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1889 Johnstown City Directory



Transcribed by Connie Williams

Eager Benedict, invalid, o h 556 Railroad st, Con. 10-10.
Eager Christ. saloon, 208 Chestnut st, Camb. r h 206 do. 2-2.
+Eager Joseph, laborer, bds 556 Railroad st, Con.
Early Patrick, wire drawer, bds 68 Maple ave, Wv.
+Early Ellen, widow John, o h 68 Maple ave, Wv. 4.
Early Mary Miss, chambermaid Hulbert House.
Earnest Irvin, mill hand, r h Bedf. pike, Hornerstn. 3-3.
+Earych Joseph, aged, o h and bds 98 Haynes st.
Easly Agnes M. Mrs. widow, artist home Alvar Akers'.
EASLY GEORGE W. justice of the peace, 108 Franklin st, rooms 276 Locust st.
East George W. mill hand, r h 428 Ebensburg road, Mill. 5-5.
Easterbrook Alfred, miner, h 57 Union st. 6-6.
+Easterbrook John, printer (Herald), home 57 Union st.
+Easterbrook William, roll hand, home 57 Union st.
Easterle Jacob, laborer, o h Main st, Morr. 8-8.
Easterle John, carpenter, bds Jacob Easterle, Morr.
Eaton Beales, laborer, home 24 Main st, Con.
Eaton Richard M. laborer, r h 24 Main st, Con. 4-4.
Eberhart George McC. fireman, r h 28 Second st, Pv. 4-4.
Eberhart Margaret, widow, bds 28 Second st, Pv.
Eberle John, laborer, o h 110 Huber st, Con. 2-2.
Eberle Joseph, no occupation, bds 110 Huber st, Con.
Eberly Jacob, steel cutter, o h Poplar st, Wv. 10.
Economy Clothing House (Amos Sulka and Jacob Katzenstein), clothing and gents' furnishings, 247 to 253 Main st.
Eck Annie Miss, milliner, bds 61 Second st, Pv.
*ECK JOHN B. (Paul & Eck), barber, r h 59 Conemaugh st. 10.
ECK THOMAS J. carpenter, 38 Maple ave, Wv. r h do. 7-4.
Eck Wm. A. carpenter, r h 61 Second st, Pv. 4-4.
Eckle Peter, aged, home 127 Grant st.
Eckle Peter Jr. laborer at mill, o h 14 1/2 Market st. 5-5.
Eckenrod Silas J. steel worker, r h 166 Feeder st, Con. 2-2.
Eckman John W. brakeman, r h 178 1/2 Beech st, Wv. 5-5.
Eckenrodes Elsie, widow, o h 516 Bedford st. 1-1.
Eckstein Alexander, conductor, r h 114 Branch st, Camb. 4.
Eckstein, John, conductor, r h 801 Chestnut st, Camb. 3.
Eckstein Joseph, engineer, r h 521 Broad st, Camb. 4.
+Eckstein Teresa, widow, bds 801 Chestnut st, Camb.
Edelmann Frank, machinist, bds 355 Locust st, Con.
Edelmann Herman, postman, r h 156 Feeder st, Con. 2-3.
Edelman Jacob, laborer, r h 162 Feeder st, Con. 3-3.
Edelmann Mary Miss, dressmaker, bds 355 Locust st, Con.
Edelmann Regina Mrs. widow, groceries and provisions, 357 Locust st, Con. o h 355 do. 6-6.
+Edinger Lizzie, widow Jacob, r h 109 1/2 Iron st, Mill. 3.
Edkin Robert, machinist, r h Fairfield ave, Morr. 7-7.
Edmiston Andrew J. laborer, r h Chandler st, Morr. 6-6.
Edmiston Daniel, laborer, o h 86 Haynes st, Con. 9-10.
Edmiston Milton, laborer, r h 254 Iron st, Mv. 4-5.
Edmiston Newton, heater, r h 61 Lincoln st. 3-3.
Edmiston Samuel, heater's helper, r h 179 Portage st, Con. 8.
Edmiston Samuel H. heater, r h 91 Haynes st, Con. 5-5.
Edmiston thomas M. roll hand, r h 904 Broad st, Camb. 5-4.
Edmonds Mary, widow Wm. r h Main st, Coopersdale. 8-8.
Edmunds Wm. machinist, bds 15 Lewis ave, Mill.
Edmunds Evan, machinist, bds 15 Lewis ave, Mill.
Edmunds William, laborer, r h 47 Lock st, Mill. 3-3.
+Edwards Annie R. widow, o h 122 Union st. 1.
Edwards David, tailor, 35 Somerset st, r h 41 Napoleon st. 7-8.
Edwards David, roll hand, r h 398 Railroad st, Con. 3-4.
Edwards David R. works Gautier's mill, o h 32 King st. 5-4.
Edwards Edward T. machinist, r h 42 1/2 Somerset st. 2-2.
Edwards Edward W. blacksmith, bds 56 River ave, Mill.
+Edwards Eben L. tobacco, cigars, etc, 202 Washington st, r h 39 Market st. 6.
+Edwards Ella C. Miss, teacher, home 41 Napoleon st.
+Edwards Ellen, widow Reese, r h 68 Stony Creek st. 3.
Edwards Geo. works at brick yard, o h 160 Napoleon st. 8-8.
Edwards Henry, mill hand, r h 120 Chestnut st. 6-6.
Edwards James, mill man C.I. Co. r h Grant st. 2-2.
+Edwards James S. roller, r h 6 Sixth st, Wv. 2.
EDWARDS JOHN D. shoe store, 34 Franklin st, r h 12 Somerset st. 6-6.
+Edwards John, clerk W.M.&Co. r h 68 Water st. 3.
Edwards John R. laborer, bds 10 Lewis st, Mill. 5.
+Edwards John T. coal miner, o h 33 King st. 7.
Edwards Jonathan D. heater, r h Elm st, Morr. 11-11.
Edwards Joseph, boss Gautier's. o h Cottage Hill, Con. 10-10.
Edwards Levi, miner, o h Blaine st, Morr. 10-10.
+Edwards Mollie Miss. dressmaker, home 118 Chestnut st.
+Edwards Monroe S. laborer, r h rear 66 Morris t. 5.
Edwards Oliver Grant, watchman, bds Levi Edwards, Morr.
Edwards Rachel Mrs. r h 6 Main st. 4.
Edwards Robert J. drill pressman, r h 140 Grant st. 2-2.
*Edwards Roger D. laborer, r h 56 River ave, Mill. 3-2.
Edwards Samuel, laborer,bds Levi Edwards, Morr.
Edwards Sisters, Maggie J.,Hannah and Mary, boarding house, Chandler st, Morrellville, r h do. 8-8.
Edwards, Thomas, works axle factory, home 160 Napoleon st.
Edwards Thomas, (blind), broom mkr. o h 118 Chestnut st. 4-4.
+Edwards Thomas J. groceries, 115 Union st, o h do. 4.
Egan John, carpenter, o h 43 Peter st, Con. 2-2.
+Egolf Maria Miss, dinning room girl, Hulbert House.
Ehhrenfelt Jacob, engineer, r h Second st, E. Con. 6-6.
+Eichelberger L. D. no occupation, bds 119 Lincoln st.
Eichensehr Henry S. engineer, bds 364 Gautier st, Con.
Eichensehr Mary, widow, bds 361 Gautier st, Con.
Eichensehr Michael, carpenter, r h 151 Huber st, Con. 4-4.
Eichensier George M. mill hand, home 37 Quarry st, Pros.
Eichensier Henry J. mill hand, home 37 Quarry st, Pros.
Eichensier John L. mill hand, home 37 Quarry st, Pros,
Eichensier Kate, widow Henry, r h 37 Quarry st, Pros. 10-9.
+Eichler Theodore, laborer, r h 216 Chestnut st, Camb. 4.
Eighner George W. laborer, bds 130 Huber st, Con.
Eighner Henry C. laborer, bds 130 Huber st, con.
Eighner Julia, widow, r h 130 Huber st, Con. 3-3.
Eilert George, Printer and nursery agt, bds 64 Market st.
Eisenhuth Jacob, laborer, r h 39 Connelly ave, Mv. 5-5.
Eisenhuth John, laborer, r h Rosedale. 4-4.
Eiser Conrad, laborer at foundry, home 111 Sherman st.
Eiser Henry, laborer at foundry, o h 111 Sherman st. 4-4.
Eiser John, works at woolen factory, home 11 Sherman st.
+Ek August, mill hand, home 65 Wood alley.
+Ek Henry, mill hand, home 65 Wood alley.
+Ek Lawrence Peter, mill hand, r h 65 Wood alley 8.
Eklund John, mill hand, r h 63 Wood alley. 3-2.
Eklund John E. machinist, bds 63 Wood alley.
ELDER CYRUS, attorney at law, solicitor C. I. Co. office 109 Washington st, o h 142 Walnut st. 8.
Elder Leroy, steward C.I. Co. r h 87 Eront st,Pv. 5-5.
Elder Scott, tinner and mill hand, r h Coleman ave, Mox. 6-6.
Elder Virgil, bookkeeper, o h 350 Bedford st. 2-2.
*ELDRIDGE ABRAM S.(Eldridge & Young) bds Merchants' Hotel.
Eldridge Edward T. boss weaver, bds 276 Maple ave, Wv.
+Eldridge Elmer e. laborer, r h 276 Maple ave, Wv. 8.
*Eldridge Pennell, mill hand, r h Fairfield ave, Morr. 9-6.
*Eldridge Samuel B. policeman, r h 280 Apple alley. 5-4.
*Eldridge Sarah Mrs. widow John, bds 276 Maple ave, Wv.
ELDRIDGE &YOUNG Abram S. Eldridge and August Young), books, stationery and news dealers, 207 Main st.
Ellenbarger George W. laborer, r h 741 Pine st. 5-5.
Ellenbarger Jacob B. laborer, bds 741 Pine st.
Ellenbarger James H. mill hand, bds 741 Pine st.
Ellenbarger Joseph H. mill hand, o h Bedford pike. 5-5.
Elliott Mattie Miss, dress maker, r h Cobaugh Block. 1-1.
Ellis Charles B. retired, o h 183 Vine st. 4-4.
Ellis Fred W. wire drawer, r h 494 Chapin st, Con. 3.
Ellis James G. clerk, Gautier dept. home 183 Vine st.
Ellis James G. laborer, bds 67 Iron st, Mill.
Ellis John, laborer, r h 275 Iron st, Minerville. 5-7.
Ellis Richard, laborer, o h 67 Iron st, Mill. 6-6.
Ellis Samuel P.S. iron and steel broker (at Pittsburg), o h 111 Main st. 8-6.
+Ellis Wm. barber, r h 127 1/2 Market st. 2.
Ellison Jehu, laborer, r h 34 River ave, Mill. 2-2.
+Ellsworth Carrie Miss, bookkeeper, home 131 Morris st.
Ellsworth Charles b. harness maker, 131 Morris st, o h do. 6-6.
Ellsworth Ella, widow Joshua, r h 13 Turner alley, Mill. 4-4.
Ellsworth John, wrks at furnace, o h 220 Railroad st, Camb. 6-5.
Ellsworth Lizzie Mrs. r h 43 Napoleon st. 4-4.
+Ellsworth Maggie and Lottie, dressmakers, home 131 Morris st.
Ellsworth Wm. laborer, bds 220 Railroad st, Camb.
Elrick Charles, teacher, r h Locust st, E. Con. 3-3.
*Elsaesser Andrew I. clerk, home 315 Railroad st.
*ELSAESSER CONSTANTINE, furniture and undertaking, 315 Railroad st, o h do. 8-0.
+Elvin John c. laborer, r h 720 Chestnut st, Camb. 7.
Elwood J. Huston, clerk W.M.&Co. r h 114 Vine st. 4-4.
+Ely Henry, agt for farm implmnts, r h 247 Maple ave, Wv. 8.
+Emanuel James (col'd), hostler, 237 Stony Creek st.
Emerick Aaron, machinist, o h Pine st. 7-7.
Emerline Arthur, laborer, r h 502 chestnut st, Camb. 6-6.
Emerson Clancy, physician, o h 277 Broad st. 1.
Emerson Jessie L. Miss, stenographer, bds 87 Main st.
+Emerson Lillie Miss, stenographer, 87 Main st.
+Emery J.D. contractor, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Emigh Wm. H. heater, r h 154 Adam st, Con. 5-5.
Emling Frank, laborer, o h 27 Peter st, Con. 3-3.
Emmel Catharine, widow John, o h Chandler st, Morr. 6-6.
EMMEL ERNEST, paoprietor Bedford House, 468 Bedford st, R H do. 6-6.
Emmel John B. mill hand, o h 688 Horner st. 6-6.
Emmel John Jr. cabinet maker, bds 688 Horner st.
Emmerling John, brewery, 502 Horner st, o h do. 10-10.
Endres Andrew, laborer Johnson Co. r h 236 Sherman st. 6-6.
Endsley Wm. K. clerk, bds Club House.
Engelbach Clara A. Miss, school teacher, home 206 Morris st.
Engelbach George, timekeeper C.I.Co. h 206 Morris st. 4-4.
Engelbach George H. mill hand, r h 104 Johns st. 12.
Engelbach Harry C. machinist C.I.Co. r h 71 Haynes st. 3-3.
Engelhart Christ, no occ, o h 181 Frankstn road, Con. 5-5.
Engelhart Fred, wire drawer, home 181 Frankstn road, Con.
Engelhart Wm. laborer, home 181 Frankstown road, Con.
Engle Jacob N. brakeman, bds Joseph Engle's, E. Con.
+Engle John, laborer, r h Llewellyn st. 1.
Engle John W. mill hand, r h 114 Sugar alley. 3.
Engle Joseph, asst conductor, r h Second st, E. Con. 8-8.
Englehart Fred, mill hand, home 610 Horner st.
Englehart Henry, blacksmith, o h 610 Horner st. 9-9.
Englehart Wm. blacksmith, home 610 Horner st.
+English Joseph, laborer, bds 453 Railroad st, Con.
English Thomas W. st car driver, r h 232 Maple ave, Wv. 4-4.
+Ensminger Wm. H. mill hand, bds 60 Conemaugh st.
ENTWISLE EDWARD B. manager Johnson Co. o h Park ave, Moxham. 7-7.
+Entwistle Frank, painter and decorator, bds Hulbert House.
Eppley Adam W. mill hand, bds James Eppley's, Rosedale.
Eppley David, laborer, r h Rosedale. 3-3.
Eppley George, laborer, r h Rosedale. 6-6.
Eppley Harry F. mill hand, bds James Eppley's, Rosedale.
Eppley James, laborer, o h Rosedale. 5-5.
Eppley James Monroe, watchman, o h Rosedale. 5-5.
Eppley John, meat market, Coopersdale, o h Elk st, Morr. 7-8.
Eppley Lewis, groceries, Rosedale, o h do. 4-4.
Eppley Wm. mill hand, o h Rosedale. 6-6.
Erb Jacob, carpenter, r h 98 Centre st, Prospect. 3-3.
Erbs Isaac, laborer, r h n Bedford pike, Hornerstown. 3-4.
Erisman Lincoln, machinist, r h 65 Singer st, Con. 5-5.
Erlinger John, engineer, o h 156 Huber st, Con. 6-6.
Ernst Anna, widow, saloon, 240 Huber st, Con. o h do. 5-5.
+Ernst Annie, domestic 58 Walnut st.
Ernst Charles, mill hand, o h Wood st, S.S. 2.
Ernst John, miner, bds 240 Huber st, Con.
Ernst John, laborer, o h 126 Grant st. 5-5.
Ernst Joseph M. coal miner, bds 27 Coal st, Con.
+Ernst Katie Miss, domestic James House, Millville.
Ernst Wm. mill hand, o h rear 128 Grant st. 2-2.
Ernst Wm. miner, bds 240 Huber st, Con.
Ervin Geo. M. patternmaker, r h 130 Somerset st. 2-2.
Esch Lizzie, domestic 123 Lincoln st.
+Eschrich George, carpenter, r h 102 1/2 Somerset st. 2.
Esh Jane, widow David, r h 508 Chapin st, Con. 8-5.
*Eskdale James, patternmaker, r h 215 Beech st, Wv. 2.
Espy Daniel H. moulder, r h 653 Bedford st. 8-8.
Espy Thomas, laborer, r h 501 Bedford st. 5-5.
*Etchison John F. roller, r h 167 Napoleon st. 9-9.
Etchison Wilson, aged, o h and bds 51 Union st.
Eugh Charles A. machinist, o h P.R.R. ave, Morr. 4-4.
+Evans Mrs. widow, r h 37 Market st.
Evans Anicibis S. miner, r h 82 Smith alley, Con. 5-5.
EVANS DANIEL W. physician, 59 Morris st, o h 59 1/2 do. 3-3.
Evans Edward, laborer, r h 7 Lewis ave, Mill. 11-2.
Evans Edward S. machinist C.I.Co. r h 84 Johns st. 5-4.
*Evans Evan B. Justice of the peace, o h 57 Maple ave, Wv. 6-1.
Evans Hannah Miss, dressmkr, Cobaugh block, r h do. 2-2.
Evans Henry, painter, r h 182 Portage st, Con. 6-6.
Evans Henry A. wire drawer, r h 477 Bedford st. 3-3.
+Evans John, laborer, bds 7 Lewis alley, Mill.
Evans John H. heater, o h Thrid st, E. con. 7-7.
Evans John J. no occupation, bds 97 Thrid st, Mill.
Evans Jonathan, laborer, bds John Wallace's, Rosedale.
EVANS JOSIAH T. mine inspct 6th dist Pa. o h 75 Vine st. 9-4.
+Evans Lizzie Miss, dressmaker, bds 7 Lewis alley, Mill.
Evans Llewellyn, laborer, bds 57 Maple ave, Wv.
Evans Mary, widow, r h 65 Sugsr alley. 1.
Evans Mary Miss, chambermaid, 84 Main st.
Evans Noah, works Gautier, r h rear 119 Vine st. 5-4.
Evans Thos. D. machinist Johnson Co. bds 84 Johns st.
Evans Thos. J. roll hand, r h 97 Thrid st, Mill. 8-8.
+Evans Timothy, laborer, bds 123 Locust st.
Evans Wm. F. mill hand, o h 107 Union st. 2.
Evans Winfield W. bookkeeper Henderson's, bds 80 Vine st.
Everhart Annie Miss, school teacher, home 213 Napoleon st.
Everhart Jacob, carpenter, o h 213 Napoleon st. 7-7.
Everhart Mary Mrs. widow John, home 97 Everhart st.
Everhart Minnie, clerk (Clark's), home 213 Napoleon st.
+Ewing Wm. weighmaster, r h 115 Feeder st. 2.
Eyre Richard, student chemistry, rooms 165 Main st.

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