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History of Cambria County, V.2


    This was an independent company, and was organized September, 1861; discharged, April 30, 1862. The officers were:

Captain, William Palmer. 2nd Lieutenant, Thomas A. Maguire.
1st Lieutenant, James Murray. 1st Sergeant, Gideon Marlett.

James A McGough, James Moorehouse,
George Shank, George W. Stalb.
Samuel Riddle, John Cunningham,
John Kinkead, Daniel T. Jones,
Carl Schmidt, John Murray,
Zachariah Leff, Musician, Charles C. Teeter.
George W. Orris,

John Adams, Daniel Kauffman, Charles Reilley,
Darius Ayers, Michael Karrigan, David G. Reese,
William Arentrue, James Kennedy, Joseph Roberts,
John Burgoon, Jr., Jonah Lybarger, Alexander Riggs,
John Burgoon, Sr., Solomon Leah, Peter Rager,
Thomas Butler, David Lloyd, Samuel Routh,
John Bohanan, George Leslie, Adam Rudolph,
James Brown, Jacob Ludwick, William Sands,
John Brown, William Mangus, Henry H. Spiese,
Joseph Cretin, James Myers, John Schmock,
William Cowan, Thomas Miller, Nicholas Shara,
John Cramer, James McCoy, William Smith, Sr.,
Thomas Cannon, Dennis McLaughlin, William Turner,
Robert Cassidy, Hugh McMullin, Dick C. Trotter,
Gabriel Carpenter, Watson McGarey, John Vanard,
James Eastright, John McGovern, Samuel Vaughen,
Peter W. Fortenbaugh, Rodger McEnally, Bernard Ward,
John W. Garber, William McElcarr, Griffith W. Williams,
Daniel Gross, George C. McGraw, Jacob Waltz,
Thomas Hooker, Bernard McAllister, Howell Woodbridge,
Henry Hanning, James C. McCloskey, James Young,
John Hartzerger, James P. Nesbit, John W. Young.
William P. Jones, James P. Potts,  
Hugh Kearnan, Thomas Reese,  


    In August, 1861, when Col. Campbell, Capt. Linton and others returned from their three months' term of service in the 3d Regiment, they immediately began to recruit a regiment for a term of three years. It was mustered into the service in August and September. The regiment was composed of ten companies, namely: Company A., Capt. Suter, from Johnstown; Company B, Capt. John H. Hite, from Somerset county; Company C, Capt. E.D. Yutzy, from Somerset county; Company D, Capt. Thomas H. Lapsley, from Johnstown; Company E, Capt. Patrick Graham, from Johnstown; Company F, Capt. G. W. P. Davis, from Harrisburg; Company G, Capt. F. B. Long, from Somerset county; Company H, Capt. John O. Billheimer, from Cambria. Northampton and Somerset counties; Company I,

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