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1889 Johnstown City Directory



Transcribed by Connie Williams

Gabert Christ, heater, o h 26 Market st. 7-7.
Gabert Charles C. bricklayer, home 26 Market st.
+Gabert Kate, clerk Foster & Quinn's, home 26 Market st.
+Gabert Wm. D. laborer, bds 67 Vine st.
+Gabriel Adolph, laborer, bds Ferdinand Neisner's.
Gabriel Joana, widow, o h Pine ave, Wv. 2-2.
Gaffney Catharine, wid John, o h 306 Chestnut st, Camb. 5-5.
+Gaffney James,mill hand, bds 306 Chestnut st, Camb.
Gaffney John S. laborer, o h 304 Chestnut st, Camb. 3-3.
Gaffney Wm. ins agt. r h 314 1/2 Broad st, Camb. 4.
Gageby Mary E. Miss,teacher, home 115 Jackson st.
*Gageby Rebecca, widow, o h 115 Jackson st. 3.
Gagen Grace, widow, bds 74 Main st, Con.
Gahagan James, laborer, r h Moxham. 6-6.
Gahagan Samuel, mill hand, r h 125 Main st, Grubb. 7-7.
Gahegan Christena, widow, r h 85 Haynes st, Con. 2-2.
Gahegan Harrison, laborer, bds 85 Haynes st, Con.
+Gahmaley Samuel, lumber dealer, bds Somerset House.
Gaither John c. patternmaker, r h 39 South st. 6.
+Galbreath Alonzo H, stationary eng, r h 130 1/2 Somerset st. 3.
Galbraith Calvin M. mill hand, r h Centre st, Cdale, 7-7.
+GalbraithCecelia Miss, r h Bridge st, Frank. 1.
Galbraith Daniel s. mill hand, r h Main st, Cdale. 7-7.
Galbraith James f. works bolt mill, bds Sarah Galbraith.
+Galbraith John, clerk, bds 42 Somerset st.
Galbraith John W. gardner a. Aker's, bds Mrs. Galbraith's.
Galbraith Samuel K. mill hand, home Sarah Galbraith's.
Galbraith Sarah, widow, r h Osbourne, near Grubb. 5-5.
Galbraith Wm. bookkeeper 1st Nat'l Bank, bds 125 Park Place.
Gallagher Conday, brakeman, bds 62 Centre st, Prospect.
Gallagher James, laborer, o h 316 Walnut st, Camb. 7.
Gallagher James, brakeman, bds 62 Centre st, Prospect.
Gallagher R. Taylor, Union news office, o h 331 Locust st. 12.
Gallagher Sarah, widow James, o h 62 Centre st, Pros. 5-6.
Gallagher Margaret, widow, r h 42 Coal st, Pros. 4-4.
Gallagher Bernard, laborer, bds Philip Fleming's. Pros.
*Gallagher Charles F. Prin Mill. School, hime 176 Main st.
Gallagher Dennis, laborer, r h 183 Front st, Camb. 4-4.
Gallagher Ellen, widow John, o h 179 Front st, Camb. 9-8.
+Gallagher James S. trav salseman, r h 220 Stony Creek st. 4.
Gallagher John J. roll hand, o h Main st Con. 6-6.
Ganoosky Myer, variety store, 92 Market st, r h do. 5.
*Gard Andrew, clerk, h 340 Main st.
Gard James Sr. wire inspector, r h 310 Main st. 7-6.
Gard James Jr. clerk, r h 54 Iron st, Mill. 3.
Gard Wm. T. roll hand, home 340 Main st.
Gardill John E. wire drawer, bds 136 Adam st, Con.
Gardner Adam, works rail mill, r h Upper Main st, Grubb. 6-6.
Gardner Andrew c. laborer, home G. A. Gardner's.
Gardner Francis M. laborer, home G. A. Gardner's.
Gardner Geo. A. shoemaker, r h rear 85 Franklin st. 6-6.
Gardner Harry H. carpenter, r h 31 Main st, Grubb. 3-3.
Gardner John, mill hand C.I.Co., r h 15 Main st, Grubb. 9-9.
Gardner Mary, widow John, o h Upper Prospect. 5-5.
Gardner Mattie A. Miss. seamstress, home G. A. Gardner's.
Gardner Patrick, laborer, bds Mary Gardner's, Pros.
Gardner Peter, invalid, bds 15 Main st, Grubb.
Gardner Thomas, miner, bds Mary gardner's.
Gaven Patrick, laborer, r h 705 1/2 Broad st, Camb. 3-3.
*Garman Grace Miss, teleg opr, bds 110 Washington st.
Garman John, in medicine business, bsa 135 Napoleon st.
Garozek Micheal, laborer, r h rear 105 Railroad st, Camb. 4.
Garrigan Ellen, widow, o h 17 Ridge ave, Con. 3-3.
+Garrity Micheal, laborer, r h Railroad st, E. Con. (?).
Garrity Patrick, laborer, r h 23 Ebensburg road, Mill. 6-6.
Garrison Reuben t. passr conductor, o h Main st, frank. 4-4.
+Garry Daniel, div. foreman, r h 456 Baumer st. 6.
GARVEY BERNARD, genl store, 235 Iron st, Mv. o h do. 4-4.
*Garvey Bernard, engineer, o h 319 Walnut st, Camb. 5.
Garvey Frances P. mill hand, r h 169 Franklin st. 4-4.
Garvey Sisters, Lizzie and Nellie Misses, home 169 Frank. st.
Garvey thomas, mill hand, home 169 Franklin st.
Gaston John W. laborer, r h Third st, E. Con. 3-3.
Gates George, mill hand, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 4-3.
Gates Gilbert, carpenter, o h Lincoln st, Morr. 4-4.
Gates George, mill hand, bds Elizabeth Wolf's, Morr.
Gates Harry, blacksmith, Fairfield ave, Morr. o h do. 1-1.
+Gates John, laborer, r h 224 1/2 Maple ave, Wv. 3.
Gates John S. laborer, r h (472 Co. No.) Centre st, Con. 7-7.
Gates Joseph, teamster, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 5-5.
+Gates Joseph, engineer, r h Greeve st, E. Con. 4.
Gates Lila Miss, domestic, Nelson Overdorll, Morr.
Gates Sarah, widow, bds Charles Ross', Morr.
Gates Wm. H. teamster, bds Joseph Gates', Morr.
Gaus John, saloon, 348 Railroad st, Con. o h do. 9-9.
Gearhart August, engineer, r h 63 Duke alley, Con. 4-4.
*Geddes George, engineer, r h 10 Maple ave, Wv. 6.
Geer James H. chief eng C.I.Co. o h 58 Somerset st. 8-5.
+Geible Lizzie, domestic, 81 Vine st.
Geis John, retired, o h 315 Main st. 4.
GEIS LEWIS A. (Geis & Schry), home 315 Main st.
GEIS &SCHRY (Lewis A. Geis and Charles B. Schry), clothing and gents' furnishings, 284 to 288 Main st.
Geisel Elbridge C. brakeman, home 111 Chestnut st.
Geisel Henry, laborer, r h 122 Portage st, Con. 7-7.
Geisel Hiram. teamster, r h 491 Bedford st. 6-6.
+Geisel Horatio, mill hand, bds 370 Bedford st.
Geisel Howard, laborer, r h 228 Maple ave, Wv. 2-3.
Geisel John J. mill hand, o h near Bed. pike, Hornsrst'n. 9-9.
Geisel Norman, teamster, home 491 Bedford st.
Geisel Samuel, furnace hand, r h 111 Chestnut st. 5-5.
Geiselhart Alfred, laborer, r h 471 Railroad st, Con. 5-6.
+Geiselhart John, laborer, bds 391 Railroad st, Con.
Geiser Andrew, watchman, r h 98 Coal st, Con. 2-3
Geiser George Jr. laborer, bds 204 Huber st, Con.
Geiser George Sr. no occupation, o h 204 Huber st, Con. 4-4.
Geist Harry, blacksmith, r h Spruce st, Morr. 3-3.
Geist Lewis, blind, cigars &c. 129 1/2 Fr'nklin, r h 83 Vine. 3-5.
Geist Lucy K. Miss, dressmaker, 83 Vine st, home do.
Geist thomas A. Laborer, r h Spruce st, Morr. 4-5.
Geist T. A. cigar m'f'r 126 1/2 Franklin st, home 83 Vine st.
Geitzer George, laborer, r h rear 110 Second ave, Camb. 8-8.
+Gelfand Sander, variety store, 160 Main st, home 72 Locust.
George Charles, laborer, bds 58 Conemaugh st.
+George George H. roll turner, bds Brunswick Hotel.
George Leonard G. fireman, r h Third st, E. Con. 3-3.
George Wm. J. physician, r h 649 Horner st. 4-4.
Gephart Isaiah, carpenter, bds John H. Bowser's, Bedford st.
Gephart Rose, widow John, o h 17 Peter st, Con. 9-9.
Gerhart Annie Miss, domestic, 116 Walnut st.
Gerber Anthony, laborer, bds Joseph Gerber's, Con.
Gerber Anthony, carpenter, o h 10 River st, Con. 10-12.
Gerber Dennis, carpenter, r h 16 Bedford st. 8-8.
+GERBER EDWIN P. (E.P. Gerber & Bro.), r h 30 Willow. 2.
GERBER E.P.& BRO. (Wallace D. ) painters, etc., 9 Somerset.
+Gerber Francis A. laborer, bds 10 River st, Con.
*Gerber John C. laborer, o h 201 1/2 Chestnut st. Camb. 7.
Gerber John W. laborer, bds Joseph Gerber's.
Gerber Jos. dealer in coal and wood, o h 47 Centre, Con. 10-11.
GERBER WALLACE D. (E.P. Gerber & Bro.), r h 11 Somerset st. 2-2.
Gerhardt Conrad, mill hand, o h 181 Portage st, Con. 9-9.
Gerhardt Frederick Conrad, bricklayer, r h 100 South st. 8-8.
Gerhardt Henry H. bricklayer, home 100 South st.
Gerhardt John, saloon, 185 Portage st, Con, o h do. 5.
Gerhardt John B. saloon, 595 Horner st, o h 599 do. 8-8.
Gerhardt John C. mill hand, r h 73 Cherry st. 2-2.
Gerhardt Lewis, stone Mason, bds Mary C. Gerhardt's.
Gerhardt Mary C. widow, o h rear 613 Hirner st. 7-7.
Gerhardt Otto, stone mason, bds Mary C. Gerhardt's.
Gerhardt William, laborer, o h rear 78 Cherry st. 7-7.
Gerhardt Wm. laborer, bds Wm. Gerhardt's.
Gerhardt Wm. F. laborer, r h 645 Pine st. 2-2.
Gerhardt Wm. P. blacksmith, bds Mary C. Gerhardt's.
Gerlock Ernest, laborer, o h Brownstown. 4-4.
Gersting Elizabeth, widow Aug. o h Chandler st, Morr. 3-3.
Gersting Jacob A. mill hand, bds Elizabeth Gersting's, Morr.
Gethlin David, engineer, r h Locust st, Morr. 5-5.
Gethlin Peter, no occupation, o h 115 Adam st, Con. 3-3.
+Getins John, laborer, o h 417 Railroad st, Con. 7.
Gettemy James S. engineer, o h Main st, Frank. 3-3.
Getts John L. mill hand, o h 125 Grant st. 5-5.
Getts William, mill hand, o h 127 Grant st. 7-7.
Gettys Quinton, steel worker, r h 62 Second st, Pv. 9-9.
Gettys Wm. P. mill hand, o h 84 South st. 3-3.
*Getze John, laborer, r h 205 Walnut st, Camb. 10.
Ghalaher Peter, laborer, r h 809 1/2 Broad st, Camb. 2-2.
Ghalaher Thomas, watchman, r h 811 Broad st, Camb. 9-9.
GIBBONS DAVID BYRON, salesman wholesale grocery house, r h 52 Market st. 2-2.
GIBBS GEORGE C. assistant editor Tribune, bds Merchants' Hotel.
+Gibig Peter, laborer, bds Wm. C. Kirkwood, Con.
+Giflin Jacob W. Laborer, o h Railroad st, E. Con. 4.
Giflin Samuel E. sewing machine agt, o h Bedford pike, Hornerstown. 2-2.
Giflin Samuel J. machine hand C. I. Co. r h 119 Vine st. 2-2.
+Giflin Wm. G. laborer, bds Jacob W. Giflin's.
+Gilbert Andrew, gen'l store 213 Broad st, Camb, r h do. 3.
Gilbert Jacob H. carpenter, r h 149 Main st, Grubb. 3.
Gilbert John J. carpenter, o h 47 Main st, Grubbtown. 6-6.
Gilbert Leander, blacksmith, o h 62 Main st, Coopersdale. 6-6.
Gilbert Michael, no occupation, o h Brownstown. 3-3.
+Gilbraith Archy, wire drawer, r h 89 Somerset st. 4.
+Giles George, Maple ave, Wv.
Gilkey Joseph L. laborer, bds Christ Lefller's, Morr.
+Gill wm. laborer, h 64 Quarry st. 3.
Gillen Catharine, widow Robert, r h Garfield st, Morr. 4-4.
Gillen Cornelius, laborer, o h Rosedale. 3-3.
+Gillen Laura Miss, domestic 308 Bedford st.
Gillen Timothy, laborer, o h Rosedale. 4-4.
Gillinger John, brewer, o h White alley, Wv. 7-7.
Gillinger George F. Laborer, bds John Gillinger.
Gillinger George, janitor school, o h 54 Maple ave, Wv. 2-9.
Gillis David, laborer, bds 325 Front st, Camb.
+Gillman Eliza, widow, home 231 Main st.
Gilmore Wm. J. furnaceman C.I. Co. r h 128 Union st. 7-3.
+Gilmore Maggie Miss, domestic, 121 Locust st.
*Gilmore Abram, foreman at tunnel, bds 128 Union st.
Gindlesberger Gabriel, laborer, bds Henry Woolford, E. Con.
Ginter George, laborer, o h 622 Wood st. 5-5.
Gintrajok Andrew, laborer, r h 4 Kelley alley, Mv. 6-6.
Gitler Fred, laborer, o h near Bedford pike, Hornerstown. 3-3.
+Gittings George w. clerk, r h 335 Railroad st. 8.
*Given Benjamin F. clerk, bds 97 Iron st, Mill.
Given Daniel M. milk depot, r h 99 Iron st, Mill. 5-5.
+Given Ella Miss, dressmaker, bds 110 Iron st, Mill.
+Given Emma Miss, teacher, bds 110 Iron st, Mill.
Given George M. mill hand, o h Strayer st, Morr. 6-6.
Given Henry W. groceries and queensware, 146 Franklin st, also 96 Iron st, Millville, o h do. 5-5.
+Given Samuel. clerk, bds 97 Iron st., Mill.
Given Wm. steel worker, r h 110 Iron st, Mill. 7-7.
Glace Fred, shoemaker, r h 77 Locust st. 2-2.
Glacken thomas, mill hand, r h laural Hill st, Morr. 8-8.
Glass Adam, blacksmith C.I. co. home 57 Llewellyn st.
Glass Andrew, policeman Johnson Co. r h 57 Lewellyn st. 7.
+Glass Copelin, mill hand, home 57 Lewellyn st.
Glass jacob, works C.I. co., rooms 28 Somerset st.
Glass James, home rear 141 School alley.
Glass John, night watchman for merchants, o h 161 Morris st. 9-9.
Glass Mrs, widow, o h rear 141 School alley. 2-2.
Glass Maggie Miss, milliner, home 164 Morris st.
Glass Reuben, clerk Johnson Co. rooms 28 somerset st.
Gladhill Henry B. wire drawer, r h 742 Pine st. 6-6.
+Gleiehauf John, laborer, bds 27 Centre st, Con.
Gleiehauf Mary, widow Anthony, r h 27 Centre st, Con. 5-8.
Gleisner George Jr. mill hand, bds 547 Horner st.
Gleisner George Sr. laborer, o h 547 Horner st. 3-3.
Glenn Hugh Sr. steel worker, o h 252 Ebensburg rd, Pros. 6.
Glenn Hugh Jr. mill hand, bds Hugh Glenn's, Pros.
Glenn James, mill hand, bds Hugh Glenn's, Pros.
+Glenn Robert H. laborer, bds 473 Baumer st.
Glenn Robert R. laborer, r h Main st, Coopersdale. 7-9.
Glenn Wilber, drayman, r h 473 Baumer st. 6-6.
Glitsch Ann e. widow, o h Horner st. 5-5.
Glitsch Christ, carpenter, r h 246 Hickory st. 3-3.
Glitsch Conrad, laborer, o h Pine st. 7-9.
Glock Charles R. pattermaker, bds 2 Front st, Peelorville.
Glock Frederika, widow Christ, r h 2 Front st, Pv. 8-8.
Glock John A. mill hand, bds 2 Front st, Peelorville.
GLOOR ARNOLD, saloon and meat market, 402 and 404 chestnut st, Cambria, r h do. 3-3.
Gloor Charles, saloon and meat market, 111 Chestnut st, Cambria, r h do. 6-3.
Gloss Calvin, wks elec lights C.I.Co. bds 65 Market st.
Glosser Anthony, clerk, bds Keystone Hotel.
+Glosser Mary, domestic, 98 Vine st.
Glynn Thomas, student, bds Hugh Glenn's, Pros.
Gobert Charles, laborer C.I.Co. r h 68 Sherman st. 3.
+Gobert Fred, laborer C.I.Co. home 70 Sherman st.
Gobert Fred W. blacksmith's helper, o h 38 Peter st, Con. 6-6.
Gobert Henry, laborer, o h 70 Sherman st. 8-8.
Gobin Benjamin P. wire drawer, r h 390 Coal st, Con. 8-7.
Gocher George, carpenter, o h 475 Bedford st. 10-10.
Gocher John W. timekeeper, home 475 Bedford st.
Gochnour Aaron, carpenter, o h Main st, Coopersdale. 3-3.
Gochnour Charles W. laborer, bds David D. Gochnour's.
Gochnour Dan'l H. clerk, bds Mrs. Maggie Gochnour's.
Gochnour David d. blacksmith, o h Thrid st, E. Con. 11-11.
Gochnour Emma Miss, teacher, home Aaron Gochnour's.
Gochnour Francis M. moulder, o h Rosedale. 2-2.
Gochnour George, laborer, r h 497 Chapin st, Con. 3-3.
Gochnour George, brakeman, bds Mary McGough's, Frank.
Gochnour George U. roll hand, bds David d. Gochnour's.
Gochnour Governor W. barb wire maker, bds D. Gochnour's.
Gochnour Harvey C. st car driver, bds Mrs. M. Gochnour.
Gochnour Hiram, engineer, o h Second st, E. Con. 5-5.
Gochnour Isaac W. laborer, bds Frank Spotts, E. Con.
Gochnour James F. laborer, bds Wm. A. Gochnour's.
+Gochnour Joseph P. teamster, r h Greeve st, E. Con. 3.
Gochnour Lewis B. fireman, r h Second st, E. Con. 3-3.
Gochnour Maggie, widow Ephraim, o h R.R. st, e. con. 10-8.
+Gochnour Nathan, laborer, r h 10 First st, E. Con. 6.
+Gochnour Sam'l B. st car driver, bds Mrs. Maggie Gochnour.
Gochnour Silas B. engineer, o h Main st, E. Con. 8-8.
Gochnour Silas D. laborer, bds Silas D. Gochnour's.
Gochnour Wm. A. laborer, r h 35 First st, E. Con. 7-7.
Gochnour Wm. M. fireman, bds Hiram Gochnour, E. Con.
Gockley John K. mill hand, o h 566 Horner st. 3-3.
Goddard John C. conductor, o h Main st, Frank. 6-6.
+Goddard Louisa, widow, dressmaker, r h Railroad st. 2.
+Goebert Charles, mill hand, o h 61 Llewellyn st. 6.
+Goebert Henry, roll hand, home 61 Llewellyn st.
Goenner Wm. brewer, o h 209 Walnut st, Camb. 3.
Goenner Jacob, brewery, cor Walnut st and 3d ave, Camb. o h do, 3-2.
Goft Peter, boiler inspector, o h 86 Singer st, Con. 7-6.
Goggin Daniel, no occupation, o h 516 Broad st, Camb. 6-6.
Goggin James, mill hand, bds 252 1/2 Iron st, Mv.
Goggin James, laborer, bds 516 Broad st, Camb.
Goggins James, blacksmith, r h 23 Connelly ave, Mv. 7-7.
Goggin Joanna, widow John, r h 252 1/2 Iron st, Mv. 5-7.
Goggin Richard, mill hand, bds 252 1/2 Iron st, Mv.
Gogle Paul, mill hand, r h Spruce st, Frank. 4-4.
Gohn Chas. mill hand, home Martha Cohn'n, Hornerstown.
Gohn Elmer, mill hand, home Martha Gohn's, Hornerstown.
Gohn George D. mill hand, home Martha Gohn's, Hornerstown.
Gohn John R. stonemason, o h 159 Morris st. 4-4.
Gohn Martha, widow, o h near bedfd. pike, hornerstn. 4-4.
Gohn Mary Miss, dressmaker, 183 Morris st, rooms do. 1-1.
Golagher Wm. mill hand, bds Joseph Staub's, Brownstown.
Golde Catharine, widow, o h Messenger st. 3-3.
Golde Conrad, laborer, o h Horner st. 3-3.
Golde Henry, wagonmaker Swank's, o h 20 Walnut st. 6.
Golde Wm. coffee roaster, home Catharine Golde's.
Golden Wm H. engineer, r h 214 Napoleon st. 3-4.
Goldenburg Daniel, clerk, home 166 Lincoln st.
Goldenburg Emanuel, tailor at Black's, home 166 Lincoln st.
Goldenburg E. Mrs. millinery and notions, 240 Main st.
*Goldenburg Henry, manager E. Goldenburg's millinery store, 240 Main st, r h 166 Lincoln st. 8-7.
Goldenburg Jennie, Fannie and Sallie Misses, clerks E. Goldenburg's, home 166 Lincoln st.
Golding Ellen, widow, r h 24 Ridge ave, Mv. 2-2.
Goldshine Henry, laborer, o h 576 Horner st, 2-2.
Gollar Joseph Sr. laborer, o h 177 Frankstown rd, Con. 10-10.
Gollar Joseph Jr. laborer, bds 177 Frankstown rd, Con.
+Gollipher Chalmers, mill hand, bds 199 Broad st.
+Gonder Frank, clerk, Johnson Co. bds 28 1/2 Morris st.
+Gonder George A. laborer, bds 179 Portage st, Con.
+Gonder Wm. F. clerk Johnson Co. rooms 19 Morris st.
Good Asberry R. engineer, o h Second st. E. Con. 7-7.
Good Daniel W. engineer, o h Main st. E. Con. 4-4.
Good David, rail straightener, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 9-9.
Good Frank B. warehouseman, o h 493 Baumer st. 4-4.
Good George R. mill hand, r h Second st, E. Con. 3-3.
+Good George W. brakeman, o h First st, E. Con. 6.
Good Henry E. works at woolen mill, bds Sarah Cobaugh's
Good John J. laborer, bds John Shriver's, Frank.
Good Millard F. laborer, r h 21 1/2 Maple ave, Wv. 4-4.
Goodchild Horace R. Rev. pastor First Baptist church, r h 114 1/2 Morris st. 4-3.
+Goodwin William, mill hand, bds 12 Walnut st.
+Gordon Edward F. engineer, bds 85 Portage st, Con.
Gordon Leonard B. fireman, r h 667 Pine st. 4-4.
+Gordon Martha, widow, r h 85 Portage st, Con. 3.
Gordon Mary Mrs. 272 Iron st, Mill. 3.
+Gordon Susan, widow, r room 7 Hager block. 1.
GORDON WM.H. physician, office 85 Portage st, Con. bds do.
Gore Albert F. mill hand, r h Main st, Morr. 4-4.
Gore George G. engineer, r h 95 Third st, Mill. 7-7.
Gore Henry, no occupation, bds 707 Horner st.
Gore John, works Johnson Co. r h Valley pike, Mox. 3-3.
Gore John A. laborer, r h 139 School al. 6-6.
Gore Thomas, no occupation, o h 248 Locust st. 4-4.
Gore Wm. mill hand, r h P.R.R. ave, Morr. 9-9.
+Gorham Richard H. gunsmith, 522 Railrd st, Con. o h do. 3.
+Goriski Frank, laborer, r h 411 Walnut st, Camb. 4.
+Gormley Ann, widow, domestic 267 Portage st.
Goss Catharine, widow Lant, o h 249 Beech st, Wv. 4-4.
Goss less, laborer, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 4-4.
Gossard Clara, widow Josiah, r h 303 1/2 Iron st, Mv. 6-6.
+Gossard Wesley, laborer, r h 9 First st, E. Con. 6.
Gossard Wm. L. laborer, bds 303 1/2 Iron st, Mv.
Gottwald Wm. laborer, o h Pine ave, Wv. 3-3.
+Goudy Eliza, widow, carpet weaver, 57 Haynes st, r h do. 2.
+Goudy Mary Miss, carpet weaver. bds 57 Haynes st.
+Goudy Morgan, sub-contractor, o h Third st, E. Con. 2.
Goughnour Albert, dry goods and groceries, Greeve st, E. Con. res Sunbury, Pa.
Goughnour Alex. brakeman, r h Fairfield ave, Morr. 5-5.
Goughnour Alex D. laborer, r h 66 Main st, Coopersdale. 3-3.
Goughnour Amos, laborer, bds 217 Iron st, Mv.
Goughnour Charles G. moulder, bds 32 Singer st, Con.
Goughnour Ethan A. laborer, r h Rosedale. 5-5.
Goughnour Frank B. laborer, bds 32 Singer st, Con.
+Goughnour George, engineer, r h 128 Branch st, Camb. 5.
Goughnour Harriet. widow Dan'l, o h 32 Singer st, Con. 5-4.
+Goughnour Heenan S. machinist, r h 37 Brixner al, Mill. 6.
Goughnour Solomon B. laborer, o h Rosedale. 3-3.
Goverman Michael, machinist, o h 721 Broad st, Camb. 5-5.
Govier Edwin J. laborer, o h 192 Morris st. 3-3.
Govier Wm. mill hand, o h 733 Oak st. 4-4.
+Gowajek Alexander, laborer, r h 317 Third ave, Camb. 5.
Grady Ann, widow John, r h 240 Iron st, Mv. 3-3.
+Grady Edward, laborer, bds James Grady's, Camb.
Grady James, steel worker, r h 321 Front st, Camb. 3.
Grady James, laborer, o h Laurel Hill st, Morr. 7-6.
Grady John, laborer, o h 124 Broad st, Camb. 3-2.
+Grady Luke, laborer, bds James Grady's, Camb.
Grady Morris, laborer, bds 240 Iron st, Minersville.
+Grady Morris, laborer, bds James Grady's, Camb.
Grafe Edward, stone mason, o h 587 Horner st. 5-5.
Grafe Jacob, brewer, o h 673 Horner st. 3-3.
Grafe John A. clerk, bds 587 Horner st.
Grafe Michael C. teamster, r h 38 White alley, Wv. 3.
+Graham Charles, fireman, bds Sarah Funk's, E. Con.
Graham John T. invalid, r h 9 Ebensburg road, Mill. 9-9.
Graham Patrick, justice of the peace 228 Morris st, o h do. 2.
Graham Thomas H. laborer, r h near Bedford pike. 5-5.
+Grant Kate Mrs. Front st. Cambria.
Grant Andrew, laborer, bds 268 Huber st, Con.
Grant Bernard, laborer, bds 268 Huber st, Con.
Grant Michael, laborer, bds 268 Huber st, Con.
Grant Neal, furnace hand, r h 12 Ebensburg road, Mill. 4-4.
Grant Wm. no occupation, o h 268 Huber st, Con. 11-10.
Grantham Wm. laborer, r h 68 Quarry st, Prospect. 9-9.
Graves Charles, laborer, r h 130 Centre st, Prospect. 6-6.
Graves Robert, laborer, r h 256 Ebensburg road, Pros. 6-6.
Gray Edgar J. laborer, bds 151 Iron st, Minersville.
+Gray Elnora Miss, domestic 144 Market st.
Gray George W. steel worker, o h Rosedale. 8-8.
Gray Jessie, widow, o h Hill st, Frank. 6-6.
Gray John B. laborer, o h 151 Iron st, Minersville. 8-8.
Gray John H. laborer, bds Jessie Gray's, Franklin.
+Gray Mary, widow, r h 11 First st, E. Con. 4.
Gray Moses (col'd), tanner, o h 123 Grant st. 2.
Gray Wm. J. laborer, bds 154 Iron st, Minersville. 8.
Graybill Levi, barb wire marker, bds 195 Stony Creek st.
Graybill Otto, works Johnson Co. bds 188 1/2 Somerset st.
Grebenstein Chas. J. cab't m'k'r, r h 158 Adam st, Con. 3-3.
Grebenstein Joseph, clerk, bds 47 Huber st, Con.
Gregg Albert M. time keeper shops C.I.Co. o h Vine st. 6-6.
+Gregg Henry H. machinist, home 98 Vine st.
+Gregg Mary J. Miss, school teacher, home 98 Vine st.
Gregory Stephen D. policeman, r h 86 Iron st, Mill. 5-6.
Gregory Alfred B. painter, r h Main st, Morrellville. 6-5.
Green Adam, laborer, o h 418 1/2 Broad st, Camb. 4-4.
Green Antha, widow Geo. M. o h Folsom ave, Morr. 2-2.
Green Emanuel C. steel worker, r h 434 Second st, Pv. 7-7.
Green James A. laborer, o h Garfield st, Morrellville. 5-5.
Green James P. clerk, bds 222 Broad st, Camb.
Green Jennie Miss, dressmaker, bds Antha Green's, Morr.
Green John, stocker furnace, r h 602 Railroad st, Camb. 8-8.
Green Katie Miss, laundress Club House, bds do.
Green Katie Miss, clerk, bds 222 Broad st, Camb.
+Green Mary, widow Mathias, bds 608 Chestnut st, Camb.
GREEN MARY B.MRS. (Ducrling & Green), r h 707 Chestnut st, Camb. 3.
Green Patrick, general store and saloon, 222 and 224 Broad st, Camb, o h do. 6-6.
Green Thomas (col'd), porter, bds 116 Haynes st, Con.
Green Thomas B. laborer, r h 72 Singer st, Con. 6-6.
GREEN WESLEY, photographer, cor Stonycreek and Franklin sts, o h 191 Vine st. 3-3.
+Greenawalt Lizzie Miss, domestic 315 Main st.
+Greenawalt Martin, laborer, r h 474 Centre st, Con.
GREENE G.M. photographer 193 Locust st, room 114 Market.
+Greenwood Andrew, no occupat'n, bds 388 Railroad st, Con.
Greenwood Barbara, widow, r h 19 River st, Con. 8-7.
+Greenwood Daniel, watchman, r h 183 Broad st. 3.
Greenwood Daniel, laborer, r h 31 Haynes st, Con. 4-4.
+Greenwood George, engineer, r h 109 Broad st, Camb. 3.
Greenwood James A. laborer, o h Second st, E. Con. 4-4.
Greenwood Jesse, wire drawer, o h 199 Church ave, Con. 6-6.
Greenwood Nancy Miss, domestic 106 Franklin st.
GREER D.F.A. (Schrader & Greer), r h 35 South st. 4-4.
GREER D. NEWTON (Bennett & Greer), Morrell Institute, 84 Main st, res do.
Greer Jos. Collins Rev. pastor U.P. church, bds 84 Main st.
Greer Samuel S. machinest apprentice, home 35 South st.
Greiner Albert, stone mason, r h 703 Chestnut st, Camb. 4-4.
+Grenoch John, laborer, r h 124 Branch st, Camb. 2.
Grether Fred, laborer, o h 19 Singer st, Con. 3-3.
Grether Wm. no occupation, bds 19 Singer st, Con.
Gribble Benj. watchman C.I. Co. r h 85 Stonycreek st. 6-6.
Gribble John, millwright C.I.Co. r h 108 Vine st. 2.
Griffin Michael, wire drawer, r h 22 Quarry st, Pros. 3-3.
+Griffith Arthur, machinist, home 82 Johns st.
GRIFFITH CHAS. druggist 201 Main st, o h 63 Morris st. 3-3.
Griffith Covode, furnace hand, r h 198 Sherman st. 5-5.
Griffith David, mill hand, r h 224 Stony Creek st. 5-7.
Griffith David S. plasterer, o h Somerset st. 4-5.
+Griffith Francis F. mill hand, home 82 Johns st.
+Griffith Grace Miss, teacher, home 224 Stony Creek st.
Griffith Hannah Miss, domestic A.J. Moxham's.
Griffith Isaac W. (Griffith & Thomas), o h 358 Bedford st. 5-5.
Griffith James P. roll turner, r h 33 Dibert st. 4-3.
Griffith John F. coal miner, o h 82 Johns st. 6-6.
Griffith Lemuel, teamster, o h 81 Somerset st. 5-5.
Griffith Levi, retired farmer, o h 214 Morris st. 3-3.
+Griffith Minnie Miss, clerk, home 224 Stony Creek st.
Griffith Norman B. dairyman, o h Main st, Coopersdale. 4-4.
Griffith Robert, mill hand, r h 193 Main st, Cdale. 2-2.
Griffith Ross, laborer, bds 161 Morris st.
Griffith Samuel, laborer, r h Bridge st, Coopersdale. 4-4.
Griffith & Thomas, fertilizer works, River st, Morrellville.
Griffith Wm. mill hand, bds Frank Killen's, Morr.
Griffiths Annie Miss, nurse at Moxham's, home 59 Vine st.
+Griffiths Anna, widow Joseph, r h 95 Iron st, Mill. 3.
Griffiths Benj. R. miner, bds 81 Iron st, Mill.
Griffiths Charles, coal miner, r h 59 Vine st. 6.
Griffiths Evan M. laborer, bds 95 1/2 Iron st, Mill.
Griffiths Griffith J. Mill hand, bds 68 Conemaugh st.
Griffiths John F. coal dealer, 146 Huber st, Con. r h do. (?)
Griffiths Joshua, propr Griffiths House, 5 Portage, r h do. 7-7.
Griffy Mary, widow Michael, r h 63 Church ave, Con. 5-5.
Grinsley Flora, wid, boarding, r h 35 Church ave, Con. 6-2.
Grimsley Thompson B. laborer, r h 175 Church ave, Con. 2-2.
+Grintz Ulus, laborer, r h 322 Walnut st, Camb. 7.
+Grissc Ameri, laborer, r h 419 Chestnut st, Camb. 3.
Grogan Dennis, laborer, bds 192 Ieon st, Minersville.
Grogan John, laborer, o h 39 Hinckston ave, Mv. 4-4.
Groger Edward, machinist, o h Pine ave, Wv. 3-3.
Groger Joseph, laborer, o h Pine ave, Wv. 3-3.
Groof D. Tenny, stenographer, bds Club House.
Gross Samuel, laborer, r h 185 Iron st, Minersville. 5-5.
Grossett John, machinist, r h 56 Iron street, Mill. 2-2.
Grove Albert F. engineer, r h Third st, E. Con. 6-6.
+Grove Charles,laborer, bds 241 Maple ave, Wv.
+Grove Daniel W. laborer, r h 8 First st, E. Con. 7.
Grove Edward E. clerk, Mansion House.
Grove Levi, laborer, r h 46 Haynes st, Con. 2-3.
+Grove Thomas, clock repairer, r h 241 Maple ave, Wv. 7.
Grove William, blksmth C.I.Co. r h 187 Napoleon st. 3-3.
+Growden Kate, domestic, 73 Napoleon st.
Grubb Charles B. steel worker, o h Blain st, Morr. 9-9.
Grubb Dan'l J. rail straightener, r h 148 Portage st, Con. 6-5.
Grubb George T. laborer Johnson Co. bds 10 Main st, Grubb.
GRUBB W.R. grainer for the trade, o h 10 Main st, Grubb. (?),6.
Grubbs Adam R. clerk W.M. & co. store, r h 35 Potts st. 11-10.
+Grubbs John W. woll sorter, home 35 Potts st.
Gruber Jacob, bricklayer, o h 33 Willow st. 2-2.
Gruber John, supt, woolen mill,r h Pine ave, Wv. 4-4.
Gruber Lewis boss weaver, bds John Gruber's.
Gruber Wm, rougher at Gautier, r h 168 Napoleon st. 4-4.
Grumbling Adam J. mill hand, bds Geo. A. Grumbling's, Morrellville.
*Grumbling Charles, clerk, bds 140 Jackson st.
Grumbling Charles E. clerk, bds S.C.Ream's, Hornerstown.
Grumbling Geo. A. carpenter, r h Laurel Hill st, Morr. 9-8.
Grumbling Geo. H. plasterer, bds Geo. A. Grumbling's.
Grumbling Tillie, domestic, 166 Lincoln st.
Grumbling Watson W. plasterer, bds Geo. A. Grumbling's.
Grunizer Fred, mill hand, r h 40 Quarry st, Prospect. 6-6.
Guist James J. laborer, r h 42 Benton st. 3-3.
Gull Alex. M. blacksmith, r h 95 Conemaugh st. 3-3.
Gull John, blacksmith, r h Bedford pike, Hornerstown. 4-4.
Gull John, blacksmith, h Fairfield ave, Morr. 3-3.
+Gull Ross, laborer, home John Grubb's, King st.
Gunder Conrad, furnace man, r h rear 55 Napoleon st. 6-7.
Gunder Milton J. wrks Gautier, r h 507 Chapin st, Con. 5-5.
Gunselman Henry, steel wrkr, o h Tennessee ave, Morr. 3-3.
+Guy James, laborer, r h 311 Second ave, Camb. 4.
Guyer Curtin, laborer, bds Hunter Guyer's, E. Con.
Guyer Hunter J. laborer, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 4.

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