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Will Index

Vol 5, pg. 480 (17 Oct 1899) thru Vol 10, pg. 334 (2 Mar 1918)

Index provided by Lisa Baker

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CC Catholic Church/Cemetery SBCL St. Bridget Cemetery, Lilly
RCC Roman Catholic Church/Cemetery SBCW St. Bartholomew Cemetery, Wilmore
GVC Grandview Cemetery, Johnstown SJCG St. Joseph Cemetery, Geistown
HNC Holy Name Cemetery, Ebensburg SMC St. Michael Cemetery, Loretto
LC Lloyd Cemetery, Ebensburg SNC St. Nicholas Cemetery, Nicktown
SAC St. Augustine Cemetery, Clearfield Township SPC St. Patrick Cemetery, Gallitzin
SBC St. Benedict Cemetery, Carrolltown SVC Sandyvale Cemetery, Johnstown
SBCH St. Bernard Cemetery, Hastings WCC Wesley Chapel Cemetery (Methodist)

h/o   husband of w/o   wife of d/o   daughter of s/o   son of b/o   brother of
D   Died F   Filed R   Registered W   Written

Testator Residence Date Filed Vol-Pg Cemetery
TACGANONSKY, Frank, h/o Wilhelmina Brownstown Borough 11 Sep 1915 X-69  
TAGON, Roselia Carroll Township 17 Nov 1914 IX-566  
TAILOR, William, h/o Cristian Cambria County 15 Jul 1905 VI-626  
TAKACS, John, h/o Susanna, s/o Andrew and Julia Johnstown 11 Jan 1912 VIII-569  
TALCOTT, James, father, h/o Henrietta City of New York, State of New York w 19 Nov 1895
r 17 Nov 1916
TAMENBAUER, Frank, h/o Anna Johnstown 31 Mar 1906 VII-76  
TANASI, Paulo, brother City of Johnstown 29 Jul 1916 X-301  
TANTLINGER, Daniel, h/o Esther Johnstown 03 Feb 1912 VIII-592  
TATE, Emily R. (ROBERTS), Mrs. East Ward of Borough of Ebensburg 30 Jul 1914 IX-518  
TATE, William Jr., husband Ebensburg 14 Nov 1912 IX-51 Uniondale Cem, Allegheny Cty
TAYLOR, Margaret, w/o Henry Johnstown 25 Sep 1915 X-77 Nineveh Cemetery, Nineveh, Indiana County
TAYLOR, Samuel, h/o Alice Barnesboro 04 May 1906 VII-97  
TEETER, Daniel West Taylor Twp 22 Dec 1906 VII-210  
TESTAS, John Baptiste, h/o Blanche Carroll Township 22 May 1912 VIII-641  
TETTZLOW, William, h/o Annie M. Carroll Township 30 Nov 1909 VIII-110  
THIEL, Joseph (Dhiel), h/o Anna Johnstown 04 May 1912 VIII-634  
THOMAS, Anastasia Belozier, w/o Martin St Augustine 20 Aug 1912 IX-15 SAC
THOMAS, David H., husband Johnstown 02 Mar 1901 V-652  
THOMAS, J.J., h/o Matilda Carroll Township 25 Feb 1911 VIII-403 SBC
THOMAS, Jacob, husband Patton 29 Jan 1912 VIII-580  
THOMAS, John A., h/o Jane Johnstown 29 Nov 1913 IX-316  
THOMAS, John E., h/o Eliza Ann, father Cambria Township w 5 May 1910
r 19 Aug 1916
THOMAS, John Sr., father Johnstown 31 Jan 1914 IX-371  
THOMAS, Mary Ellen, w/o George Stony Creek 15 Apr 1905 VI-592  
THOMAS, Mary, wife Cambria Township 13 Oct 1900 V-577  
THOMAS, Nettie, wife Portage 25 Nov 1907 VII-388 Mt Union Cem
THOMAS, Robt R., h/o Mary Johnstown 03 Sep 1910 VIII-281  
THOMAS, Sarah Jane (Miss) Ebensburg 27 Feb 1912 VIII-595  
THOMAS, William, husband Johnstown 29 Feb 1908 VII-443  
THOMASBERGER, Joseph, h/o Anna Johnstown 01 Nov 1902 VI-210  
THOMPSON, Elizabeth, mother Lilly w 2 Jun 1914
r 13 Feb 1915
THOMPSON, F.A., father Lilly 22 Feb 1917 X-431  
THOMPSON, James P., h/o Maggie Johnstown 05 Apr 1901 VI-9  
THOMPSON, Mary Wood (Miss) Johnstown 27 Nov 1909 VIII-108  
THOMPSON, Wm. B., h/o Sadie E. Conemaugh 26 Nov 1910 VIII-323  
THOMSTADTER, Christ, h/o Eva Stony Creek 11 Jul 1903 VI-305  
THORN, John, h/o Elizabeth Johnstown 16 Jan 1909 VII-616  
TIBBOTT, John F., h/o Harriet Ebensburg w 3 Jan 1903
r 15 Nov 1915
TIBBOTT, Margaret J. Ebensburg 12 Oct 1910 VIII-294 LC
TIBBOTT, Nancy C., w/o R.R. Lower Yoder 25 Aug 1906 VII-145  
TIBBOTT, Samuel, husband Cambria County 15 Nov 1902 VI-213  
TIBLETT, Emma S., wie of George Franklin 05 Apr 1901 VI-8  
TIERMAN, Annie E., mother, w/o James [Cambria County] 29 Oct 1914 IX-556  
TIERNAN, Bridget, wife Clearfield Twp 07 Sep 1906 VII-149  
TIERNAN, James F., h/o Annie Eliza Johnstown 14 Feb 1914 IX-381  
TIERNEN, James, h/o Bridget St Augustine 12 May 1903 VI-291  
TIFFANY, Harry, h/o Mary, father City of Johnstown 15 Dec 1917 X-636  
TITTLE, John S., h/o Jane Ann Moxham/Stony Creek 23 May 1908 VII-491  
TOKAREZIK, John Spangler 30 Oct 1917 X-598 written in foreign language (Polish?), then translated to English
TOKASH, Catharine, w/o Jacob Clearfield Twp 5 Jan 1914 IX-360  
TOMB, Benjamin F., MD, h/o Sarah A. Cambria County 03 Mar 1906 VII-60  
TOMS, Ralph, h/o Mary Johnstown w x Jun 1905
r 28 Nov 1914
TONER, Peter, father Sixteenth Ward Johnstown 27 Feb 1915 IX-621  
TOOLE, William Edward, brother Portage 30 Oct 1916 X-348  
TOPPER, Zacharia, h/o Lucinda Gallitzin 20 Mar 1905 VI-576  
TORAIN, John, h/o Anna Jackson Township 25 Sep 1907 VII-354  
TOWLE, James, h/o Lavina I. Turtle Creek, PA 21 Dec 1917 X-642 property located in Gallitzin Township
TRAINOR, Sarah, wife Johnstown 03 Feb 1906 VII-47  
TRAWNY, John, h/o Wilhelmina Portage 16 Mar 1917 X-451  
TREVORROW, William, h/o Fanny Conemaugh 3 Nov 1917 X-608  
TREXLER, Thomas, h/o Annie Conemaugh 15 Apr 1912 VIII-625  
TRINKLEY, Joseph, husband Carrolltown 12 Jan 1901 V-616  
TROSS, John H., h/o Helena Zipf Johnstown 13 Jan 1906 VII-40  
TROSS, William, h/o Mary Johnstown 02 Jun 1900 V-546  
TROXELL, Charles G., brother Borough of Gallitzin 26 Apr 1916 X-217  
TROXELL, Jacob R., h/o Jane Glasgow 02 Apr 1912 VIII-617  
TROXELL, Mary, w/o Howard W. Township of Upper Yoder w 7 May 1913
r 14 Apr 1917
TROXELL, Perry, husband Glasgow, Reade Twp 25 Mar 1909 VIII-4  
TURK, Jerne Johnstown 16 Sep 1905 VI-647  
TURNBAUGH, William Gallitzin 4 Apr 1917 X-466  
TYRAHALA, John (Jan), father Cambria County 1 Jun 1916 X-247 Polish
UHL, Christian, h/o Mary Ann Johnstown 23 Nov 1901 VI-82  
UNDERSINGER, Joseph Carroll Township 14 Jan 1901 V-617 SBC
UNGER, Elias J., h/o Annie Pittsburgh 02 Apr 1901 VI-6  
UPDEGRAVE, Mary J., mother City of Johnstown 2 Jun 1917 X-510  
UTECHT, Earl C., h/o Elda V. Township of Stonycreek 3 Nov 1917 X-606  
UTECHT, Elda V., w/o Earl C. Township of Stonycreek 13 Oct 1917 X-593  
VALKO, George, h/o Mary Dunlo 5 May 1915 IX-684  
VAN ASDLEN, J. Haney, h/o Emma Jane Ebensburg 31 Jan 1911 VIII-369  
VARNER, Abraham, husband Jackson 01 Feb 1902 VI-98  
VARNER, Adam W., h/o Margaret Vinco 19 Feb 1910 VIII-160  
VARNER, Daniel, h/o 1-?, 2-Susannah Adams Township 04 Dec 1909 VIII-112  
VARNER, Emanuel, h/o Christina Richland 16 Sep 1905 VI-648  
VARNER, Henry, husband Johnstown 21 May 1910 VIII-227  
VARNER, Mary Munday, w/o Zachariah East Taylor Twp 10 Sep 1910 VIII-287  
VARNER, W.H., husband Johnstown 05 Oct 1901 VI-60 GVC
VAUGHEN, Samuel W., h/o Elizabeth H. Elyria, Lorain County, Ohio w 13 Feb 1914
r 7 Feb 1917
X-411 late of City of Johnstown
VAUGHT, Annie E., w/o Daniel, mother Galalitzin Borough 21 Jun 1916 X-279  
VILSACK, ursula, w/o John Johnstown 07 Feb 1903 VI-263  
VIVIAN, Harriet South Fork 29 Dec 1899 V-494  
VOGEL, Jacob, husband Hastings Borough w 15 Jul 1909
r 25 Apr 1917
X-478 to be buried at the cemetery lot at Galitzin beside the bodies of my wives Frederica and Magdalena, both of whom have preceded me to the grave, brother of Philip Vogel
Volume 9, page 334-706        
VON LUNEN, Louis, h/o Emily Johnstown 07 Apr 1906 VII-78-3/4  
VORHAUER, John George, husband Cambria Township 16 Mar 1904 VI-414  
WAGNER, Alice, widow, mother Township of Blacklick 1 Feb 1915 IX-610  
WAGNER, David Juniata, Bedford Co 12 Jun 1913 / 22 Dec 1913 IX-344  
WAGNER, Geneveva (Linder) Daisytown 03 Aug 1903 VI-322  
WAGNER, George, h/o Frances Cambria Borough 10 Dec 1910 VIII-335  
WAGNER, Gustav, h/o Catharine Johnstown 01 May 1909 VIII-21  
WAGNER, William M., h/o Mary Johnstown 18 Oct 1913 IX-303  
WAGSTAFF, Elizabeth, mother South Fork 20 Dec 1913 IX-341  
WAHL, Conrad, husband Johnstown 28 Dec 1912 IX-71  
WAIBEL, Catharine, wife Brownstown 25 Nov 1911 VIII-546  
WALHEIM, Matthias/Matthew, husband Johnstown 04 Oct 1902 VI-194  
WALKER, William, husband Johnstown 19 Oct 1907 VII-374  
WALLACE, Barbara, wife Johnstown 28 Feb 1903 VI-272  
WALLACE, John, h/o Mary Elizabeth West Taylor Twp 31 Oct 1908 VII-573  
WALLS, Amon L., h/o Margaret E. City of Johnstown 17 Mar 1917 X-456 Grandview Cemetery
WALSH/WELSH, Richard, h/o Lucy Westmoreland Cty 01 Jun 1900 V-540  
WALTER, Jeremiah, husband Johnstown 29 Dec 1906 VII-216  
WALTERS, Catherine, w/o Englebert Moxham, Johnstown 21 Nov 1908 VII-588 Morrellville Cem
WALTERS, Emily (Maucher), w/o Dr. J.L. Carrolltown 06 Aug 1913 IX-257 SBC
WALTERS, Engelbert, husband Moxham, Johnstown 01 Sep 1906 VII-147  
WALTZ, Elizabeth, w/o Michael J. Gallitzin 02 May 1904/15 Jul 1904 VI-445  
WARD, Rose, mother Johnstown w 20 May 1904
r 27 Jun 1914
WARE, Robert G. Cambria County 21 Jul 1905 VI-628  
WARGO, Frank, h/o Mary (Koperdak) Village of Nanty-Glo, Jackson Twp 24 Oct 1916 X-347  
WARGOVITS, Emma, w/o Edward Portage Borough 25 Apr 1917 X-477  
WARHOL, Elek, h/o Annie, s/o Yanos Brownstown 27 Jul 1912 IX-1  
WARREN, Samuel, h/o Sarah Johnstown 21 Mar 1908 VII-462  
WARRENDER, Mary Ann, w/o Charles Carrolltown w 10 Nov 1910
r 25 Jan 1915
WARSING, Harriet, w/o Thomas, d/o Dora Jenkins Johnstown 27 Apr 1912 VIII-629  
WASHINGTON, Henry, father St. Boniface, Elder Twp w 4 Oct 1913
r 25 Sep 1916
X-330 to be interred at the Summit, above Cresson; children: Joseph Washington, Matilda Neighbauer, Mark P. Washington, Clara G. Washington, Mary A. Faust, Catherine Washington, Josephiene Washington, Sarah Washington, Elisabeth Washington
WATERS, John W., h/o Sarah Patton 22 Aug 1911 VIII-493  
WATERS, Josiah, h/o Margaret Johnstown 31 May 1902 VI-141  
WATERS, Margaret, wife Johnstown 06 May 1911 VIII-452  
WATKINS, Benjamin, h/o Sarah Johnstown 13 Jun 1903 VI-296  
WATKINS, John B. Dunlo 03 Dec 1904 VI-503  
WATTERMAN, Noble V., husband Johnstown 27 Apr 1912 VIII-632  
WATTS, David, h/o Marian Dauphin County 22 Aug 1904 VI-467  
WEAKLAND, Anselm, h/o Matilda Elder Township 29 Oct 1902 VI-207 SBC
WEAKLAND, John M., h/o Mary M. Susquehanna Twp 05 Oct 1903 VI-345  
WEAKLAND, Marcellus, father, grandfather, s/o John M. Barnesboro 9 Dec 1914 IX-579  
WEAKLAND, Mary M. (Platt), w/o John M. Hastings 24 Mar 1903 VI-278  
WEAKLAND, Simon A., h/o Mary Magdalena Susquehanna Twp 18 Dec 1902 VI-226  
WEAKLAND, Susan Carroll Township 26 Jul 1901 VI-31 St Joseph Cem
WEAKLAND, Susan, w/o Mathew Carrolltown 05 Dec 1907 VII-392 SBC
WEAVER, Josephine Moore, w/o Walter S. Johnstown 28 Sep 1912 IX-29  
WEAVER, Susanah, wife Richland Township 13 Aug 1904 VI-452  
WEEGMANN, Albert, h/o Adelheid Johnstown 28 Sep 1912 IX-31  
WEHN, George, h/o Emily Johnstown 14 Oct 1911 VIII-527  
WEHN, Lewis Sr., h/o Sophia Johnstown 10 Sep 1900 V-562  
WEIMER, Peter, husband Carroll Township 21 Oct 1901 VI-64  
WEIMER, S.A., h/o Almira Johnstown w 10 Feb 1912
r 23 Jan 1915
WEIR, John C., h/o Mary Johnstown 15 May 1915 IX-691  
WEIS, Frank, husband Johnstown 15 Feb 1913 IX-128  
WEISE, George P., h/o Josephine Rosalia Gallitzin Township 21 Nov 1917 X-621 farmer
WEISMILLER, Vitus, h/o Barbara Johnstown 13 Dec 1913 IX-334  
WEISMULLER, Vitus, h/o Barbara Johnstown 13 Dec 1913 IX-334  
WELFEL, Conrad, h/o Anna, father, grandfather Johnstown 1 Jul 1916 X-287 St Joseph Cemetery, Geistown
WELSH, Jane T., mother Barnesboro 24 Jul 1915 X-38  
WELSH, John, h/o Jane Teresa Barnesboro w 3 Jun 1908
r 11 Sep 1914
WENDELL, Charles, h/o Elizabeth Johnstown 12 Jun 1909 VIII-47  
WENDELL, David, h/o Sarah Johnstown 02 Feb 1907 VII-229  
WENDEROTH, George, h/o Rosey Wilmore 23 Apr 1909 VIII-16  
WENGZEN / WINDGZEN, John D., h/o Mary H. Borough of Barnesboro 20 Oct 1914 IX-555  
WENTROTH, John D., h/o Mary A. Johnstown 04 Oct 1913 IX-300  
WENTZEL, Carrie, w/o Charles Cresson Township 9 Mar 1915 IX-624 St Bridgets Cem at Lilly
WESNER, M.A., h/o Annie Johnstown 11 Jun 1910 VIII-230  
WESTOVER, M.C., h/o Sarah Spangler 31 Oct 1906 VII-175  
WETZELL, John S., h/o Amanda Carrolltown 12 Nov 1904 VI-497 SBC
WHALEN, Patrick, husband Spangler 24 Jan 1911 VIII-358  
WHALEN, William, husband Spangler 25 Apr 1901 VI-17  
WHELDON, Mary Dorotha, wife, mother Borough of Lilly 20 Mar 1916 X-202  
WHERRY, Silas M. Johnstown 22 Sep 1913 IX-293  
WHIKE, Catharine Diamond, wife Portage 24 May 1909 VIII-36  
WHITE, Andrew, father Bakerton 2 Jun 1914 IX-481  
WHITE, John C., h/o Bridger Jane Johnstown 15 Jun 1912 VIII-665  
WHITE, Thomas, h/o Elizabeth, father 9th Ward Johnstown 3 Jul 1915 X-28  
WHITE, William E. Cambria County 17 Nov 1917 X-618  
WHITMON, Mary, mother Johnstown 19 Sep 1914 IX-542  
WHYSONG, William H., h/o Margaret West Taylor Twp 12 Jun 1909 VIII-48  
WICKS, Joseph, father South Fork Borough 26 Jun 1916 X-282 died 20 Jun 1916
WIDDENSHEIM, Anna Johnstown 22 May 1915 IX-699  
WIDDERSHEIM, Conrad, h/o Elizabeth Johnstown 28 Jul 1900 V-553  
WIDDERSHEIM, Henry, w/h Anna Johnstown 18 Nov 1905 VII-16  
WIESHEIER, Mary (nee Hellstem), w/o Martin Fourth Ward of City of Johnstown w 10 Dec 1911
r 29 Apr 1916
X-220 St Joseph Cemetery, Geistown
WIKE, William W., h/o Mary East Conemaugh 03 May 1913 IX-187  
WILD, Mary, mother Portage Township w 14 Jan 1914
r 22 Mar 1916
WILDNER, Aloisia Johnstown 03 Mar 1900 V-514  
WILDNER, Joseph Cambria County 27 Jan 1917 X-403  
WILEY, William A., h/o Sarah E. Beaverdale, PA 26 Jun 1915 X-29  
WILHELM, Alois, h/o Johanna Johnstown 23 Jun 1906 VII-123  
WILHELM, George L., h/o Mary Johnstown 23 Dec 1911 VIII-561  
WILKINS, Hiram, father Boro of Patton w 11 May 1906
r 29 Apr 1916
X-218 M.E. Church
WILKINS, John, h/o Cathren Johnstown 31 May 1902 VI-142  
WILKINSON, James, husband Ebensburg 19 Oct 1900 V-580  
WILKINSON, William E., h/o Eliza A. Johnstown 14 Apr 1906 VII-86  
WILLIAMS, Caroline, w/o Nicholas Upper Yoder 27 Jul 1907 VII-329  
WILLIAMS, Frank Johnstown 20 Oct 1900 V-581  
WILLIAMS, Hugh, husband Johnstown 04 Oct 1901 VI-59  
WILLIAMS, Jane, w/o James Johnstown 30 Dec 1899 V-495  
WILLIAMS, John J., father Inmate of the Pennsylvania Soldiers and Sailors Home at Erie, PA w 23 Feb 1916
r 5 Jun 1916
WILLIAMS, Lewis, h/o Sarah Johnstown 24 Jan 1903 VI-254  
WILLIAMS, Owen D., h/o Margaret, father Green Township, Indiana County w 19 Mar 1891/ died 20 Apr 1891
r 9 May 1917
WILLIAMS, Stephen, h/o Cecelia Johnstown 20 Feb 1904 VI-404  
WILLIAMS, Susan, wife Ebensburg 28 Feb 1903 VI-270  
WILLIAMS, Thomas R., h/o Sarah Borough of Ebensburg w 13 Aug 1914
r 18 Oct 1915
WILLIAMS, William J., h/o Mary Ann Johnstown 21 Sep 1907 VII-351  
WILLIAMS, William, husband Cambria Township 12 Aug 1848/29 Dec 1904 VI-528  
WILLMAN, Joseph, h/o Sarah Cambria Township 02 Jan 1911 VIII-345  
WILLMANN, John, h/o Louisa Johnstown 22 Aug 1908 VII-539  
WILLS, Annie C., wife Ashville 28 Apr 1909 VIII-20  
WILLS, Bernard W., h/o Myrtle M. White Wills, father Loretto w 26 Sep 1908
r 20 Jun 1916
WILLS, Edward Allegheny Township 15 Jun 1914 IX-495 Ashville Catholic Church
WILSON, Alexander, h/o Mary Johnstown 4 Sep 1915 X-63  
WILSON, Charles, husband Franklin 18 Sep 1909 VIII-83  
WILSON, David B., h/o Catherine Mineral Point 15 Apr 1912 VIII-623  
WILSON, Elizabeth, wife Blacklick Township 30 Jul 1913 IX-246  
WILSON, John, h/o Ruth South Fork 08 Jan 1902 VI-91  
WILSON, Joseph P., husband South Fork 02 Jun 1906 VII-117  
WILSON, Robert T., h/o Martha Johnstown 21 Jul 1905 VI-629  
WILSON, William C., h/o Anna Johnstown 16 Jun 1917 X-524  
WILT, Mary, w/o Thomas Portage 18 Feb 1910 VIII-159  
WILT, Thomas, h/o Catharine Clearfield Twp 17 Dec 1904 VI-510  
WILTUSUIG, Luzia, w/o Pomgratz Pinellis County, Florida w 16 Oct 1912
r 21 Jul 1914
IX-509 died 24 Oct 1912 at Pinellis Park, FL
WINELAND, Samuel, h/o Emma Matilda Rose, father Richland Township 14 Jul 1917 X-541  
WINGARD, Jacob J., h/o Catharine, father Richland Township 17 Jun 1916 X-275  
WINGARD, Levi, h/o Polly Richland Township 27 Nov 1909 VIII-107  
WINTERLANDER, Augustina, w/o Adam Westmoreland Cty D5 Jan 1908
f13 Jan 1908
WIRTH, Conrad, h/o Margaretta Conemaugh 15 Sep 1904 VI-477  
WIRTNER, Benjamin, husband Carrolltown 08 Jan 1910 VIII-130  
WISSEL, Hannah, wife Indiana County 20 Dec 1912 IX-65  
WISSINGER, Archibald, h/o Sarah Stony Creek Twp 20 Nov 1909 VIII-105  
WISSINGER, Daniel R., h/o Rebecca Adams Township 08 Mar 1906 VII-61  
WISSINGER, Epraim, h/o Jane East Conemaugh 01 Apr 1905 VI-586  
WISSINGER, Eric L., aka Arie L. Wissinger, husband, father Johnstown, RDF #3 14 Oct 1916 X-341  
WISSINGER, George W., h/o Mary Stonycreek Township 30 Dec 196 & 13 Jan 1917 X-391  
WISSINGER, Harriet, wife Jackson Township 29 Jun 1912 VIII-671  
WISTER, John, h/o Sarah Tyler Perry County 22 Aug 1904 VI-460  
WITT, Caroline, wife Johnstown 16 Sep 1911 VIII-506  
WOELFEL, John, husband Johnstown 14 Dec 1907 VII-396 SJCG
WOELFEL, John, husband Johnstown 12 May 1906 VII-102  
WOFFENDEN, James W., husband Van Ormer 26 Dec 1907 VII-408  
WOLF, Louis, h/o Justina J. 2nd Ward, City of Johnstown w 16 Jul 1900
r 1 Sep 1917
WOLFE, Clara H. Williamson, w/o John T. Johnstown 02 Apr 1910 VIII-196  
WOLFE, Teresa, w/o John Blacklick 26 Aug 1909 VIII-73 SNC?
WOLFE, Tobias J., h/o Bridget Johnstown 02 Mar 1912 VIII-599  
WONDER, Martin Lester, h/o Mary J. Stony Creek Twp 18 Jul 1910 VIII-247  
WONDERS, Jacob, h/o Maggie Croyle 04 Feb 1905 VI-557  
WOOD, James, h/o Elizabeth Conemaugh 09 Jan 1909 VII-614  
WOODRUFF, Lucian D., h/o Marie Alberta Johnstown 04 Feb 1911 VIII-385  
WOODS, Ellen, w/o 1-Rowley/2-William Woods Johnstown 05 May 1906 VII-99  
WOODSIDE, William, father Susquehanna Township 6 May 1915 IX-685  
WOOLF, Lewis M. State of NY 04 Nov 1899 V-485  
WORKINGER, William L., h/o Rebecca Johnstown 18 Mar 1905 VI-572  
WORLEY, A.Q., h/o Mary Johnstown 22 Jul 1905 VI-631  
WORLEY, George, husband York County F1 Jun 1850
r22 Jul 1912
WRIGHT, William H., husband Philadelphia 13 Oct 1904/07 May 1910 VIII-214  
WYLAND, Joseph, h/o Harriett Spangler 14 Apr 1909 VIII-14  
YAHNER, Paul, h/o Barbara Elder Township 14 Dec 1901 VI-87 SBC
YAMNITSKY, Annie, wife Johnstown 13 Aug 1910 VIII-267  
YEAGER, Christian (66 yrs), h/o Rosina Johnstown 25 Jun 1902 VI-166  
YEAGER, Conrad, otherwise Cunrod, father Borough of Hastings 14 Nov 1916 X-353  
YEAGER, Francis, h/o Magdalen Elder Township 05 Jan 1906 VII-35 St Boniface
YEAGER, George C., h/o Annie Patton 16 Mar 1908 VII-458  
YEAGER, John, father Johnstown w 5 Aug 1911
r 30 Jan 1915
YEAKLE, Louisa, wife Johnstown 17 Nov 1906 VII-184  
YECKLEY, Anna Mary, mother Gallitzin 11 Feb 1918 X-676 children: Jacob, John, William, George, Charles, Anna Mary Hancuff, Suffiah Miller
YECKLEY, George, h/o Maggie (Glancy) Portage 02 Jun 1913 IX-206  
YEDLOSKY, Matthias, h/o Anna Johnstown 14 Nov 1914 IX-565 St Stephens Cem, Lower Yoder
YINGER, Cecilia, wife Loretto 17 Apr 1901 VI-14  
YINGER, Harriette, wife Carrolltown 11 Oct 1907 VII-365 SBC
YINGLING, August, h/o Ursula Johnstown 03 Mar 1906 VII-58  
YINGLING, Isaac L. H., husband, father Johnstown 13 May 1916 X-238  
YINGLING, Ursula, w/o August Johnstown 29 Mar 1913 IX-152  
YODER, Joseph S., h/o Catherine A. Windber, Somerset 14 Aug 1912 IX-23 Dunmeyer Cem, Elton
YOST, Augustine Sr., h/o Mary Ann Carroll Township 07 Mar 1905 VI-571 SBC
YOST, Charles, father Johnstown 17 Oct 1914 IX-552  
YOST, Jacob, h/o Mary Carroll Township 27 Dec 1910 VIII-341 SBC
YOUNG, Daniel W., h/o Sarah Johnstown 27 Mar 1908 VII-468  
YOUNG, Laura Ella, w/o Albert Johnstown w 1 Jul 1912
r 28 Mar 1914
YOUNG, William, h/o Mary Ann Johnstown 22 Oct 1904 VI-490  
YUNG, Nikolaus, father Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co w 3 Mar 1919
r 2 Mar 1914
YURCHAK, John, husband Barnesboro 20 May 1909 VIII-34 Greek CCC
ZACHARIAS, John, h/o Gizella Barnesboro w 11 Nov 1915
r 2 Jun 1916
ZAKORZAKA, Mickalina, w/o Vincent Barnesboro 30 Jun 1906 VII-124  
ZANG, Erhard, h/o Rose Johnstown 19 Dec 1903 VI-374 Geistown CC
ZAPPULLA, Pavlo, brother City of Johnstown 29 Jul 1916 X-303  
ZELINA, Anna, wife Johnstown 25 Aug 1906 VII-144  
ZELLA, Steve, father Portage Borough 7 Mar 1917 X-449  
ZEUNGES, John, husband Johnstown 25 Mar 1911 VIII-428  
ZEUNGES, Louisa, wife Johnstown 26 May 1906 VII-109 GVC, Westmont
ZIMMERMAN, Crissie A. City of Johnstown 19 Feb 1916 X-174 Grandview Cemetery, Johnstown
ZIMMERMAN, Dr. G.A., h/o Jennie, s/o Henry Johnstown 29 Mar 1913 IX-154  
ZIMMERMAN, Frederick, h/o Elizabeth Johnstown 28 Jun 1901 VI-27  
ZIMMERMAN, George W., husband Robinson 03 Dec 1910 VIII-327 formerly of Johnstown
ZIMMERMAN, Joseph, h/o Catherine Johnstown w -- Jul 1908
r 18 Mar 1914
ZIMMERMAN, Louisa, widow of Henry late of Johnstown w 25 Feb 1899
r 27 Feb 1914
ZIMMERMAN, Mary, w/o Samuel Stony Creek 04 Oct 1901 VI-56  
ZIMMERMAN, Samuel, husband Cambria County 24 Jul 1909 VIII-62  
ZIPF, John, w/o Elizabeth Johnstown 22 May 1905 VI-611  
ZIPH, Catherine, w/o August Johnstown 18 Mar 1911 VIII-419  
ZOBEL, John, h/o Mary Johnstown 10 Nov 1915 X-100  
ZUBAL, John Conemaugh / Johnstown 15 Dec 1917 X-639 translated to English; born in the village of Hirow, district of Krosno, Galicia, Austria; died Apr 1917
ZUPANCIC, Martin Township of East Taylor 17 Feb 1917 X-422 brother of Frances (Martin) Yeager, Frank Zupancic, John Zupancic, Frank Zupancic

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