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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


and that I would be revealed in a letter handed to him a short time previously by Mr. C.M. Schwab, which he would proceed to read, as follows:

LORETTO, October 10th, 1899.
    Since our residence amongst the good people of Loretto and vicinity we have been so kindly received and so considerately treated by all that Mrs. Schwab and I would like to show our appreciation of their kindness by consummating, on this great day, a project which we have had in mind for some time.
    Therefore, Dear Father Kittell, with your permission and that of the Rt. Rev. Bishop, we would like to present to this town and parish of my boyhood days, a new church (Here the vast audience raised a long and mighty cheer,) adapted to the requirements of your people--our friends.
    Accept the same from us with our very best wishes. We trust work may be started at once. Sincerely yours,
    On concluding the reading of this letter the Rev. Chairman introduced Mr. Schwab, who was greeted with the most enthusiastic applause as he stepped forward in full view of the people. After thanking them most sincerely for their cordial greeting, he delivered the following address:
    "He believed that he was not born for himself but for the whole universe."
    Thus spoke Lucanus of old of one whose deeds of boundless benevolence live in immortal fame.
    In vain the pages of history may be searched for another more deserving of this tribute, or one life that exemplified this unselfish belief more fully than that of the pioneer, priest and nobleman, noble by nature as by the title entailment of birth--who, one hundred years ago, founded this flourishing community, and whose life of heroic self-sacrifice for the spiritual and temporal welfare of our ancestors we of Cambria commemorate to-day upon the centennial anniversary of Loretto.

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