st, Frank. 4-3.
Boyer Leonard, engineer, o h 74 Main st, Coopersdale. 3-3.
Boyer Martin L. fireman at saw mill, r h Rosedale. 6-6.
Boyer Michael, laborer, r h 203 Main st, Coopersdale. 6-7.
Boyer Wm. mill hand, r h Rosedale. 2-2.
Boyer Wm. L. engineer, r h Main st, Coopersdale. 6-6.
+Boyes Laura A. Miss, dressmaker, bds Samuel Hill's.
+Boyes Wm. clerk, home Samuel Hill's.
Boylan John, no occupation, o h 408 Railroad st, Camb. 4-4.
Boylan Maggie N. Miss, teacher, bds 408 Railroad st, Camb.
Boylan Peter, laborer, r h 406 Railroad st, Camb. 5-3.
Boyle Allen, laborer C.I.Co. o h 52 Napoleon st. 6-6.
Boyle Amanus, no occupation, bds 106 Centre st, Prospect.
Boyle Bernard, laborer, r h 409 Third st, Mill. 3-3.
Boyle Catharine, widow John, r h 104 Centre st, Pros. 3-5.
*Boyle Charles E. heater, bds 212 Iron st, Minersville.
Boyle Daniel, laborer, bds 204 Iron st, Minersville.
Boyle Daniel mill hand, bds 79 Second st, Peeloeville.
Boyle Edward, laborer, bds 104 Centre st, Prospect.
Boyle George M. furnace hand, r h 81 Market st. 6-5.
Boyle Hannah, widow Daniel, o h 211 Iron st, Mv. 1-2.
+Boyle Harry, clerk C.I. Co. home 52 Napoleon st.
Boyle Hugh J. mill hand, bds 90 Hansen ave, Prospect.
Boyle James, laborer, r h 292 Iron st, Minersville. 7-6.
Boyle John, engineer, o h 84 Singer st, Con. 8-8.
+Boyle John H. brakeman, bds Sarah Boyle's, E. Con.
Boyle Kate, o h 204 Iron st, Minersville. 6-6.
Boyle Maggir Miss, teacher, bds 218 Iron st, Minersville.
Boyle Merta, laborer, r h 191 1/2 Iron st, Minersville. 5-5.
Boyle Oliver, mill hand, r h 33 High st, Minersville. 5-5.
+Boyle Owens, stable boss, bds 73 Main st.
Boyle Patrick, laborer, o h 218 Iron st,Minersville. 5-5.
Boyle Patrick, miner, o h 90 Hansen ave, Prospect. 3-3.
Boyle Patrick, yard master, r h 180 Ebensburg road, Pros. 5-5.
Boyle Patrick, general store and saloon, 131 Railroad st, Cambria, o h do. 7-8.
Boyle Patrick C. laborer, r h 425 Ebensburg road, Mill. 3-3.
Boyle Sarah, widow, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 6.
*Boyles Chas. saloon 333 Front st, Camb, o h 105 Broad st. 11-3.
Boyles Eliza, widow John, bds David E. Myers, Cdale.
Boyles Wm. B. laborer, bds Samuel J. Mardis, Morr.
+Boyton Michael, blcksmith, r h 222 1/2 Maple ave. Wv. 4.
Bracelin Helen, domestic, 21 Napoleon st.
Bracken Charles P. roller's helper, bds 7 Maple st, Wv.
Bracken Clara Miss, music teacher, bds 219 Main st, Grubb.
Bracken George, engine hostler, r h 64 Second st, Pv. 2.
Bracken James S. teamster, bds 347 1/2 Bedford st.
+Bracken James T. steel roller, r h 7 Maple st, Wv. 9.
Bracken Jefferson, car inspector, o h Lincoln st, Morr. 4-4.
Bracken Jefferson W. carpenter, r h 129 Napoleon st. 6-6.
+Bracken John, carpenter, o h 219 Main st,Grubb. 7.
+Bracken Maggie Miss. o h Greene st, E. Con. 8.
Bracken Steward T. carpenter, o h 184 Sherman st. 6-6.
+Bracken Thomas, laborer, r h 103 Main st, Grubb. 3.
Bracken Wesley S. carpenter, r h Locust st, Morr. 2-2.
Bradbury Wm, wire worker, r h 355 Gautier st, Con. 2-2.
Braddock Pius J. laborer, bds 86 Singer st, Con.
Braden John F. laborer, r h 4 Hinckston ave, Mv. 6-6.
Bradimyer Angustus, supt Grandview cemetery, o h 175 Napoleon st. 2-2.
+Bradley Hugh, furnace hand, o h 54 Market st. 4.
Bradley Margaret, widow John, bds 218 Broad st, Camb.
*BRADLEY THOMAS, carpenter, r h 221 Frankstown road, Con. 5-4.
+Brady Edward, machinist, rooms 1 Iron st, Mill.
Brady Edward, stone mason, r h 26 Singer st, Con. 12-4.
Brady Francis p. plumber, home 130 Franklin st.
Brady James teamster, r h 269 Portage st. 8-10.
+Brady James, stone cutter, bds 48 River ave,Mill.
*BRADY JOHN, wall paper, books, stationary, etc. and agt. for steamship lines, 130 Franklin st, o h do. 9-7.
Brady John R. painter, home 130 Franklin st.
Brady Michael, laborer, bds 74 Ebensburg road, Pros.
Brady Thomas F. bookkeeper, home 130 Franklin st.
Brady Thos. V. carpenter, r h 472 Centre st, Con. 5-5.
Brallier Jacob, watchman, r h Main st, Frank. 6-6.
BRALLIER LEVI R. (L.R.Brailler & Co.), o h Rosedale. 2-2.
BRAILLER L.R.&CO. (M. Stuver), dealers in fresh and salt meats and vegetables, 180 Iron st, Mill. and Main street, Coopersdale.
Braillier Lovina Miss, dressmaker, bds 53 Adam st.
Braillier Saddie C. domestic, 53 Adams st.
+Bramer Mary Miss, domestic, 133 Park Place.
Brandle Maggie, widow, o h 194 Huber st, Con. 5-5.
Brandle Sebastian, roll hand, bds 194 Huber st, Con.
Brannon Bridget Mrs. home 12 Ihmsen ave, Pros.
Brannon Patrick, laborer, o h 8 Maple ave, Wv. 8-1.
Brantlinger Davis, farmer, o h Main st, Coopersdale. 2-2.
Brawley George d. mill hand, home 45 Main st.
Brawley William A. laborer, at Rowley's, r h 45 Main st. 5.
Brazil John, laborer, r h 73 Second st, Pv. 8-8.
Brazil John M. works in steel mill, r h 58 Water st. 2.
Breckman John, barber, bds 174 Poplar st.
Breckner Chas, laborer, o h Poplar st, Wv. 2-2.
Brehm Bros. (Fred and Levi), tobacco, cigars,etc. C Morris st.
Brehm John, invalid, o h 618 Chestnut st, Camb. 2-2.
Brehm Joseph, laborer, r h 85 Hinckston ave, Mv. 2-2.
+Brehm Wendeline, cigarmaker, bds 618 Chestnut st, Camb.
Bremer Henry, farmer, o h Brownstown. 10-10.
Brenenstuhl John A. Rev. pastor Christian church, r h r 104 1/2 Somerset st. 3-3.
Brenizer Chas. L. supt for C.I.Co. r h 118 Locust st. 3.
Brenizer Christie M. supt axle works, home 134 Locust st.
Brenizer Mary e. widow, r h 134 Locust st. 2.
Brennan Edwin, laborer, r h 33 Maple ave. Wv. 8.
Brenneman Abram, stable boss, ? h 230 Maple ave, Wv. 2-2.
Briber Adolph, invalid, home ? Napoleon st.
Briber E. L. photographer. ? Stony Creek st, o h 228 do. 4-4.
Briber Edw. sexton ? ch, o h r 40 Napoleon st. 4-4.
Briber Harry, cigarmaker, home r 40 Napoleon st.
+Brice Edward (col'd), servant at 46 Main st.
Bricker Ira B. tinner (Shryock), home 127 Napoleon st.
Bricker James C. mill man C. I. Co. r h 41 Morris st. 4-4.
Bricker John G. mill hand, o h 127 Napoleon st. 4-4.
Bridge Henry C. laborer, r h 217 Railroad st, Camb. 2-2.
+Bridges Jane, widow Joseph, o h 94 Market st. 3.
Bridges Robert H. postman,r h 319 Front st, Camb. 10-8.
Bridges Sam'l, laborer, o h 716 Chestnut st, Camb. 2-2.
Briggs Thomas, mill hand, r h Browstown. 6-6.
+Brindle Anna Miss, domestic, 115 Park Place.
Brindle Jacob, policeman, r h 101 Haynes st, Con. 8-7.
Brindley Chas. laborer, bds 70 Haynes st, Con.
Brindley Regina, widow Alfred, o h 70 Haynes st, Con. 3-3.
+Briney Chas. E. mill hand, bds Leander L. Briney's.
Briney Edward, roll hand, r h 116 Iron st, Mill. 4-4.
Briney Leander L. steel worker, o h Garfield st, Morr. 7-7.
Briney Riley H. engineer, r h Fairfield ave, Morr. 2-2.
Brinning Henry W. mill hand, r h David st. 5-5.
Brinning John, mill hand, r h near Bedford Pike. 2-2.
Brinker A. D. (Brinker Bros.), o h 117 Park Place. 3.
Brinker Bros. (A.D. & T.H.), general store 150 Morris st.
Brinker Thos. H. (Brinker Bros), o h 152 Morris st. 4-4.
*BRINKEY GASPHER C. physician and surgeon, office and residence 67 Franklin st.
*Brinkey Elmer, clerk C.I. Co. bds Hulbert House.
Britcher Howard C. brakeman, r h Chandler st. Morr. 2-2.
Britcher Samuel W. laborer, o h Chandler st, Morr. 4-4.
Brixner Amanda Miss, teacher, bds 61 1/2 Iron st, Mill.
Brixner Barbara, widow Christ. o h 61 1/2 Iron st Mill. 3.
Bixner Chas. steel chipper, r h 3 Front st, Pv. 4.
Broadus Samuel (col'd), laborer, bds 77 Centre st, Con.
Broadus Thomas (col'd), laborer, r h 77 Centre st, Con. 4.
Broderick Frank, laborer, bds 239 Iron st, Minersville.
Broderick Michael, laborer, bds 227 1/2 Iron st, Minersville.
Broderick Patrick, laborer, r h 29 Iron st, Mill. 7-6.
Broderick Patrick, mill hand, r h 239 Iron st, Minersville. 7-7.
Broderick Thos. D. Prop'r Good Will House, 27 Iron st, Mill. bds do. 7-6.
Broderick Wm. mill hand, bds 239 Iron st Minersville.
Broderick Wm. no occupation, h 227 Iron st, Minersville. 3-2.
Brooke George W. miner, bds 157 Frankstown Road, Con.
Brooke Jos. coal dealer, o h 157 Frankstown Road, Con 4-4.
+Brooks Eliza (col'd), servant 51 Walnut st.
BROOKS JAMES, coal dealer 25 Bedford st, o h do. 4-4.
Brosick John, laborer, o h Pine ave, Wv. 4-4.
Brosick Joseph, laborer, r h Pine ave, Wv. 2-2.
Brosius Estella Miss, student, bds 11 Morris st.
Brosius Clarence, weighmaster, o h Main st, Morr. 11-11.
Brotney George, laborer, r h 121 1/2 Railroad st, Camb. 8-8.
Brotz Catherine M. domestic 10 Morris st.
Brotz Joseph, steel worker, r h 107 Iron st, Mill. 3-3.
Brown August Sr. heater, o h 108 Jackson st. 6-5.
Brown August Jr. engineer, home 108 Jackson st.
Brown Charles, wire drawer, r h 344 Gautier st, Con. 11-10.
BROWN CHARLES , grocer, 67 Vine st, oh do. 7-7.
Brown Charles, laborer C.I. Co. bds 65 Market st.
Brown Charles A. laborer, r h 480 Railroad st, Con.
+Brown Charles W. mill hand, bds 65 Market st.
Brown Cyrus E. draughtsman. bds 46 Singer st, Con.
Brown Edmond, mill hand home 10 1/2 Walnut st.
Brown Edward, wire drawer, bds 344 Gautier st, Con.
Brown Elizabeth, widow Jacob, r h Main st, Coopersdale. 4-4.
*Brown Emma Miss, dressmaker, bds 22 Maple ave, Wv.
Brown Frank, laborer, o h rear 701 Broad st, Camb. 6-6.
Brown George H. roller,o h 31 Market st. 3-3.
Brown George S. teacher, r h Fairfield ave, Morr. 4-4.
+Brown Gertrude, milliner, bds 22 Maple ave, Wv.
+Brown Harry, machinist, r h 110 Union st. 4.
Brown Harry, postal clerk, r h 327 Apple alley. 3-3.
+Brown Harry L. laborer, r h 21 Turner alley, Mill. 5.
Brown Henry J. mill hand, O h Spruce st, Morr. 7-7.
Brown Isaiah, wire drawer, bds 344 Gautier st, Con.
Brown James E. water tender rolling mill, r h 33 Iron st. 3-3.
Brown James S. fireman, r h 121 1/2 Railroad st, Camb. 6-5.
Brown John, wire drawer, bds 100 Frankstown Road, Con.
+Brown John, laborer, r h 116 John st. 6.
Brown John A. laborer, r h Chandler st, Morr. 4-4.
BROWN JOHN H. atty 222 Main st, o h 50 Singer st. 3-4.
Brown John J. Boss roller, r h rear 439 Bedford st, 3-3.
Brown Joseph, laborer, o h 580 Railroad st, Con. 3-4.
Brown Joseph, invalid, r h 50 Portage st, Con. 2-2.
Brown Joseph F. laborer, bds Henry J. Brown's, Morr.
Brown Joseph G. pattern maker, o h 77 Maple Ave, Wv. 5-4.
+Brown Lena, widow, o h 407 Walnut st, Camb. 1
+Brown Malissa, widow Frank P. r h 60 Conemaugh st. 5.
Brown Mary, widow, r h rear 70 Frankstown Road, Con. 6-6.
Brown Michael, lineman, bds Central Hotel, E. Con.
Brown Morgauza A. saddler C. I. Co. o h 64 Somerset st. 2-2.
Brown Neals, laborer, r h 313 Railroad st, Camb. 5-5.
Brown Oliver K. laborer, r h 275 1/2 Iron st, Minersville. 5-5.
*Brown Peter, blacksmith, r h 22 Maple ave, Wv. 6.
Brown Rachel, widow, r h 10 1/2 Walnut st. 3-3.
Brown Samuel, moulder, o h 46 Singer st, Con. 3-3.
Brown Samuel A.laborer, o h rear 70 Frnkstn road, Con 6-6.
Brown Samuel J. mill hand, bds 51 Conemaugh, st.
Brown Samuel N. brakeman, bds 21 Turner alley, Mill.
Brown Sarah, widow Thomas, r h 276 Iron st, Minersville. 8-8.
+Brown T.B. contractor, bds Merchant's Hotel.
Brown Thos. coal dealer 290 Huber st, Con. o h 443 Bed. 5-3.
+Brown Thomas A. blacksmith helper, bds 22 Maple ave, Wv.
Brown W. Milton, draughtsman, o h 46 Peter st, Con. 2-2.
Brown Wm. shearman, o h 32 Coal st, Con. 2-2.
Brown Wm. wire drawer, r h 96 Church ave, Con. 8-8.
+Brown Wm. G. clerk, home 108 Jackson st.
+Brownstetter John, steel wrkr, o h 718 Chestnut st, Camb. 7.
Brownstetter Sebastian, mill hand, bds P. Myer S. S.
Brubaker Ezra, mill hand, r h Bedford pike, Hornerst'n. 4-4.
Brubaker John, blacksmith, bds 181 Napoleon st.
Brubaker John, blacksmith, r h Messemger st. 7-7.
Brubaker Lizzie Mrs. widow, bds 62 Haynes st.
Brubaker Mary J. Mrs. widow, o h 62 Haynes st. 6-2.
Brubaker Walter, carpenter, r h 192 Morris st. 2-2.
Bruce Archibald, carpenter, bds Wm. Bruce's.
+Bruce Mary Miss, domestic 54 Main st.
Bruce Wm. pattern maker, r h Pine st. 5-5.
*Bruhl Clous, laborer, r h 96 Portage st, Con. 2.
Brumbaugh L. Howard, school teacher, r h 87 Vine st. 3-2.
Bry Christ, laborer wire mill, r h Wood st, S.S., twp. 2-2.
+Bryan Anna Miss, stenographer, bds Hulbert House.
+Bryan Charles (col'd), laborer, r h 451 Centre st, Con. 4.
Bryan David R. tends boilers in mill, r h 32 1/2 Market st. 4-5.
Bryan Frank W. shipping clerk, bds 125 Main st, Coopersdale.
Bryan John D. insp of R.R. iron, o h 125 Main st, Cdale. 8-7.
+Bryan Tillie Miss, domestic, 275 Maple ave, Wv.
*Bryan William A. clerk W.M. & Co. bds Mansion House.
Buchanan Harry H. mill hand, o h 156 Napoleon st. 3-3.
Buchanan John, clerk r h 121 Locust st. 7.
*Buchanan John L. machinist, r h 2 Morris st. 2-3.
Buchanan Joseph W. carpenter, r h 100 Cherry st. 4-4.
Buck Ann Mrs. widow, bds L. W. Buck's.
BUCK LEWIS W. groceries, flour and feed of all kinds, tinware &c., Walnut Grove, o h do. 4-4.
Buckey Wilson C. supt electric lights, r h 668 Horner st. 4-4.
Buckey James II. mill hand, r h 674 Horner st. 4-4.
+Buckard Charles, laborer, bds 287 Maple ave, Wv.
+Buckard Lizzie, widow Charles, o h 287 Maple ave, Wv. 5.
Buckley Daniel, steel worker, bds 200 Ebensburg Road.
Buckley Dennis, laborer, o h 200 Ebensburg Road, Pros. 5-5.
+Buckley Charles, works C.I.Co. mill, oh 80 Somerset st. 4.
BUCKLEY ELLEN MISS.(M.&E. Buckley) bds 205 Iron st, Minersville.
Buckley Isaac, timekeepper, r h 496 Chapin st, Con. 4-4.
Buckley Maggie Miss. teacher, bds 200 Ebensburg Road.
Buckley Michael, no occupation, r h 205 Iron st, Mv. 5-5.
BUCKLEY M.&E. (Miles and Ellen Miss), gen store 205 Iron st, Minersville.
BUCKLEY MILES, (M.and E. Buckley), bds 205 Iron st, Mv.
Buckley Rose, widow, bds Dennis A. Murohy's.
Bucchley David, laborer, r h 176 Poplar st. 4-4.
Bucchley John W. mill hand, bds 176 Poplar st.
Bucchley Harry E. carpenter, bds 176 Poplar st.
Bullock Walter E. timekeeper, bds 143 Somerset st.
+Bumgardner Tina, domestic, 36 Napoleon st.
+Bundy Fielding (col'd), laborer, r h 85 Centre st, Con. 3.
Bundy George (col'd), laborer, r h rear 185 Portage st, Con. 2-2.
Bundy Lewis (col's), servant at Dr. Swan's.
Bunting Matthew, machinist, r h 217 1/2 Beech st, Wv. 5-4.
Bunyan George, roll hand, o h 205 Railroad st, Camb. 7-7.
+Burdick Thomas E. laborer, r h 3 Layton alley. 3.
+Burgess Simon (col'd), works in tannery, bds rear 44 Morris st.
Burgess Wm. A. laborer, o h River st, Morrellville. 3-3.
Burgess Wm. II, draughtsman, r h Main st, Morrellville. 5-5.
Burggraf August W. delivery clerk P.O. home 118 Clinton st.
Burggraf Charles J. photographer, cor Main and Clinton sts, 3d floor, home 118 Clinton st.
Burggraf Otto C. drug clerk, home 118 Clinton st.
Burggraf Sophia, widow August, o h 118 Clinton st. 6-6.
Burggraf Wm F. laborer, r h 143 Adam st, Con. 3-3.
Burgman John A. laborer, r h 76 Maple ave, Wv. 4-4.
Burgoon David M. mill hand, r h Second st, E. Con. 2-2.
+Burgoon John W. mill hand, r h Greeve st, E. Con. 2.
+Burgoon Susan, widow, o h First st, E. Con. 3.
+Burgoon Thomas B. mill hand, bds Susan Burgoon's.
Burk Alexander, laborer, r h 45 Quarry st, Prospect. 3-3.
Burk Charles, mill hand, o h 718 Pine st. 6-6.
Burk Cyrus, shoemaker, r h 419 Third st, Mill. 7-7.
Burk Harry, laborer, bds 230 Iron st, Minersville.
Burk John, steel worker, r h 230 Iron st, Mv.3-3.
+Burk John, laborer, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 5.
+Burk John W. laborer, bds John Burl's E. Con.
Burk Joseph, laborer, rh Middle Prospect. 5-5.
Burk Richard T. bricklayer, r h 128 Centre st, Prospect. 5-5.
Burket Benj. F. huckster, r h Rosedale. 6-6.
Burket David, laborer, bds 46 Frankstown road, Con.
Burket George, laborer, bds 68 Quarry st, Prospect.
Burket George, mill hand, bds Samuel J. Mardis', Morr.
Burket John, boss at Johnstown works, r h 128 Washtn st. 7-7.
Burket Katie, domestic, 166 Vine st.
+Burket Lizzie, domestic, 143 Vine st.
Burket Thomas J. mill hand, bds Wm. F. Jackson's.
+Burket Tice W. patternmaker, bds 219 Maple ave, Wv.
Burkey Abram N. laborer, r h 749 Bedford st. 2-12.
Burkey Lewis S. carpenter, o h David st, Hornerstown. 3-3.
Burkhard Elizabeth, widow Peter, bds 524 Broad st, Camb.
Burkhard John, propr City Hotel, 100 Broad st, Cambria, o h do. 9-9.
Burkhard Mary, widow David, saloon, 502 Broad st, Cambria, bds 504 do.
Burkhart David S. barber, r h Chandler st, Morrellville. 5-6.
*Burkhart Ephraim J. clerk, r h 250 Maple ave, Wv. 4-3.
Burkhart & Hubert(J.W.Burkhart and D.G. Hubert), general store, Bridge st, Frank.
Burkhart John (Burkhart&Hubert), r h Spruce st, Frank. 4.
Burkhart Joseph W. tailor, bds 507 Chestnut st, Camb.
Burkhart Leonard, lavorer, r h 518 Broad st, Camb. 10-10.
Burkhart Samuel H. (Wissinger & Burkhart), r h Second st, E. Conemaugh. 2-2.
Burkhart Saml. T. groceries, Chandler st, Morr. o h do. 7-7.
+Burner Andrew, laborer, r h 415 Walnut st, Camb. 5.
Burns Arthur, laborer, bds 37 Second st, Peelorville.
Burns Arthur, engineer, o h 47 Ridge ave, Minersville. 5-5.
Burns Catharine, widow James, r h 46 Connelly ave. 4-4.
Burns Charles J. laborer, r h 124 Branch st, Comb. 2-2.
Burns Edward, laborer, bds John Burns', Morr.
BURNS JAMES P. saloon, 215 Iron st, Mv. oh do. 7-7.
Burns James, laborer, r h 59 High st, Mv. 4-4.
Burns Jeremiah W. machinist, r h 8 Stormer al, Con. 2
*Burns John, laborer, r h (378 Co. No.) Portage st, Con. 7.
Burns John, stone mason, o h Lincoln st, Morr. 3-4.
Burns John, laborer, r h 37 Second st, Pv. 8-8.
Burns Mary A. Miss, tailoress, bds 215 Iron st, Mv.
Burns William, puddler's hlpr, rh 222 1/2 Railroad st, Camb. 5-5.
+Burns Zephaniah, bartender, bds 1 Iron st, Mill.
+Burrell Frank, painter, 310 Railroad st, bds 83 Market st.
Burrell Henry, forger smith's shop, r h 143 Somerset st. 4-2.
+Burrell Joseph M. helper, rh 65 Vine st. 4.
Burtnett Addison, laborer, bds 437 Second st, Pv.
+Burtnett Ella Miss, domestic, 8 Somerset st.
Burtnett James C. steel worker, r h 437 Second st, Pv. 5.
Busch George W. mill hand, oh 604 Chestnut st, Camb. 5-5.
Buser Elizabeth, widow Andrew, r h 716 Broad st, Camb. 4-4.
Buser Joseph F. laborer, bds 716 Broad st, Camb.
Buser Peter E. laborer, r h 718 Broad st, Camb. 7-7.
Bush George W. laborer, bds Sidney Bush's, Rosedale.
Bush Ida Miss, clerkm(Caples & Moore), home 121 Chestnut st.
Bush Jerry, blacksmith, o h 121 Chestnut st. 3-3.
Bush Lizzie Miss, domestic Rev.C.L.E.Cartwright's.
Bush Oscar, laborer, bds Sidney Bush's, Rosedale.
Bush Sidney, widow, o h Rosedale. 3-3.
Bushle Wm. mill hand, bds 434 Bedford st.
BUTLER ALEXANDER, manufacturer of washing machines, 154 Somerset st, r h do. 5-5.
+Butler Amanda Mrs. widow, r h 86 Johns st. 4.
+Butler Charles D. weighmaster at wire mill, home 86 Johns st.
*Butler Charles T. asst treas C.I. Co. bds Club House.
Butler David, laborer, o h 12 Centre st, Pros. 2-2.
Butler Edith Miss, dressmaker, home 132 Napoleon st.
+Butler Fanny, widow George, bds 21 Iron st, Mill.
Butler Florence Miss, milliner, home 132 Napoleon st.
+Butler Jerome N. roll hand, home 86 Johns st.
*Butler John C. mill hand, home 132 Napoleon st.
+Butler Loviey Mrs. widow, o h 112 Morris st. 3.
+Butler Mary and Haddasah, seamstresses, 112 Morris st, res do.
Butler Nathaniel, butcher, r h 132 Napoleon st. 8-8.
*Butler Robert, saloon, 21 Iron st, Mill. r h do. 8-6.
Butler Robert Elmer, furace hand, bds 2 Front st, Pv.
*Butler Sarah, bds 333 Railroad st.
Butler Thos. boss at furnace, r h 1 Ebensburg rd, Mill. 4-4
Butler Wm. W. furnace foreman, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 6-6.
Butlin Mary widow Charles, o h 702 Horner st. 1-1.
+Butts John, hostler (E.James), r h r 62 Vine st. 3.
Buxton George D. laborer, bds Sam'l Hildebrand's, Wv.
Byer August, laborer, r h 619 Bedford st. 4-4.
Byer Isador, laborer, r h 47 Huber st, Con. 3-3.
Byers Chas. A. clerk W.M.&Co. home 68 Market st.
Byers Chas I. clerk, bds Sam'l Byers, E. Con.
Byers Sam'l, conductor, r h Chestnut st, E. Con. 11
Byrne John J. switchman, r h 353 Locust st, Con. 3-3.
Byrne Wm. C. steel stocker, bds 353 Locust st, Con.
+Byroade George L. mill hand, home 121 Union st.
Byroade Otho w. rail straightnr, r h 121 Union st. 9-9.
Byron Mary, widow, o h 67 Napoleon st. 3-3.
Byron Ralph, propr woolen mill cor Dibert and Sherman sts, r h 102 Napoleon st. 3-2.

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