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1889 Johnstown City Directory



+Zachariah Maggie Miss, domestic, home rear 60 Iron st, Mill
Zane E. K. hostler, o h Second st, E. Con. 3-3
Zane George, engineer, o h Main st, E. Con. 3-3
+Zane Jacob, machinist, o h First, E. Con. 5
+Zane Redinger, master mechanic, r h Railroad st, E. Con. 5
ZANG ERHART , dealer in boots and shoes and findings, 260 Main st, o h do, 8-8
Zang Joseph E. clerk, home 260 Main st
Zarinski Mathias, laborer, bds 113 Broad st, Camb
Zeblotski Edward, furnace hand, o h Brownstown, 8-8
Zechariah Richard, laborer, r h 60 river ave, Mill. 4-4
Zeiglar Barnabas, puddler, r h Fairfield ave, Morr. 2-2
Zeigler, J. B. shoemaker 380 Bedford st, r h 108 st, 5-5
Zentz Andrew, laborer, r h 38 Connelley ave, Mv. 10-10
Zerfass Ellen, domestic 80 Somerset st
Zerfass Erastus, laborer, r h Pine ave. Wv. 3-3
+Zetling Mary, domestic 132 Main st
Zimmer Frederick, mill hand, o h 638 Pine st, 5-5
Zimmer George, wire drawer, bds 74 Portage st, Con
Zimmer George, watchman, o h 736 Ash st, 3-3
Zimmer Henry, mill hand, o h Bedford pike, Hornerst’n, 3-3
Zimmer Martin, laborer, bds 74 Portage st, Con
Zimmer Michael, wire drawer, bds 4 Church st, Con
+Zimmer Wm. Teamster, r h 301 Walnut st, Camb. 2
+Zimmerman Andrew, laborer, o h 220 Maple ave, Wv. 8
ZIMMERMAN CHARLES, livery stable, 285 and 287 Locust st, o h 73 Levergood st, 3-3
Zimmerman Chauncey T. carpenter, rooms 9 ˝ Somerset st
Zimmerman David T, galvanizer, r h 338 Railroad st, 7-7
ZIMMERMAN EDWARD A. artist and photographer, 67 Franklin st, o h 251 Main st, 7-6
Zimmerman, Ernest W. photo artist, home 251 Main st
Zimmerman, Frederick, soap maker, o h 86 Dibert st, 3-3
Zimmerman George, laborer, o h Cottage Hill, Con. 4-3
Zimmerman George B, clerk, r h 21 Portage st, Con. 5-6
Zimmerman George H. mill hand r h 632 Wood st, 2-2
ZIMMERMAN GUSTAV A. physician and druggist, 106 Clinton st, r h 164 Lincoln st, 5-5
+Zimmerman Harry, cigarmaker, bds 338 Railroad st
+Zimmerman Herbert J. druggist clerk, home 326 Locust st
Zimmerman Howard S. clerk C. I. Co. office, home 156 Vine st
ZIMMERMAN JACOB, atty at law, 343 Bedf’d st, o h 337 do, 6
Zimmerman James S. clerk (Cogaugh’s), r h 156 Vine st, 8-9
Zimmerman John A. machinist, r h 357 Bedford st, 3-3
Zimmerman John S. barber, r h 169 Napoleon st, 3-3
Zimmerman Joseph, machinist, r h 169 Clinton st, 8-4
Zimmerman, Louisa, widow Henry, o h 326 Locust st, 7-6
Zimmerman Mary, widow, r h Main st, Frank. 4-4
*Zimmerman Milton F. student, home 326 Locust st
+Zimmerman Philip, hostler, bds 220 Maple ave, Wv
+Zimmerman Rudolph, machinist r h 519 Baumer st, 3
+Zimmerman, Susana, domestic 7 Morris st
*ZIMMERMAN THEODORE F. attorney at law, office 90 Franklin st 2d floor, home 326 Locust st
Zimmerman Wm. clerk, r h Main st, Frank. 3-3
Zimmerman Wm. grocery 41 Main st, Grubb. R h 40 do, 6-6
Zimmerman Wm. H. clerk, r h 139 Walnut st, 3-3
Zinnel Henry, mill hand, r h 616 Chestnut st, Camb. 4-4
Zipf Fred, stone mason, o h 592 Bedford st. 3-3
Ziph Charles A. laborer, o h 441 Railroad st, Con. 3-3
Zipp Fred. Laborer, bds 91 Haynes st, Con
Zipp John, teamster, o h 81 Haynes st, Con. 5-5
Zipp Kate, widow, o h 458 Bedford st, 10-10
Zobel John, 185 Portage st, Con. 5
+Zohner Mary A. widow Joseph, r h 353 ˝ Railroad st, Con. 3
Zohner Wm. S. wire drawer, bds 353 ˝ Railroad st, Con
Zook Theodore, brakeman, bds Annie Neal’s, E. Con
Zundel Wm. H. barender 237 Main st
Zunges John, laborer, o h 140 Devlin st, Con. 9-9
Zunges John G. laborer, home 140 Devlin st, Con

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