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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


MCGILL Richard and Rose _____.
 John. (1819.)
MCGINNITY James and Petronilla _____.
 Margaret Ann. (1806.)
MCGONIGLE Daniel and Margaret _____.
 Patrick. (1819.)
MCGONIGLE Charles and Ann Dever. Married February 15, 1824.
 Jeremiah, Margaret, Ann. (1825-31.)
MCGOUGH Arthur and Susan _____.
 Agnes. (1802.)
MCGOUGH Arthur and Margaret Glass. Married April 21, 1812.
 John, James, Thomas, Susan, Juliana, Mary, Margaret. (1813-27.)
MCGOUGH Miles and Mary _____.
 Margaret. (1803.)
MCGOUGH Thomas and Sarah _____.
 Thomas, James. (1810-13.)
MCGOUGH John and Sarah _____.
 Thomas, Julia Ann, Samuel, William, Joseph, Susan, Jesse, Sarah, Peter, Mary, Martha, Catherine Caroline. (1812-34.)
MCGOUGH Thomas and Mary Skelly. Married June 9, 1812.
 James, Mary Ann, William Augustine, Thomas, Daniel. (1814-33.)
MCGOUGH John and Elizabeth _____.
 John. (1823.)
MCGOUGH James and Margaret Glass. Married November 1, 1822.
 Ellen, George Chrysostom, Susan, Charles, Ann, James Edward, Silas Augustine, Andrew Tobias. (1823-38.)
MCGOUGH James and Sophia Früh.
 Esther, Mary Ann, William Augustine, Thomas, Philip. (1827-35.)

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