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Rager-Lambaugh Cemetery
Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Data was compiled by Brian J. Ensley, 30 Apr 2004.

All legible tombstones photographed in 2004.

Photo contributed by Lynne Canterbury & Diann Olsen.

There are over 70 unmarked fieldstones in place as markers and a large amount of depressions in the ground can be seen where there are unmarked graves. The cemetery is in poor condition and many of the stones are worn and/or broken. Some of the transcription entries were found in old obituaries. These are denoted by (*).

Note: This information has not been provided by any official cemetery source. It is offered here as a tool to promote further research and should NOT be considered as verified proof for genealogical records.

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Name Birth Death Comments Location
GRAY, Alexander   6 Aug 1864 s/o John & Mary J.; Aged 11m 20d; [Photo]  
GRAY, Ann   6 Nov 1857 Aged 57y 9m 24d; [Photo]  
GRAY, Harry L.   28 Oct 1871 s/o John & Mary J.; Aged 1y 6m 20d  
GRAY, Henry   25 Oct 1863 s/o John & Mary J.; Aged 4y 4m 3d  
GRAY, John   6 May 1855 Aged 58y 1m 29d; [Photo]  
GRAY, Margaret   4 Jan 1872 d/o John & Mary J.; Aged 19y 5m 11d; [Photo]  
GRAY, William   30 Oct 1863 s/o John & Mary J.; Aged 3y 3m 5d; [Photo]  
LEE, Merryman H. 1844 1872 Pvt Co D 110 DVI; [Photo]  
RAGER, Henrietta (*)   5 Sep 1879 d/o Jordan S. & Sarah Jane; Aged 14  
RAGER, Hezekiah   5 Jul 1889 h/o Mary J. & Martha; Aged 71y 9m 16d; [Photo]  
RAGER, Infant 17 Mar 1872 17 Mar 1872 d/o Hezekiah & Mary J.; [Photo]  
RAGER, Infant (*)   2 Aug 1876 d/o Jordan S. & Sarah Jane; Aged 2  
RAGER, Infant (*)   27 Jul 1876 Aged 7  
RAGER, John M.   Feb 1868? Aged 51y 9m?; Stone broken  
RAGER, Mary C.   4 Jun 1879 d/o Hezekiah & Martha; Aged 3m 26d; [Photo]  
RAGER, Peter   27 Jan 1868 h/o Catherine Wilhelm; Aged 63y 1m 8d; [Photo]  
RAGER, Sarah Jane (*)   5 Sep 1879 w/o Jordan S.; Aged 43y  
RAGER, Thomas M.     No dates; h/o Nancy; Gov't Marker; Pvt USA Civil War; [Photo]  
SHUMAN, Caroline   c1846 Stone broken  
SHUMAN, Emanuel   3 Mar 1883 s/o Adam & Sophia; Aged 2y 11m 25d  
SHUMAN, Ester   20 Mar 1860 Aged 47y 5m 22d; [Photo]  
SHUMAN, John   9 Mar 1889 Aged 80y 8m 15d; [Photo]  
SHUMAN, Rosie D.   24 Jul 1883 d/o Adam & Sophia; Aged 4m 22d  
SHUUMAN, William David   8 Aug 1877 s/o William & Margaret; Aged 3m 6d  
SMITH, Martin   25 Oct 1843 Aged 14y 8m 2d; [Photo]  
WAGNER, Adam   5 Feb 1852 Aged 2m 22d; [Photo]  
WAGNER, George   21 Dec 1870 Aged 40y 3m; [Photo]  
WILSON, Ann Eliza   19 Dec 1870 w/o George; Aged 20y  
_____, _____   15 Mar 1855 Aged 4y 5m; Stone broken; [Photo]  

Results 1 - 29 of 29 Page 1 of 1

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