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Will Index

Vol 5, pg. 480 (17 Oct 1899) thru Vol 10, pg. 334 (2 Mar 1918)

Index provided by Lisa Baker

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CC Catholic Church/Cemetery SBCL St. Bridget Cemetery, Lilly
RCC Roman Catholic Church/Cemetery SBCW St. Bartholomew Cemetery, Wilmore
GVC Grandview Cemetery, Johnstown SJCG St. Joseph Cemetery, Geistown
HNC Holy Name Cemetery, Ebensburg SMC St. Michael Cemetery, Loretto
LC Lloyd Cemetery, Ebensburg SNC St. Nicholas Cemetery, Nicktown
SAC St. Augustine Cemetery, Clearfield Township SPC St. Patrick Cemetery, Gallitzin
SBC St. Benedict Cemetery, Carrolltown SVC Sandyvale Cemetery, Johnstown
SBCH St. Bernard Cemetery, Hastings WCC Wesley Chapel Cemetery (Methodist)

h/o   husband of w/o   wife of d/o   daughter of s/o   son of b/o   brother of
D   Died F   Filed R   Registered W   Written

Testator Residence Date Filed Vol-Pg Cemetery
PAFF (ODENBACH), Gertrude, w/o John Johnstown 11 Jan 1908 VII-419  
PAGE, Charles E., father Mineral Point 29 Jan 1916 X-155  
PAGE, Emiline, wife East Taylor Twp 20 Jan 1909 VII-619 WCC
PAGE, George, h/o Emaline Jackson Township 07 Aug 1901 VI-41  
PALMER, Wm. Johnson Willmore 05 Jan 1911 VIII-346  
PARKER, Ann J., mother Borough of Johnstown 27 May 1916 X-243  
PARKER, Ferguson G., s/o Eleanor H. Johnstown 28 Aug 1915 X-56  
PARKES, James, husband Johnstown 23 Dec 1911 VIII-562  
PARKS, Mary A., wife Johnstown 23 Jan 1904 VI-386 SVC
PARRISH, Alexander, s/o Peter and Elizabeth Munster Township 14 Oct 1905 VII-1  
PARRISH, Josue D., husband Ebensburg 10 Aug 1909 VIII-64  
PARRISH, Simon, h/o Catherine City of Pittsburgy, County of Allegheny w 24 Aug 1903
probate 14 Dec 1908
r 16 Sep 1916
PARRISH, Thomas L., h/o Annie M. Allegheny Township 05 Dec 1903 VI-367  
PARSONS, Naomi, w/o Robert Johnstown 16 Aug 1913 IX-261  
PARTSCH, Frank, father Johnstown w 13 Jan 1910
r 29 May 1914
PATCHIN, Aaron W., h/o Elizabeth Clearfield County 14 Oct 1902 VI-198  
PATTERSON, Frank G., h/o Sara Dean Township 14 Dec 1915 X-123  
PATTERSON, John, h/o Margaret Bakerton 18 Apr 1910 VIII-212  
PAUL, J.S., husband South Fork 31 Oct 1908 VII-574  
PAUL, Rachel R., wife Richland Township 11 Jan 1902 VI-93  
PAUL, William G., h/o Idella Elton 09 May 1908 VII-485  
PAUL, William H., h/o Caroline Cambria County W9 Sep 1908
f26 Sep 1908
PAVLIK, John, h/o Annie East Carroll Twp 22 Jan 1914 IX-364  
PEAKE, Robert, husband Johnstown 18 Feb 1905 VI-563  
PEARCE, James, h/o Eliza Thomas Borough of Portage 15 Nov 1915 X-104  
PEARCE, Thomas J., husband Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital, Johnstown 19 Sep 1914 IX-543  
PEARSON, August, h/o Hilda Wilmore 20 Nov 1914 IX-568  
PEBLEY, Albert, h/o Amanda L. City of Johnstown 24 Jul 1915 X-40  
PEDDEN, Michael, h/o Catherine Johnstown 28 Apr 1900 V-533 Lower Yoder, St Columbas
PEDEN, Edward, h/o Charlotte Johnstown 24 Aug 1907 VII-340 Upper Yoder Twp
PEDEN, John, husband South Fork 06 May 1905 VI-598  
PEDEN, Margaret, wife Johnstown 30 Jan 1909 VII-626 GVC
PEPPLER, John, h/o Mina Stony Creek 24 Dec 1904 VI-520  
PEPPLER, Margaret, mother, grandmother Johnstown w 22 Aug 1907
r 2 Jan 1915
PEPPLER, Minna, nee Scholthes, mother, grandmother Dale Borough 3 Mar 1917 X-443  
PEPPLER, William, h/o Christina Johnstown 06 Apr 1907 VII-265  
PERRY, James, h/o Elizabeth Chest Springs 31 Dec 1901 VI-90  
PETERS, Frank Jr., h/o Annie Barr Township 04 Dec 1912 IX-63  
PETERS, Frank Sr., husband Hastings 04 Feb 1903 VI-260  
PETERS, Joseph, h/o Anna M. Spangler 03 Mar 1910 VIII-168  
PETERSON, Ann Pittsburgh 24 Apr 1907 VII-277 Allegheny Cem
PFALLER, Mary S., wife Johnstown 17 Aug 1912 IX-13 SJCG
PFARR, John A., h/o Anna Mary Johnstown 05 Feb 1909 VII-630  
PFARR, Louis, h/o Elizabeth, s/o Mary Pfarr Cambria County 18 Nov 1916 X-363  
PFARR, Mary, mother 16th Ward City of Johnstown 14 Oct 1916 X-343  
PFATLER, Anthony, h/o Mary S. Johnstown 13 Jun 1908 VII-504 SJCG
PFEFFERL, Joseph, h/o Rose Bishof Cambria County 05 Dec 1903 VI-364  
PFISTER, Christina, wife Barr Township 20 Aug 1907 VII-335 SNC
PHILLIPS, Duncan Clinch, h/o Eliza Irwin Laughlin Phillips, father Washington, D.C. w 2 Jan 1914
f 16 Oct 1917
r 22 Nov 1917
X-622 family from Ebensburg
PHILLIPS, Robert, Sr., h/o Henrietta City of Johnstown w 22 Jan 1910
r 20 Nov 1915
PHILLIPS, Susanna, mother 329 Lincoln Street, 1st Ward, Johnstown 27 Jan 1917 X-399  
PISKURA, Annie, mother Barnesboro 24 Feb 1914 IX-389  
PITUCH, Terezia, w/o Steve Patton 14 May 1913 IX-190  
PLASTT, Michael J., husband Susquehanna Twp 27 Oct 1902 VI-205  
PLATT, Jane A., w/o Luke, mother Hastings Borough 5 Sep 1916 X-320 children: Harry Platt, Maud, intermarried with M.H. Jones, John P. Platt, Grace K. intermarried with Rudy Kirkpatrick, Gertrude intermarried with Paul Garity, Frances, intermarried with Sterling Smith
PLEASANTS, Charles, h/o Ann Philadelphia F24FEB 1837
r21 Sep 1911
PLEASANTS, Samuel, husband Philadelphia F7 Dec 1807
r21 Sep 1911
PLITT, Anna Maria, wife State of MO 31 Mar 1886/02 Feb 1901 V-638  
PLOWS, Margaret, wife Franklin 27 Apr 1912 VIII-631  
PLUMER, Laura G., w/o William Ebensburg w 18 Jan 1912
r 9 Feb 1916
PLUMMER, Eliza A., mother Portage Borough 2 Feb 1915 IX-611  
PLUMMER, James D., husband, father Summerhill w 10 Jun 1907
r 28 Jul 1916
X-297 children: John Wallace Plummer; Anna Dortha Plummer Crum; Daniel Elisha Plummer; Oliver Gallitzin Plummer; Mary Agnes Plummer; James Howerd Plummer; Clara Josie Plummer do Parrish; George Clement Plummer; Charles Francis Plummer
PLUTKO, Andrew, h/o Julia Borough of Spangler 23 Aug 1915 X-52  
POLING, D.S, h/o Susan South Fork 18 Dec 1909 VIII-125  
POLLAK, Martin, father Johnstown 13 Mar 1915 IX-628  
POPOVICH, Mojcije, son of Petra, uncle Johnstown 16 Feb 1918 X-683 mother residing in Croatia
POTTS, Franklin, h/o Maggie, father Johnstown 29 Dec 1917 X-644  
POWELL, Eleanor Evans, wife Johnstown 11 Apr 1910 VIII-204  
POWELL, William M. Johnstown 08 Dec 1906 VII-192  
PRENZLOW, Paul Johnstown W9 Jun 1909
f11 Oct 1909
PRICE, Annie R. Johnstown 07 Apr 1906 VII-80  
PRICE, Charles S., h/o Sarah H. Borough of Westmont w 9 Mar 1914
r 16 Jan 1915
PRICE, Marshal F. Johnstown 20 Mar 1909 VII-651  
PRIEST, Nicholas, h/o Ann Conemaugh 17 May 1913 IX-195  
PRINGLE, A.B., h/o Sarah Conemaugh 22 Nov 1901 VI-80  
PRINGLE, Daniel J., husband East Conemaugh 10 Dec 1902 VI-219  
PRINGLE, Harry B., h/o Ada Conemaugh 25 May 1908 VII-492  
PRINGLE, Isaac, husband Summerhill 14 Dec 1904 VI-509  
PRINGLE, Jacob W. Johnstown 19 Jun 1908 VII-507  
PRINGLE, Margaret A., mother Borough of Portage 23 / 27 Aug & 27 Sep 1916 X-332 children: Thomas M. Pringle; Amelia J. Burrell
PRINGLE, Martin P., h/o Eliza J. Summerhill Twp 30 Aug 1913 IX-275  
PRINGLE, Mark, h/o Rose Conemaugh 13 Sep 1902 VI-191  
PRITSCH, Philip, husband Lilly 04 Feb 1911 VIII-375 Cem at Summit
PUDERBAUGH, David, husband Bedford County W15AUG 1846
r11 Apr 1911
PUGH, C.W., husband Stoystown 27 Sep 1913 IX-298  
PUGH, Charles, son, brother Scalp Level 28 Jul 1917 X-553  
PYLE, Agnes, w/o George G., d/o Barbara and Andrew Foster   04 Feb 1911 VIII-384  
QUARTZ, Mary Ann, wife Washington Twp 16 Jun 1902 VI-147  
QUIGLEY, John, h/o Bridget Johnstown 14 Mar 1903 VI-274  
QUINN, Ann Johnstown 27 Apr 1907 VII-299  
QUINN, Clara A., w/o Charles, mother Borough of Gallitzin 11 Feb 1918 X-677 children: Leo, Gertrude, Edwin and Mildred
QUINN, John, h/o Matilda Johnstown 26 Mar 1910 VIII-190  
QUINN, Patrick, h/o Julia Johnstown 26 May 1906 VII-113  
QUIRK, Stephen, h/o Bridget Johnstown 06 Feb 1911 VIII-386  
RAAB, George E., h/o Sadie Johnstown 19 Jan 1918 X-654  
RAAB, Henry, h/o Catharine Johnstown 31 Aug 1901 VI-50  
RAAB, Margretta, wife Johnstown 15 Jun 1903 VI-298  
RAGER, Jackson, h/o Nancy Jane Jackson Township 06 Jan 1912 VIII-566  
RAGER, Jones L., h/o Mary Etta Summerhill 12 Jun 1906 VII-120  
RAGER, Julius, h/o Martha Bakerton 17 Dec 1914 IX-584  
RAGER, Rebecca, w/o Martin West Taylor Twp 02 Feb 1901 V-634  
RAINEY, Joseph, husband Lilly 12 Aug 1912 IX-7 SBCL
RANSTEAD, Lyman T. Baltimore, MD D22APR 1910
r25 Jul 1913
RATCHFORD, Thomas, husband Tunnellhill 21 Mar 1904 VI-415  
RATTIGAN, Luke, h/o Mary Croyle Township 12 Mar 1910 VIII-176 SBCW
RAUCH, William, M.D., h/o Rosa Johnstown 24 Apr 1915 IX-673  
RAYMON, J.D., h/o Mary Ann Adams Township 31 Aug 1907 VII-343 Donmyer Cem
REA, Frank N., h/o Lillie Johnstown 07 Jan 1905 VI-536  
REAM, Daniel, father Ferndale 17 Oct 1914 IX-553  
REAM, J.C. Johnstown 31 Oct 1914 IX-561 Grandview Cemetery
REAM, Mary Elizabeth, grandmother Brownstown Borough 15 May 1915 IX-692  
REAM, William H., h/o Clara E. Dale 01 Mar 1913 IX-130  
REAVEL, Kathern Johnstown 16 Feb 1907 VII-235  
REED, Oliver, husband Conemaugh 14 Nov 1904 VI-498  
REEDER, Mary A., wife Johnstown 29 May 1909 VIII-42  
REES, Morgan, father, grandson City of Johnstown 18 Aug 1917 X-563 Grandview Cemetery
REESE, Elizabeth, mother Borough of Ebensburg 4 Oct 1915 X-82  
REESE, Jennie, mother Hastings Borough 23 Sep 1915 X-76  
REESE, John D. Johnstown 3 Apr 1915 IX-655 move father, mother, brother and sister from Sandyvale Cemetery to my lot in Grandview Cemetery
REESE, Thomas D., h/o Jozenah Johnstown 02 Aug 1902 VI-180  
REESE, Winfield, h/o Elizabeth Johnstown 03 Aug 1912 IX-6  
REHR, Joseph, h/o Catharine Barr Township 01 Oct 1900 V-571  
REICH, Mary, wife Johnstown 27 Oct 1906 VII-171 SJCG
REICH, Max Summerhill 24 Jun 1910 VIII-243  
REID, Jennie (Allhelm), w/o J.S. Johnstown 31 Jan 1903 VI-258  
REIFSNYDER, Mary E. Susquehanna Township w 5 Jul 1912
r 23 Jun 1916
REIGHARD, Edward, husband Conemaugh 28 Jun 1902 VI-169  
REIK, Anna Brownstown W30 Dec 1908
f6 Feb 1909
REILLY, John City of Altoona, Blair County w 2 Sep 1909
r 28 Jul 1914
REISE, Henry John, h/o Bitty Stony Creek 18 Feb 1905 VI-564  
REISER, Frances, mother Johnstown 16 Jun 1917 X-529  
REISER, Joseph, husband Johnstown 18 Apr 1914 IX-431 St Joseph CC
REMEY, Charles, h/o Catharine Carroll Township 13 Nov 1907 VII-381  
RENEAUX, Florente, h/o Juliet Borough of Hastings w 8 Oct 1908 / 7 May 1914 IX-455 Catholic Cemetery Hastings
REPLOGLE, Rinehart Zook, h/o Mary Ann, father Borough of Westmont w 1 Dec 1914
r 1 Dec 1917
REPP, S.W., h/o Lydia Johnstown 01 Aug 1908 VII-530  
RESCH, Annie, wife Gallitzin 09 Jun 1906 VII-119  
RETALLICK, John, h/o Mary Johnstown 26 Jul 1902 VI-175  
RETZEL, Karl/Charles, h/o Theresa Johnstown 03 Jan 1903 VI-234  
REYNOLDS, Elizabeth, mother Johnstown 14 Mar 1917 X-468  
REYNOLDS, William J., h/o Elizabeth, father Johnstown 22 May 1915 IX-696  
RHINE, J.A., h/o Eura Anna Johnstown 01 Feb 1913 IX-116  
RHOADES, Hannah E., wife Johnstown 11 Jan 1913 IX-97  
RHOADES, Sarah Emily, mother City of Johnstown 29 Dec 1917 X-647  
RIBBELETT, William, husband West Taylor Twp 14 Dec 1907 VII-400  
RIBBLETT, Bartholomew, h/o Sarah Ann Jackson Township 15 Feb 1912 VIII-591  
RIBLETT, Emma, mother Conemaugh 2 Mar 1918 X-692 children: William A. Ribblett, John B. Ribblett, Geo I. Ribblett
RIBLETT, Hiram, h/o Emma East Taylor Twp 10 Nov 1915 X-101  
RICH, Elizabeth, mother Boro of Ferndale 3 Mar 1917 X-438  
RICHARDS, Charles W., h/o Gertrude City of Johnstown 1 May 1915 IX-682  
RICHARDS, Edwin S., h/o Jeannette Philadelphia D21 Sep 1901/09 Jan 1904 VI-377  
RICHARDS, John Sr., h/o Elizabeth Johnstown 3 Oct 1914 IX-549  
RICHARDS, Thomas, husband Johnstown 28 Jul 1902 VI-177  
RICHMIER, Susan, wife Johnstown 22 Jul 1911 VIII-479  
RIDDEL, Conrad, h/o Susan Johnstown w 21 Nov 1904
r 20 Nov & 4 Dec 1915
X-117 Grandview Cemetery
RIDDEL, John Henry, husband Johnstown 13 Jun 1908 VII-506  
RIDEOUT, Lewis R. Johnstown 18 Feb 1904 VI-398  
RIEBEL, Alexander, Sr., husband Johnstown 15 Jun 1912 VIII-660  
RIEG, Vincent, h/o Anna Christina Carrolltown Borough w 22 MAr 1901
f 14 May 1914
IX-462 St Benedict CC
RIEGEL, Eliza, wife Lilly 01 Feb 1906 VII-45 SBCL
RIEGER, Julia Ann, w/o 1-Mohler, 2-Rieger Carrolltown 07 Aug 1913 IX-256 SBC
RIFFLE/RIFFEL, John, h/o Margaret Allen Summit 28 Nov 1904 VI-502 St Aloysius Cem
RIGGEL/REIGLE, Urbanus Loretto 18 Sep 1905 VI-649  
RILEY, James H., h/o Margaret Chest Springs 07 Jul 1913 IX-235  
RILEY, Michael, h/o Rachel Jones, m 13 Nov 1898 Philadelphia f 13 Dec 1907
r 21 Apr 1914
RIPPLE, Levi J., h/o Lucy A. Johnstown 09 Apr 1910 VIII-199  
RISCHER, Frank, husband Johnstown 21 Apr 1906 VII-88  
RITTER, John, h/o Elizabeth Johnstown 13 Dec 1913 IX-335  
RIVELY, Felix, h/o Lucinda, father, grandfather Richland Township w 4 May 1901
r 1 Apr 1916
ROBAK, John, h/o Mary, father East Conemaugh 28 Sep 1916 X-333  
ROBAUGH, George E., h/o Catharine Wilmore 11 Jul 1901 VI-28  
ROBERTS, Catharine, wife Ebensburg 21 Nov 1908 VII-591  
ROBERTS, Eleanor, mother Borough of Ebensburg 11 Feb 1918 X-678  
ROBERTS, Georrge H., h/o Sarah Jackson Township 19 Jun 1902 VI-150  
ROBERTS, Henry, h/o Elizabeth Johnstown 28 Jun 1902 VI-168  
ROBERTS, Isaac Edward Johnstown w 15 Nov 1910
f 2 May 1914
IX-451 Grandview Cemetery Johnstown
ROBERTS, Margaret J., wife Cambria Township 05 Jun 1902 VI-145  
ROBERTS, Richard H., h/o Melinda Cambria Township 07 Jan 1910 VIII-127  
ROBERTS, Richard J., h/o Elizabeth Wilmore 07 Jun 1909 VIII-44  
ROBERTS, Thomas J., h/o Margaret Town of Ebensburg w 10 Aug 1865 / probated 1 Dec 1873 Blair Co
r 21 Jun 1916
ROBERTSON, Mary F., wife Johnstown 08 Apr 1911 VIII-438  
ROBERTSON, W.H.H., h/o Mary Johnstown 24 May 1902 VI-131  
ROBINE, James S. Lilly 26 May 1914 IX-475 St Bridget CC, Lilly
ROBINE, Peter Jr., h/o Mary Washington Twp 14 Mar 1910 VIII-177 SBCL
ROBINSON, Mary, mother Johnstown 29 May 1915 IX-704  
RODGERS, Bridget, widow, mother Johnstown w 5 Mar 1910
r 29 May 1914
RODGERS, James, father Washington Township w 17 Oct 1914
r 8 Mar 1916
X-190 St Bridget Cemetery, Lilly
ROEHM, Catharine Johnstown 20 Oct 1906 VII-165  
ROESCH, Eugene, h/o Elizabeth Johnstown w 21 Apr 1913
r 29 Apr 1916
ROGE/RAGGIERA, Angeline, wife Susquehanna Twp 02 Jan 1906 VII-33  
ROHDE, Adam, h/o Christina, father 7th Ward, City of Johnstown 13 Oct 1917 X-588 Grandview Cemetery, Johnstown
ROHDE, Catherine, wife Johnstown 19 Oct 1912 IX-39 GVC
ROHDE, Frederick, h/o Catherine Johnstown 27 Jul 1912 VIII-689  
ROIDLE, Adam, h/o Catherine Johnstown 16 Jul 1910 VIII-246  
ROLAND, Anna M., w/o T.D., mother Reade Township 8 Dec 1915 X-122  
ROLAND, Eliesa, mother, grandmother City of Johnstown 13 May 1916 X-234  
RORABAUGH, Henry, h/o Margaret Conemaugh 31 Dec 1909 VIII-129  
RORABAUGH, John, husband Salix, Adams Twp 01 Jun 1912 VIII-654  
ROSE, A.L., h/o Hannah Cambria County 22 Dec 1902 VI-228  
ROSE, Fry, husband, father Spangler Borough 28 Jul 1917 X-544  
ROSE, Mary E., wife, grandmother Jackson Township 20 Nov 1914 IX-570  
ROSE, W. Horace, h/o Margaret A. Johnstown 31 Dec 1913 IX-353 Grandview Cemetery, Johnstown
ROSE, Wesley J., husband Johnstown 01 Jun 1900 V-538  
ROSENBERGER, Martin, husband Johnstown 02 Jul 1904/18 Aug 1904 VI-441 Lower Yoder, St Mary RCC
ROSENSTEEL, William H. Johnstown 04 Nov 1899 V-484  
ROSS, Caroline Johnstown 09 Sep 1911 VIII-499  
ROTH, Albert, h/o Wilhelmina Haicz Johnstown 04 Dec 1908 VII-598 GVC
ROTH, Christopher, husband Johnstown 18 Mar 1905 VI-573  
ROTH, Emil C., h/o Annie Johnstown 27 Sep 1913 IX-294  
ROTH, Frank, h/o Catharine Johnstown 18 Jul 1908 VII-527  
ROTH, Sophia (Kuehe), wife Johnstown 30 Mar 1912 VIII-615 GVC
ROWE, William, h/o Elizabeth Jane South Fork 29 Mar 1913 IX-154  
ROWLAND, Amos W., h/o Mary Elizabeth Ebensburg 13 Jan 1913 IX-102  
ROWLAND, Mary, widow Ebensburg 12 Mar 1917 X-450  
ROWLAND, Richard, husband Patton 27 Apr 1906 VII-89 Baptist Church Cem
ROWLAND, William Kelly Johnstown w 16 Jan 1902
r 18 Apr 1914
RUDDON, Terrance, h/o Annie Brownstown 10 Sep 1904 VI-475  
RUDE, Samuel, h/o Dortha Johnstown 05 Oct 1901 VI-61  
RUDOLPH, Adam, h/o Louise Loretto 23 Jan 1907 VII-225  
RUDOLPH, Henry, h/o Matilda Loretto 19 Jul 1900 V-549  
RUDOLPH, Matilda J. McAteer Loretto 26 Nov 1910 VIII-319 SMC
RUGH, John C., h/o Susan Summerhill 22 Apr 1902 VI-114  
RUHAMMAH, Lane, w/o James A. Westmont 18 Jun 1910 VIII-240  
RUSCHKE, Edward (h/o Caroline) Johnstown 12 Mar 1904 VI-413  
RUSH, Charles H., h/o Margaret M. Fayette County 04 Nov 1907/03 Mar 1909 VII-642  
RUSH, James, h/o Catherine Johnstown 25 Jul 1903 VI-314  
RUSS, Franz, h/o Juliana Johnstown 27 Jan 1900 V-504  
RUSSEL, Mary, wife Johnstown 18 Jun 1910 VIII-239  
RUSSELL, William H., h/o Mary Cambria County 14 Oct 1904 VI-489  
RUSSELL, William R. husband, widower Johnstown 24 Aug 1915 X-54 Grandview Cemetery
RUTH, Mary, w/o Charles Johnstown 04 Mar 1911 VIII-411  
RUTLEDGE, John C. Johnstown 14 Sep 1907 VII-348  
RUZANAK, Stephen, h/o Martha   13 Jun 1914 IX-494 buried in Lower Yoder twp
RYAN, James A., h/o Clotildas Patton 14 May 1906 VII-103  
RYAN, Michael, h/o Hannah Johnstown 19 Apr 1913 IX-170  
RYAN, Michael, husband Patton 09 May 1910 VIII-220  
RYAN, Thomas, s/o Thomas Wilmore 06 Mar 1911 VIII-412  

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