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History of Cambria County, V.1

Martha or Marthew, Sarah, Archibald and Jane, whose husband was a Mr. Lemmans.
     Morgan, Peter. He is also known as Peter Magen, or Maken, but his will is signed Morgan. On April 4, 1798, he located on what is known as the Jacob Wertz farm, near Walnut Grove. He came from Hagerstown, Maryland; the name of his wife was Margaret. They had six children: Daniel, Elizabeth, married John Meneely; Hannah, married Jacob Hoffman; Mary, Susannah and Catherine Morgan. Mary Hoffman, a daughter of Jacob and Hannah, born May 18, 1818, died January 23, 1906, married Jacob Wertz in 1838. He was a son of John and Catherine Stayer, or Stair, born Aug. 31, 1815, and died n Marshall county, Indiana, on a visit, May 24, 1888. They had seven children: Hannah, married David Hildebraud; Catherine, married John M. Harshberger; Elizabeth, became the wife of Jacob Meneely; Susan, married Samuel Harrison; John A., the husband of Susan Strayer; George Munson, married Louise Glitch, and Jacob M., married Lena W. Glitch. (See Wertz.)
     Myers, John, born Aug. 9, 1791, near Conewauga, a settlement on the Pennsylvania and Maryland line; married Ann Glass, May 11, 1817, at the Buckhorn, in Gallitzin township; they had twelve children: James Myers, Susan, born Dec. 5, 1819, died in Oct., 1902; her first husband was John Scanlan, and later Michael Hasson, Esq. Matilda, born Oct. 29, 1821, died Sept. 25, 3871, single; Mary, born May 26, 1823, married Joshua D. Parrish, living in Ebensburg (see Parrish); George, born July 6, 1825, died July 20, 1831; John, born May 6, 1827, died July 28, 1834; Henry, born May 21, 1829, died at Loretto; married Ann Addlesberger; Margaret, born Sept. 30, 1831, died at Reading; married John Anstead; Catherine, born Jan. 3, 1834, died at Altoona; married Joseph Ryan; William, born April 8, 1836, died at Hazleton; Martha, born Feb. 14, 1839, single, died in Altoona; Joseph Myers, born December 7, 1842, and residing in Freeland, Pennsylvania. James, the elder son, was born Feb. 20, 1818, and died July 10, 1896; he married Mary Josephine Murray (see David Todd), born Nov. 11, 1819, and died May 25, 1903, in Ebensburg. They had four children: Cyril R., died April 28, 1898, married Catherine Rist; Cornelia, became the wife of Captain John Porter, who had been a member of the general assembly of Pennsylvania; Gallitzin, single, and Herman H. Myers, single. James Myers was elected sheriff in 1858. (See Political Review.)

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