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1889 Johnstown City Directory



+Tacy Peter L. laborer, bds 35 Maple ave, Woodvale
Taggart James, machinist, bds 75 Iron st, Millville
TAHANEY JAMES P. REV. pastor Catholic church, pastoral residence 114 Jackson st 4-4
Tandlinger Frank, moulder, r h Portage st, Franklin, 3
Tangent Annie M. widow, bds 134 Branch st, Camb.
+Taney Adam, stone mason (retired) r h 118 Lincoln st, 5
TANEY JOHN M. clerk W., M. & co. (also of John M. Taney & Co.), home 118 Lincoln st.
TANEY JOHN N. & CO. (Charles L. Berry), druggist, 1 Morris st
Taney Robert L. printer, bds 58 Franklin st.
Tantlinger Daniel, heater, o h 171 Napoleon st, 5
Tantlinger Frank, mill hand, o h 180 Wood st, 4-4
Tantlinger Wm. S. foundry hand, r h 210 Napoleon st, 2-3
Tate Albert, mill hand, r h 634 Wood st, 4-5
Tannerbaum Frank, laborer, r h 576 Railroad st, Con. 3-3
TAYLOR FRANK, groceries 412 Railroad st, Con. r h 432 do, 2-3
+Taylor James, laborer, r h 236 Pearl st, 4
Taylor James D. clerk W., M. & Co. o h 114½ Morris st, 5-5
Taylor John, laborer, r h 64 Main st, Grubbtown, 3-3
Taylor Mary Mrs. Widow, housekeeper, 146 Somerset st
Taylor Robert M. clerk (R. Uhl & Co.) home 114½ Morris st
Taylor Wm. furnace hand, r h 83 Quarry st, Prospect, 4-4
+Tedrofski Michael, laborer, r h Portage st, Franklin, 8
Teeter Benjamin, teamster, o h Rosedale 7-7
Teeter Benjamin, mill hand, r h Bedford pike, Horners’n, 4-4
Teeter David, carpenter, o h Rosedale, 5-5
Teeter Eli, 214 Iron st, Minersvile, 4-4
Teeter George W. laborer, r h 523 Horner st, 4-4
+Teeter Mrs. widow Isaac, bds 128 Locust st
Tegler John A. machinist, o h near Bedford pike, 6-6
Tegler Wm. tinner, r h 426 Bedford st, 8-8
Telford Wm. E. laborer, o h Lincoln st, Morrellville, 2-2
Telephone office, cor. Main and Clinton sts, second floor
Temple Chas. Foreman plow shop, r h 505 Chapin st, Con. 5-5
+Temple John E. roll hand, r h 510 Railroad st, Con. 4
*Temple Leroy C. cupola liner, r h Elm ave, Morrellville, 6-5
+Tennant John, laborer, bds 41 Iron st, Millville
Terwilliger Lincoln L. buggy agt, bds Geo. Meyer’s, Wal. G.
Tesh Charles L. laborer, bds 106 Union st
+Tesh Fred. Laborer, r h 106 Union st, 6
Test Mrs. Jane, widow, r h 179 Stonycreek st, 2
Than Powel, laborer, o h 211 Church ave, Con. 2-2
Thenor Joseph, laborer, bds 141 Devlin st, Con.
Thiel Herman, stone mason, o h Lincoln st, Morrellville, 8-8
Thies May, widow Henry, o h 64 Lincoln st, 1
Thoburn John, blacksmith, r h 133 Iron st, Mill. 10-2
Thom John, laborer, o h 624 Pine st, 10-10
+Thomas Alfred E. laborer, bds Geo. W. Thomas’, Con.
Thomas Anna Mrs. widow, o h 12 Market st, 1-1
THOMAS & WALTERS (R. R. Thomas and J. W. Walters), lumber dealers, office and yard cor Main and Market sts
Thomas Benj. W. works Johnson works, r h 5 Market st, 4-4
Thomas Charles B. clerk, home 237 Stony Creek st
Thomas Daniel A. miner, r h 89 Conemaugh st, 2-2
Thomas Daniel J. laborer, o h 167 Morris st, 2
+Thomas David H. laborer, o h 31 Iron st, Mill. 5
*Thomas Edw. Boss gas works, o h 52 Maple ave, Wv. 8-1
Thomas Edward D. mill hand, r h 629 Bedford st, 7-7
+Thomas Edward M. engineer, o h 73 Maple ave. Wv. 2
Thomas Edward Oscar, laborer, r h 81 Water st, 8-8
Thomas George E. carpenter, o h Walnut Grove, 2-2
Thomas George J. clerk, r h rear 116 Somerset st, 6-6
Thomas George W. (col’d), lab. R h 81 Centre st, Con. 6-6
Thomas George W. laborer, o h Upper Pros. 10-10
Thomas Harry D. clerk, r h 245 Stony Creek st, 3-3
Thomas Henry, watchman, r h 432 Ebensburg road, Mill. 5-5
Thomas Henry, mill hand, home 449 Bedford st
Thomas Henry H. carpenter, o h 141 Huber st, Con. 6-6
Thomas Ivor, mill hand, r h 69 Walnut st, 5-5
Thomas Ivor, works at Johnson works, bds 31 Iron st, Mill.
Thomas James, weighmaster, bds 89 Front st, Pv.
Thomas James, mill hand, r h 124 Lincoln st, 4-3
Thomas James (col’d), laborer, bds 81 Centre st, Con.
THOMAS JAS. P. (J. Thomas & Sons), o h S Somerset st, 3-2
+Thomas Jenkin, school janitor, o h 115 King alley, 9
Thomas Jerre J. laborer, home 449 Bedford st
THOMAS JOHN (J. Thomas & Sons), o h 237 Stonycreek st, 8-8
Thomas John, brakeman, bds 432 Ebensburg road, Mill.
THOMAS JOHN & SONS (Wm. R. and Jas. P.) general store 248 Main st
Thomas John A. mill hand, o h Blain st, Morr. 4-4
Thomas John A. clerk John Thomas, home 122 Somerset st
+Thomas John E. mill hand, r h 63 Llewellyn st, 4
Thomas John J. car inspector, r h Main st, Frank. 4-4
Thomas Jos. Carpenter and contractor, o h 122 Somerset st, 8-7
Thomas Levi, laborer, r h 449 Bedford st, 4-4
Thomas Mary, widow John, r h 89 Front st, Pv. 8-8
Thomas Nathaniel, carpenter, r h 698 Bedford st, 4-4
Thomas Richard E. blacksmith, o h Main st, E. Con. 8-8
THOMAS ROBERT R. (Thomas & Walters), r h 90 Market, 4-2
+Thomas Thomas, works Johnson works, bds 31 Iron st, Mill.
+Thomas Warren B. clerk, home 237 Stony Creek st
THOMAS WILL R. (J. Thomas & Sons), r h 10 Somerset st, 3-3
THOMAS WM. wholesale dealer in beer and porter, 481 Baumer st, r h 108 Feeder st, Con. (?)
Thomas Wm. B. carpenter, r h 134 Sherman st, 3-3
THOMAS WM. H. (Woolf, Son & Thomas), r h 234 Stony Creek st, 4-12
Thomas Em. H. blacksmith, bds 89 Front st, Pv.
Thomas Wm. L. teamster, r h 734 Bedford st, 4-1
Thomasberger Frank, grocer 319 Railroad st, r h 314 do, 11-3
Thompson Abram, laborer, r h Village st, Mox. 2-2
+Thompson Aggie M. dressmaker 4 Morris st, res do
Thompson Alex. D. mill hand, r h 620 Wood st, 4-2
Thompson David, carpenter, o h Chandler st, Morr. 3-3
Thompson David L. student, home 114 Napoleon st
Thompson Fred. (col’d), waiter Club House, bds do
Thompson Geo. W. roller, o h 127 Somerset st, 3-3
Thompson Ida Miss, domestic David F. Shaffer, E. Con.
+Thompson John H. works in rail mill, bds 74 Water st
THOMPSON J. P. dentist 222 Main st, o h 114 Napol’n st, 3-3
Thompson Mary W. Miss, home 127 Somerset st
Thompson Phoebe, widow, home 127 Somerset st
Thompson Sadie Miss, res Railroad st, E. Con
Thompson Wm. II. no occupation, r h 138 Jackson st, 8-7
Thompson Wm. L. mill hand, o h Fairfield ave, Morr. 4-4
+Thompson Wm. M. (col’d), laborer, bds 11 Jones st, Con.
Thornberg Abram L. (col’d), hostler at Dr. Sheridan’s
Thornley Robert, pit hand (open hearth), bds 31 King st
Thurmann Joseph, laborer, r h 701 Broad st, Camb. 2-2
+Tibbott Samuel, grocer First st, E. Con. o h do. 2
Tice George, mill hand, r h 619 Bammer st, 3-3
+Tice, Wm. B. drugs, 31 Portage st, Con. r h do, 2
Tighe Martha, widow Thomas, bds W. H. Bice, Morr.
+Tighe Martin, bricklayer, bds 83 Iron st, Mill.
+Tighe Michael, laborer, bds 9 Lewis ave, Mill.
Tigue James L. mill hand, bds Patrick Tigue’s
Tigue Patrick Sr. laborer, o h 146 Ebensburg road, Pros. 6-8
Tigue Patrick Jr. bricklayer, bds Patrick Tigue’s
Tigue Thomas, mill hand, bds Patrick Tigue’s
+Till Arthur, works at steel works, bds 97 Market st
Tilly Thomas, wire drawer, r h 42 Singer st, Con. 5-5
+Timlin Andrew, laborer, laborer, bds 9 Lewis ave, Mill.
Timothy Edward, laborer, r h Main st, Morr. 8-8
Tipet Arthur, laborer, r h 32 Ridge ave, Con. 4-4
Tittle Cyrus P. clerk, bds 259 Broad st
Tittle James, foreman Gautier mill, r h 343 Locust st, 6-6
TITTLE JOHN S. ins. Agt. And notary public, 128 Market st, bds 159 Main st, 2-2
Tittle John W. draughtsman, home 343 Locust st
+Tittmer Christian, laborer, o h 7 Third st, Wv. 6
+Tocakey John, laborer, r h 217 Chestnut st, Camb. 2
Tochinoski Frank. laborer, r h near 724 Broad st, Camb. 5-5
+Tochineski Wm. laborer, r h 503 Chestnut st, Camb. 4
*Toker John, laborer, r h 122 Railroad st, Camb. 8-3
+Tolf Alex. machinist, bds 53 Conemaugh st
Tomb Benj. T. physician, office Fairfield ave, Morr. O h do 2-2
Tomb Dickson, butcher, o h Chandler st, Morr. 4-4
Tomb George Clark, broom maker, o h Blain st, Morr. 4-4
Tomb Henson F. physician, 357 Railroad st, Con. r h do, 2-2
+Tomjick Joseph, laborer, r h 511 Walnut st, Camb. 4
Tommins Annie Miss, milliner, home 134 Napoleon st
Tommins Robt. watchman C. I. Co, o h 134 Napoleon st, 7
Tommins Walter, mill hand, home 134 Napoleon st
Tompkins James T. bricklayer, r h 106½ Johns st, 8-8
Toms Lizzie Mrs. dressmaker, 60 South st, res do
Toms Ralph, works in Gautier mill, r h 60 South st, 2-2
Toner James, laborer, r h 320 Railroad st, Camb. 10-10
Toner James Jr. laborer, r h 320 Railroad st, Camb.
Toner Peter, saloon, 324 Railroad st, Camb. O h do. 7-7
Tonheiser Frank, laborer, o h 39 Church ave, Con. 2-2
Toombs Charles C. laborer, bds * Ebensburg rd, Mill.
Trabert Charles, works steel mill, r h 24 Diebert st, 2-2
Travey John, laborer, r h 449 Third st, Mill. 4-4
Trainer Sarah, widow, o h 209 Broad st, Camb. 3
+Trawarter Annie, widow, r h 517 Portage st, Con. 1
+Trawatha Sebastian, steel worker, r h r 41 Morris st, 4
Trautwein Edw. Rev. Father, pastor German Catholic church, 308 Broad st, Camb. 2-2
+Tredinnick Emma Miss, school teacher, home 80 Union st
+Tredinnick John, mill hand, home 80 Union st
Tredinnick Joseph, coal miner, o h 80 Union st, 8-7
Treece Harry L. engineer, bds 710 Oak st
Treece John, invalid, bds 575 Horner st
Trees Samuel, laborer, o h 575 Horner st, 6-4
Trefts Albert A. teamster, r h 57 Adam st, 4
Trefts George W. mill hand, home 351 Bedford st
Trefts Jacob M. wire drawer, home 351 Bedford st
*Trefts Wm. S. roll hand, o h 227 Maple ave, Wv. 5-4
Trembath John, miner, o h 221 Frankstown rd, Con. 2-2
+Tremellen Ella B. clerk W., M. & Co. home 48 Market st
Tremellen John H. (col’d), sawyer, r h 35 Market st, 5-5
Tremellon Wm. laborer at foundry, r h 48 Market st, 7-7
Tremellen Wm. E. moulder, home 48 Market st
Trent Albert, boss in mill C. I. Co. r h 128 Somerset st, 3-3
Trent George, teamster, o h 59 Sherman st, 4
Trevorow Richard W. laborer, bds John H. Hershberger’s
Trimbath John, mill hand, r h 28 Market st, 3-3
Tropp Charles, mill hand, r h 34 Potts st, 4-4
Tross Catharine widow, o h 131 Sherman st, 2-2
Tross Conrad, mill hand, o h 646 Pine st, 7-7
Tross Henry, aged, o h 68½ Morris st, 2-2
Tross John H. laborer C. I. Co. o h 108 Sherman st, 8-8
Tross John L. dairyman, o h Hornerstown, near Mox. 8-8
+Tross John W. engineer, o h 39 Maple ave, Wv. 9
Tross Wm. grocery 131 Sherman st, res do
Tront Frank, mill hand, r h Bridge st, Frank. 2-2
Troutman David, laborer, bds Wm. J. Lohr’s, Wv.
+Truman Speneer (col’d), labr, r h 399 Centre st, Con. 3
+Tucker John C. foreman, r h 19 Maple ave, Wv. 5
*Tucker Lillian G. Weaver, bds 19 Maple ave, Wv.
Turner Achsah Mrs. widow John, home 91 Market st
Turner George, clerk, r h 336 Main st, 2-2
Turner Wm. works at steel works, o h 43 Iron st, Mill. 6-6
Tut John, laborer, r h 202 Railroad st, Canb. 4-4
*Tyler John T. laborer, o h n Bedford pike, Hornerstown, 5-4
Tyler Marshall H, wire drawer, bds 119 Market st
+Tynan Michael J. boss in wire mill, r h 104 Portage st, Con. 2

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