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Early and "One Room" Schools

 Group Photographs 
Blandburg School (Reade Twp.) 1913
Church Grove School (Richland Twp.) Early 1900s ?
Church Grove School (Richland Twp.) 1900
Church Grove School (Richland Twp.) 1913
Church Grove School (Richland Twp.) 1917
Dale Boro Students 1909/1910
Ebensburg Elementery School - 1st Grade 1915
Elton School (Adams Twp.) - About 1900
Franklin Boro (Maybe East Conemaugh?) 1st Grad -1904
Garmanttown School (Susquehannah Twp.) Circa 1899
Garmanttown School (Susquehannah Twp.) 1909
Good Hope School (Richland Twp.) 1909
Govier School (Richland Twp.) 1911
Hoffman School (Richland Twp.) 1911
Marsteller School (Barr Twp.) C1913
Myers School (Richland Twp.) 1913
Nicktown School Students 1902
Portage Boro Students 1902
Portage Elementary Students 1914
Rachel Hill School (Richland Twp.) 1893
Rachel Hill School (Richland Twp.) 1913
Singer Hill School (Conemaugh Twp) 1899
St. Joseph School (Portage) 7th grade 1917-1918
Syberton School (Galllitzin Twp) 1920
Summerhill School (Croyle Twp) 1913
Walsall School (Richland Twp) 1900
Weaver School (Richland Twp) 1910

 Pictures - Old School Buildings
Chandler School,  Johnstown (Morrellville)
Elton School House Circa 1900  (Adams Twp.)
Salix Academy (Adams Twp.)
Sheridan School, Johnstown (Oakhurst)

 Articles & Memorobelia about Early Schools
Johnstown Grammar Schools (All) - 1918
Kieper School (Adams Twp.)  Souvenirs
Reighard School (Richland/Adams Twp.) History
Sandy Hill School (Croyle Twp.)  Souvenir


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