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1889 Johnstown City Directory



Transcribed by Connie Williams

Faber Charles, helper, o h 42 Horner's alley, Con. 4-3.
Fagan Albert, laborer, o h Rosedale. 4-4.
+FAGAN MATTHEW, saloon 39 Iron st, Mill, r h do. 5.
Fagan Wm. C. painter, r h 147 Adam st, Con. 2-3.
+Faight Edgar E. stonecutter, r h 18 First st, E. Con. 2.
Faight Wm. P. flagman, r h First st, E. Con. 2.
+Fail Alexander, drives for B. Hoffman, bds 25 Morris st.
Fairfax G. Washington, laborer, r h rear 13 Somerset st. 5-5.
Fallon James, laborer, r h 426 Ebensburg road, Millville. 4-4.
Fallon Julia miss, dressmaker, bds 218 Railroad st, Camb.
Fallon Patrick, no occupation, bds 218 Railroad st, camb.
Fallon Peter, wire temperer, bds 64 Maple ave,Wv.
Fallstich George, gatekeeper or policeman Johnson works r h Coleman ave, moxham. 13-13.
*Faloon Annie Miss, o h 245 Pearl st. 6.
Faloon David, shoemaker, bds 245 Pearl st.
Farabaugh Cecilia Miss, dressmk'r, r h 446 R.R. st, Con. 1-2.
Farbaugh Anthony, mill hand, o h 559 Bedford st. 2-2.
+Fardy John, laborer, bds 73 Beech st, Wv.
Fardy matthew, student, bds 73 Beech st, Wv.
Fardy Patrick, laborer, o h 73 Beechst, Wv. 5.
Farley James, laborer, o h 234 Huber st, Con. 10-10.
Farley John, blacksmith, bds Geo. Meyer's, Walnut Grove.
Farley Patrick, laborer, o h 168 Ebensburg road, Pros. 4-4
Farley Thomas, Mill hand, bds Patrick Farley's, Pros.
Farley Thomas, works Gantier mill, bds 234 Huber st, Con.
+Farmer Mary, domestic, 44 Morris st.
Farrell Archibald, mill hand, o h 210 Ebensburg Road, Prospect. 6-6.
FARRELL FRANK E. (Kredel & Farrell), bds 71 Maple ave, Woodvale.
Farrell Joseph, laborer, bds 186 Church ave, Con.
Farrell John G. foreman flour mill, r h 71 Maple ave, Wv. 3.
FARRELL & KREDEL (F.E.Farrell and George Kredel), druggists Fairfield ave, Morrellville.
Farrich August, laborer, o h Brownstown. 3-3.
Farrich Christ, laborer, o h Brownstown. 2-2.
Fatio Julius, laborer, bds 314 Railroad st.
Faulkner Annie S. Miss, bds 86 1/2 Vine st.
+Faupel Herman, mill hand, bds B.&O. Hotel.
FAUST ISAAC N. meat market and groceries, Bedford pike, Hornerstown, o h do. 9-9.
Fennchik John, laborer, r h 86 Connelly ave, Mv. 8-8.
Fearl James, laborer, bds 35 Church ave, Con.
+FEARL THOMAS J. manager Johnstown Milling Co. o h 359 Railroad st, Con. 9.
Feathers Moses, ins agent, o h Walnut Grove. 11-11.
Feeter Eli, laborer, o h 214 Iron st, Minersville. 4-4.
+Fetchner Pauline Miss, domestic 159 Main st.
*Fetchner Tillie Miss, domestic 259 Main st.
Feedman Harry L. Lumber inspector, r h Pine st. 3-3.
Feeley Bernard, steel worker, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 6-6.
Feeny John, engineer, o h 216 Railroad st, Camb. 4-4.
Fees Catherine, widow, r h 50 Haynes st, Con. 6.
Fees John E. no occupation, bds 202 Chestnut st, Camb.
*Feichter Carrie Miss, domestic 272 Stony Creek st.
Felix Herman, wrks Johnson Works, o h Main st, Morr. 4-4.
Felix Homer, mill hand, o h near Bedford pike. 7-7.
Felix John A. carpenter, o h Elm ave, Morrellville. 4-12.
Felix Peter, laborer, o h 287 Main st, Coopersdale. 2-2.
FELT E. TALCOTT, insurance agent 200 Lincoln st, corner Franklin st, r h 159 Vine st. 2-2.
Felthouse Henry, laborer, r h 106 Adams st, Con. 4-4.
Felton Samuel, mill hand, r h 196 Sherman st. 5-8.
Fend Jacob, retired, o h 119 Main st. 3.
+Fenlin Mary, domestic 12 Somerset st.
Fenlon Patrick, laborer, r h (374 Co. No.) Portage st, Con. 3-3.
Fenn George, tinner, also grocery store, Coleman ave, Moxham, o h do. 4-4.
Fenn John Sr. laborer, o h 58 Singer st, Con. 4-4.
*FENN JOHN, stoves, tinware and hardware, 232 and 234 Washington st, o h 223 Locust st. 8-1.
Fenn Wm. laborer, bds 58 Singer st, Con.
Fentiman Allison E. umbrella maker, home 281 Main st.
Fentiman Edward M. student 281 Main st.
FENTIMAN WM. H. umbrella aand parasol manufacturer and repairer, 281 Main st, r h do. 7-6.
Fergotch John, laborer, r h rear 324 Railroad st, Camb. 3-3.
Fergotch Stephen, laborer, r h 402 1/2 Railroad st, Camb. 2-2.
+Ferguson Harry G. student, bds 201 Maple ave, Wv.
+Ferguson joseph B. Painter, bds 201 Maple ave, Wv.
+Ferguson Sam'l J. street car driver, bds 201 Maple ave, Wv.
Ferguson Wm. P. flagman, o h 201 Maple ave, Wv. 8-8.
+Ferner Abram, driver Cobaugh's, r h 58 Dibert st. 9.
Ferner Frank B. carpenter, bds 92 Front st, Peelorville.
Ferner Reuben, clerk Fockler & L. bds 108 Somerset st.
Fernley George, wire drawer, r h Baumer st. 5-6.
Fese Wm. laborer, bds 802 Chestnut st, Camb.
+Fesler James G. barber, shop Railroad st, E. Con. r h do. 4.
+Fess Frank D. stocker at wire mill, bds 21 Iron st, Mill.
+Fess Mollie Mrs. bds 21 Iron st, Mill.
Fetterman Franklin S. brakeman, bds Sarah Fetterman's.
Fetterman Samuel G. laborer, bds Sarah D. Fetterman's.
Fetterman Sarah D. widow, o h Virginia ave, Morr. 9-9.
FICHTNER ALBAN, physician, r h Chandler st, Morr. 7-6.
+Fiddler Lovina Miss, domestic, 327 Bedford st.
Fieldhouse Wm. laborer, bds 41 Iron st, Mill.
+Fiennerty John, laborer, bds 54 River ave, Mill.
Findish John, laborer, r h 48 Connelly ave, Mv. 5-5.
Findley Albert J. teamster, o h Maryland ave, Morr. 3-3.
FINDLEY BROS. (Ephraim and Joseph), gen'l mdse, 163 Iron st, Minersville.
Findley Daniel N. mill hand, o h Rosedale. 3-3.
Findley Elizabeth, widow Wm. 74 Maple ave, Wv.
Findley George D. carpenter, o h Coleman ave, Mox. 7-7.
Findley Irene Miss, clerk E.T. Schoff, home Moxham.
Findley James S. engineer, r h Main st, Frank. 4-4.
Findley John P. carpenter, o h Maryland ave, Morr. 2-2.
FINDLEY JOSEPH D. (Findley Bros.) bds 162 Iron st, Mv.
Findley Patrick, laborer, r h 36 Main st, Con. 4-4.
Findley Paul, laborer, bds 56 Ebensburg road, Mill.
+Findley Robert H. carpenter, o h 237 Broad st. 6.
Findley Samuel H. carpenter, r h 224 Maple ave, Wv. 3-3.
Findley Wm. R. barb wire maker, r h 234 Maple ave, Wv. 5.
Fink Christena, widow John, r h 177 Grant st. 5-5.
Fink Herman D. foreman in rolling mill, r h 70 Water st. 4-3.
Fink Melissa Mrs. bds 28 Somerset st.
FINK R.A. REV.D.D. pastor Lutherine church, o h 28 Somerset st. 7-6.
*Fink Samuel P. clerk, r h 53 Conemaugh st. 9.
+Fink Wm. wire drawer, bds 148 Main stt.
+Finney John, laborer, bds 54 Portage st, Con.
+Fig Mary Miss, domestic, 173 Vine st.
Figge Edwin, student, bds 36Main st, Grubb.
Figge Henry, carpenter, bds 217 Main st, Grubb.
Finn Morris, laborer, o h 30 Ridge ave, Minersville. 3-4.
FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Johnstown, James McMillian, president; H.J. Roberts, cashier; 194 Main st,, opposite park.
+Fischer Gerhart, laborer, r h 554 Railroad st, Con. 8.
Fiscus Nancy, widow, r h Main st, Coopersdale. 7-7.
Fish Martin, groceries, 203 Chestnut st, Cam. o h do. 3-3.
+Fishel Bertha Miss, domestic, 257 Maple ave, Wv.
Fishel John W. mill hand, bds Mary e. Fishel's, E. Con.
Fishel Mary E. widow, r h 32 First st, E. Con. 6-6.
Fisher Andrew W. laborer, r h 13 River st, Con. 5-5.
*Fisher Annie C. Miss, home 90 Haynes st.
Fisher Charles D. laborer C.I. Co. o h 95 Water st. 8-8.
Fisher Charles W. laborer, r h 165 Grant st. 3-3.
FISHER & CO. (P.S. Fisher and John Streum), wholesale liquor dealers, 309 Main st.
+Fisher Daniel, laborer, o h 48 Main st, Grubbtown. 2.
Fisher Edgar O. clerk Johnson Co. home 142 Main st.
Fisher Edward F. roll hand, r h 167 Sherman st. 3-3.
Fisher Edward W. st car driver, r h 33 First st, E. Con. 6.
*Fisher Emma K. Miss, teacher, home 142 Main st.
Fisher Fred, machinist, r h 108 Portage st, Con. 3-3.
Fisher George, clerk in meat shop, bds 65 Water st.
Fisher George, laborer, bds Wm. J. Lohr's, Pine st.
Fisher George, mill hand, home 75 Feeder st.
Fisher George E. mill hand, r h 199 Broad st. 5-5.
Fisher Hamil A. furnace man, r h 161 Grant st. 4-4.
+Fisher Hannah Miss, domestic, 75 Iron st, Mill.
Fisher Henry, laborer, C.I.Co. home 95 Water st.
Fisher Henry D. laborer, bds 167 Sherman st.
Fisher Jacob, no occupation, o h 120 Broad st, Camb. 6.
Fisher James, mill hand, bds 892 Bedford st.
Fisher James, mill hand, o h Greeve st, E. Con. 7-5.
Fisher Jerre, furnace hand, r h Railroad st, Morr. 2-2.
Fisher John, meat market, 116 Clinton, o h 65 Water st. 11-11.
Fisher John, laborer, r h 199 Pearl st. 4-4.
Fisher John E. laborer, r h 564 Horner st. 4-5.
*FISHER JOHN H. Justice of the Peace, 89 Franklin st, o h 142 Main st. 11-2.
+Fisher Joseph, laborer, bds 120 Broad st, Camb.
Fisher Louisa Miss, clerk, home 75 Feeder st.
Fisher Louisa Mrs. widow, o h 75 Feeder st. 3-3.
Fisher Mary, widow Geo. o h 234 main st, Coopersdale. 2-2.
Fisher Milton B. machinist, bds 90 Haynes st.
+Fisher Moses, peddler, bds Manison House.
*Fisher Noah, no occupation, bds Lizzie Wentz, E. Con.
Fisher Pearson, bookkeeper, o h 90 Haynes st. 3-3.
Fisher Richard e. laborer, r h Walnut Grove. 4-4.
FISHER PAETER S. (Fisher & Co.) o h 185 Napoleon st.
Fisher Sarah, widow, bds 279 Iron st. Minersville.
Fisher Wm. laborer, r h 149 Adam st, Con.4-4.
*Fisher Wolfgang, wire drawer, rooms 307 Main st.
Fitch Samuel A.R. Dr. r h Walnut Grove. 2-2.
Fitch Samuel R. laborer, r h Walnut Grove. 2-2.
*Fitchner Annie, home 167 Main st.
Fite Henry, conductor, o h Main st. Frank. 6-6.
Fite John B. mill hand, also burgess, r h Spruce st, Frank. 4-4.
Fitz Mrs. widow, r h 88 Centre st, Con. 2-3.
Fitz Robert, laborer, r h 182 Huber st, Con. 2-2.
+Fitzgerald John F. mill hand, bds 9 Lewis ave, Mill.
+Fitzgerald Mary e. Miss, dressmaker, bds 9 Lewis ave, Mill.
Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, bds 192 Iron st, Minersville.
*Fitzgerald Richard, invalid, r h 9 Lewis ave, Mill. 11-5.
*Fitzharris Christopher, Jr. propr St. Charles Hotel, 135 and 137 Franklin st, r h do. 14.
*Fitzharris Christopher, Sr. home 137 Franklin st.
Fitzpatrick Daniel, weighmstr, r h 314 Second ave, Camb. 7-7.
+Fitzpatrick Daniel F. hammerman, bds 316 Walnut st, Camb.
+Fitzpatrick Dennis, laborer, bds 104 Iron st, Mill.
+Fitzpatrick Ellen, widow, o h 201 Walnut st, Camb. 10.
Fitzpatrick Eugenie Miss, sews, bds 316 Walnut st, Camb.
+Fitzpatrick John, laborer, bds 314 Second st, Camb.
Fitzpatrick Peter, chief police, r h 119 Broad st, Camb. 5-2.
Fitzpatrick Wm. r h 104 Iron st, Mill. 8-4.
Fitzsimmons Andrew, timekeeper, r h 85 Portage st, Con. 2=3.
Fitzsimmons John, laborer, bds 59 Main st, Con.
Fitzsimmons John, bricklayer, bds 16 Hinckston ave, Mv.
Fitzsimmons Mary A. Miss, bds 117 Railroad st, Camb.
Fitzsimmons Thomas, brakeman, bds 59 Main st, Con.
Fitzsimmons Wm. engineer, o h 117 Railroad st, Camb. 9-8.
Fitzsimmons Wm. J. laborer, bds 117 Railroad st, Camb.
Fix David D. machinist, bds 61 High st, Minersville.
Fix Martin, fireman, o h 61 High st Minersville. 7-8.
Flack John C. furnace hand, r h Walnut st, Cdale. 4-4.
Flaherty Andrew, laborer, bds Patrick Flaherty's, Pros.
Flaherty Edward, laborer, r h 446 Third st, Mill. 4-4.
Flaherty Patrick, laborer, r h 20 Ebensburg road, Mill. 3-3.
Flaherty Patrick, laborer, o h Upper Prospect. 4-4.
Flanagan Dominic, laborer, bds 74 Ebensburg road, Pros.
Flanagan Edward, saloon, 77 Iron st, Mill, r h do. 9-8.
Flanagan James, laborer, o h 55 Hinchston ave, Mv. 4-5.
Flanagan Jas. blacksmith helper, bds 41 Second st, Pv.
Flanagan John Hon. o h 104 Jackson st. 7-5.
Flanagan Louisa, widow Jere, Second st, Pv. 5-5.
Flanagan Michael, laborer, bds 55 Hinckston ave, Minersville.
Fleck Catharine, widow Joseph, r h 417 Walnut st, Camb. 7-7.
+Fleck Elizabeth Mrs. r h 52 Iron st, Mill. 1.
Fleck Gabriel F. mill hand, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 4-3.
Fleck Wm. H. miner, o h Main st, Coopersdale. 4-5.
Fleckenstein C. mill hand, o h 713 Chestnut st, Camb. 8-8.
Fleckenstein Conrad G. mill hand, bds 713 Chestnut st, Camb.
Fleckenstein Frank, foreman at mill, r h 220 1/2 Chestnut st, Cambria. 8-1.
Fleckenstein John B. mill hand, bds 713 Chestnut st, Camb.
+Fleckenstein John P. laborer, r h 611 Chestnut st, Camb. 3.
Fleckenstein Katie Miss, sews, bds 713 Chestnut st, Camb.
Fleishour Henry, laborer, o h Cottage Hill, Con. 3-3.
Fleishour Hubert, machinist, r h 20 Market st. 3-3.
Fleming James, miner, bds Philip Fleming's, Pros.
+Fleming Joseph, rail straightener, bds 125 Park Place.
Fleming Joseph M. laborer, C.I.Co. bds 60 Dibert st.
Fleming John, home 208 Railroad st, Cambria.
+Fleming Mary Miss, domestic, 316 Railroad st.
Fleming Philip, miner, o h upper Prospect. 11-11.
Fleming Wm. W. laborer, C.I.Co. bds 60 Dibert st.
Flick Wm. C. cabinet maker, r h 134 1/2 Sherman st. 2-2.
Flinn James, works Johnson works, bds 46 Centre st, Pros.
Flinn John, no occupation, o h 46 Centre st, Pros. 5-6.
Flinn John, laborer, bds 282 Huber st, Con.
FLINN JOHN, JR. (Fritz & Flinn), plumber, bds 46 Centre st, Prospect.
Flinn Mary Mrs. dressmaker, r h 455 Bedford st. 1-1.
Flinn Patrick, laborer, o h 18 Ebensburg road, Millville. 6-6.
Flinn Thomas, laborer, r h 282 Huber st, Con. 10-10.
Flippo Abram L. (col'd) laborer, r h r 188 Portage st, Con. 4-5.
Flower James W. laborer at mill, r h 199 Napoleon st. 8-8.
Flower Lizzie, domestic 191 Lincoln st.
Flowers Josiah, laborer, r h 855 Chapin st, Con. 11-11.
Flowers Thos. Wm. works C. I. Co. r h 228 Sherman st. 8-5.
Flynn James, roll turner, bds 292 Iron st, Minersville.
FOCKLER GEORGE (Fockler & Levergood), o h 13 Morris street. 6-6.
*Fockler Herman W. clerk, home 106 Franklin st.
Fockler Jacob, cigars, &c., 108 1/2 Franklin stt, o h 106 do, 5-4.
Fockler Julia Mrs. widow, bds 13 Morris st.
Fockler L. Mrs. millinery and notions, 106 Franklin st.
FOCKLER & LEVERGOOD (Geo. Fockler, M. L. Levergood), general merchandise, 13 Morris st.
Fogle George, laborer, bds 132 Devlin st, Con.
Fogle John, no occupation, rooms 116 Huber st, Con.
Fogle John, no occupation, r h 132 Devlin st, Con. 5-5.
Foudelier Louis, laborer, r h 32 Peter st, Con. 5.
Fondelier Geo. aged, bds 32 Peter st, Con.
Foster Geo. W. h. Walnut Grove. 2.
Fogle John, laborer, bds 132 Devlin st, Con.
Fogle Joseph, furnace hand, o h Brownstown. 6-6.
+Fogle Peter, works at Johson works, bds 388 Railroad st.
Folsing Conrad, mill hand, o h near Bedford pike. 3-3.
+Folsom Annie Miss, works in Pgh, home 62 Napoleon st.
+Folsom Belle Miss, dressmaker, home 62 Napoleon st.
Folsom Josiah, heater, o h 62 Napoleon st. 4-4.
Foltz George, stone mason, o h 26 White alley, Wv. 3-3.
+Forbes Joseph S. laborer, home 185 Pearl st.
+Forbes Robert J. laborer, r h 185 Pearl st. 6.
Ford Benjamin F. laborer, bds Wm. Ford's, Rosedale.
Ford Catharine, widow l'atk, r h 221 Second ave, Camb. 6-6.
Ford Christian S. laborer, o h Rosedale. 5-6.
Ford Dennis, laborer, r h 272 Iron st, Minersville. 7-4.
Ford James, engineer, bds 221 Second ave, Camb.
Ford Margaret, widow, r h Rosedale. 4-4.
Ford Mary Mrs. bds margaret Ford's. Rosedale.
Ford Patrick C. laborer, bds 221 Second ave, Camb.
Ford Samuel D. switchman, o h Second st, E. Con. 5-5.
Ford William, shoemaker, Minersville, also carpet weaver, Rosedale, o h do. 8-9.
*Forest Francis, bds Dailey's, R. R. st, Cambria.
Fornwalt Wm. R. teamster, o h 192 Wood st, South Side. 5-5.
Forsman Angus, laborer, bds 40 Iron st, Mill.
Forster John T. wool sorter, r h Pine ave, Wv. 4-4.
+Forsyth James, machinist, o h Bridge st, Frank. 3.
Fosberger Otto, works in rod mill, r h 67 Wood alley. 4.
Fosiler Joseph, laborer, o h Walnut Grove. 1-1.
FOSTER ANDREW (Foster & Quinn), o h 112 Jackson st. 10-8.
Foster Catharine M. W. Miss, r h 270 Locust st. 1.
Foster Conrad, laborer C.I.Co. o h 54 Vine st. 3-3.
+Foster Louis, laborer R. Luepke, home 54 Vine st.
+Foster Margaret, widow james, o h 49 Maple ave, Wv. 5.
Foster Mary Miss, weaver, home 49 Maple ave, Wv.
+Foster mary J. Mrs. widow, home 116 Main st.
FOSTER & QUINN (A. Foster and Jas. Quinn), dry goods, notions and carpets, 113 and 115 Clinton st.
Fountain House (formerly Whiskey Springs Hotel) Somerset pike, beyond Grubbtown, John Fitzharris, proprietor.
Foust Daniel, laborer, o h 713 Bedford st. 6-6.
Foust Isaiah, furnace man, r h 89 Everhart st. 4-6.
+Foust Jennie Miss, domestic, 24 First st, E. Con.
Foust Jesse, wire drawer, r h 715 Bedford st. 2-2.
Foust john A. laborer, r h Lincoln st, Morr. 6-6.
Foust John C. stone mason, r h 347 1/2 Bedford st. 7-7.
Foust Levi, stone mason, r h 61 Adam st. 3-3.
Foust Wm. laborer at mill, o h 198 Napoleon st. 6-6.
Fox Catharine, widow, home rear 173 1/2 Napoleon st.
Fox David, wire bundler, r h rear 173 1/2 Napoleon st. 3-3.
Fox Edgar, painter, bds Somerset House.
Fox Francis, mill hand, r h 15 Ridge ave, Minersville. 2-2.
Fox Henry, no occupation, o h 48 Connelly ave, Mv. 5-5.
Fox Henry W. shipping clerk, bds 88 Portage st, Con.
Fox John H. stocker st steel works, r h 297 1/2 Iron st, Mv. 7-5.
Fox Joseph, mill hand, r h 32 Quarry st, Prospect. 8-8.
*Fox Martin, watchman, o h Portage st, Con. 7-6.
Fox Peter. laborer, bds Henry Fox, Minersville.
Fox William, laborer, bds Henry Fox, Minersville.
Francis Charles, wire drawer, r h 66 1/2 Huber st, Con. 4-4.
+Francis Thomas, machinist, bds 146 Washington st.
+Frank Amelia miss, domestic, 77 Maple ave, Wv.
*Frank August, mill hand, bds 160 Washington st.
Frank Anthony, mill hand, bds Mansion House.
Frank Charles C. clerk, r h 617 Baumer st. 5-5.
Frank Chauncey E. carpenter, r h 185 Morris st. 6-6.
Frank Christ A. pattern maker, o h 614 Horner st. 5-5.
Frank Clayton, carpenter, r h rear 36 Somerset st. 5-4.
Frand Elmer E. stone mason, bds 185 Morris st.
Frank Ephraim, shoemaker, 294 Locust, o h 67 Adam st. 10-10.
Frank Fritz, shoemaker, o h 69 Adam st. 7-7.
Frank Frederick, mill hand, r h 64 Lincoln st. 3.
Frank Frederick, blacksmith, r h 124 Cherry st. 2-2.
Frank John, mill hand, r h 8 Lincoln st. 3.
*Franke John, saloon, 160 Washington st, r h do. 8-1.
Frank Otto, carpenter, r h 129 Huber st, Con. 3-3.
Frank Watson, carpenter, bds rear 36 Somerset st.
Frankhouser Jacob, works steel mill, r h 150 Somerset st. 4-4.
Frankhouser John D. steel worker, home 150 Somerset st.
Franklin Robert L. weighmaster, r h 55 Peter st, Con. 2-2.
+Frankopski Albert, carpenter, r h 323 Walnut st, Caqmb. 6.
Frankopski Anton, laborer, r h 113 Broad st, Camb. 6.
+Frankopski Arnold, laborer, r h 422 Chestnut st, Camb. 2.
+Frautroy Brennie Mrs. domestic, Mansion House.
FRAZER CALEB T. retired, o h 108 Main st. 3-3.
+Frazer Catharine, widow, bds 35 Willow st.
Frear Andrew, miner, r h 115 Centre st, Prospect. 4.
Frear Mary widow, o h 72 Huber st, Con. 6-6.
Frear Peter, laborer, bds 72 Huber st, Con.
+Fredericks Annie Miss, tailoress, home 40 Market st.
+Fredericks Annie, widow John, r h 71 Vine st. 2.
+Fredericks Anthony, laborer, r h 24 River ave, Mill. 2.
+Frdericks Ella Miss, dressmaker, home 40 Market st.
+Fredericks Emma Miss, dressmaker, home 40 Market st.
+Fredericks Sadie, widow, bds 77 Napoleon st.
Fredericks Wm. H. asst foreman furnace, r h 40 Market st. 5-5.
Freeman Jno. A. C. laborer C.I.Co. r h 182 Napoleon st. 4-4.
Freer Michael, laborer, r h 62 Ridge ave, Mv. 3-3.
Frees Lewis, laborer, o h near bedf'd Pike, Hornerstown. 3-3.
Friedhoff Henry J. stone mason, o h Spruce st, Morr. 7-7.
Friedhoff John, carpenter, o h 63 Singer st, Con. 10-10.
+Friedhoff John H. carpenter, r h 476 Railroad st, Con 2.
Friedhoff Joseph, carpenter, o h 687 Wood st. 6-6.
Friedhoff Mary, widow, o h 275Railroad st, Con. 1-1.
FRIEDHOFF PETER S. saloon, 186 Adam st, Con. o h do. 9-9.
Friedhoff Wm. A. moulder, bds H.J.Friedhoff's, Morr.
Friedeman AAron, trav. salesman, clothing, r h 143 Vine st. 5-4.
FREIE PRESSE (Johnstown), C.T. Schnbert editor and propr, cor Franklin and Main sts, 3d floor.
French Calvin, laborer, r h near Bedfd. pike, Hornerstn. 3-3.
Frew William, mill man Gautier's, o h Main st, Grubb. 4-4.
+Frey Eugene J. teacher, bds 32 Napoleon st.
Frey Sam'l, engineer, Mox.R.R. o h Coleman ave, Mox. 5-5.
+Friant Ferdinand, laborer, bds 428 Railroad st, Con.
Friant Joseph, shoemaker, 428 Railroad st, Con, o h do. 9-9.
Frick George, mill hand, o h 714 Chestnut st, Camb. 6-6.
Frick Henry, mill hand, bds 519 Baumer st.
Frick John, laborer, o h 97 Haynes st, Con. 3-4.
Frick John A. heater, r h 59 1/2 Portage st, Con. 5-5.
Frick John K. laborer, r h 104 Frankstown road. 3-2.
+Frick Joseph, laborer, r h r 118 Railroad st, Camb. 6.
+Frick Katie, widow Charles, r h 519 Baumer st. 4.
Friedline Ross G. frt handler P.R.R. r h 42 Napoleon st. 3.
+Fritz Adolph, wagonmkr W.M. &Co. o h 24 Walnut st. 4.
Fritz Catharine, wid Henry, o h n 110 Main st, Grubb. 5-5.
FRITZ CHARLES A. (Fritz & Flinn), home 337 Railroad st.
FRITZ & FLINN (Charles A. Fritz, John R. Flinn), plumbers and gas and steam fitters, 146 Clinton st.
Fritz John Sr. wagonmaker, o h 337 Railroad st. 6-4.
Fritz John Jr. wagonmaker, r 337 R.R. st, o h 714 Horner st.
Fritz lewis, mill hand, r h 96 Quarry st, Pros. 4-4.
+Fritzinger Annie, domestic, 31 Potts st.
Fritzinger John, laborer, r h 181 Church ave, Con. 6-6.
FRONHEISER EDWARD H. (Bantley & Fronheiser), o h 227 Locust st. 6-4.
FRONHEISER JAMES J. general superintendent C. I. Co. o h 127 Main st. 7.
Fry Charles L. painter, home Park ave, Mox.
Fry Christiana, widow John, o h Park ave. 5-5.
Fry Harry m. dentist 102 Clinton st, home Park ave, Mox.
Fry Jacob, no occupation, o h Blain st, Morr. 2-2.
Fry John W. laborer, o h Garfield st, Morr. 8-7.
Fry John K. clerk C. I. Co. o h Napoleon st, bel Everhart. 4-4.
Fry Martin V. mill hand, o h Garfield st, Morr. 7-7.
Fry Sam'l, laborer, bds John W. Fry's, Morr.
Fry Wm. laborer, r h Garfield st, Morr. 2-2.
Fryer Henry, florist at A. Aker's, Grubb, bds do.
Fueg George, heater, o h 712 Bedford st. 4-4.
Fulkamer Jacob, no occupation, bds Joseph Engle's, E. Con.
Fullmer Harry, blacksmith, bds 491 Chapin st, Con.
Fullmer henry, carpenter, r h 491 Chapin st, Con. 11-11.
Fullmer Henry l. laborer, r h 276 1/2 Huber st, Con. 5-5.
Fullmer John H. machinist, bds 491 Chapin st, Con.
Fullmer Lizzie M. dressmaker, bds 491 Chapin st, Con.
Fullmer Samuel E. carpenter, rh 73 Poplar st. 3-3.
Fullmer Samuel F. laborer, bds 35 Church ave, Con.
Fulmer Peter, heater, bds 71 Iron st, Mill.
Fulton Alfred, clerk C.I.Co.bds Club House.
Fulton Daniel, laborer, bds 172 Church ave, Con.
Fulton David, laborer, r h 408 Locust st, Con. 6-6.
Fulton George, teamster, r h 20 Maple ave, Wv. 4-4.
FULTON HARRY W. sec'y Johnstown Lumb. Co. bds Hulbert House.
FULTON JOHN, General Manager C. I. co. 109 Washington st, o h 113 Park Place. 5-5.
Fulton John, laborer, r h 172 Church ave, Con. 7-7.
Fulton John, miner, r h 424 Ebensburg road, Mill. 10-10.
+Fulton Maggie Miss, domestic, 121 Locust st.
+Fulton Thomas, boss at mines, bds 21 Iron st.
Fulton Wm. laborer, bds 172 Church ave, Con.
Funk Nicholas G. pass conductor, o h Thrid st, E. Con. 2-2.
+Funk Sarah Miss, o h Greeve st, E. Con. 6.
Funkhouser Anthony, laborer, r h Upper Pros. 3-3.
+Furda John, laborer, r h 404 Thrid ave, Camb. 6.
Furlong Charles P. laborer, r h Main st, Frank. 8-8.
Furlong Eliza, widow, r h Main st, Frank. 5-2.
Furlong John H. engineer, r h Main st, Frank. 5-5.
Furlong Lawrence, engineer, r h 348 Gautier st, Con. 7-8.
Furlong Robert K. rngineer, r h 69 beech st, Wv. 7-7.
Furlong Wm. C. roll turner, r h 150 Feeder st, con. 3-4.
+Furner Wm. stocker wire mill, r h 34 Somerset st. 2.

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