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Frequently Asked Questions About The Cambria School Pages
Do you have a question?  Contact me and I will try to answer it.
Q: How can I get my material added to this site ?
     A: Contact me (Don Varner) and I will explain the process in detail.
Q: What do you do with the materials/yearbooks you receive?
     A: All such material is returned to the person who sent it - I will pay for the return shipment.
Q: How long do you keep materials that have been sent to you?
     A: I usually get such things on the way back to the sender within a week.
Q: Are Materials harmed in any way as part of the process?
     A: No. Materials are scanned and everthing is done using the scanned files.
Q: My yearbook has writing all over several of the pictures. Can you still use it?
     A: Yes, Virtually all pictues can be cleaned up with no changes made to the actual yearbook.
Q: Why only seniors in dislpay? Why not pictures of teams, clubs, band or other grades?
     A: When I began this project, I simply did not have the space to try to save and record all the pages of every yearbook so I elected to concentrate on individual pictures of seniors only.
Q: I notice that pictures in many of the yearbook displays appear blotchy, or have wavy lines through them.  What causes this?.
     A: Some displays were created using digital photographs of yearbook pages when scans were not available.  Often these were taken under poor lighting conditions.  This results in a condition knows as "Moire" which is caused by the interference between dots in the printed page display and pixels in the digital display.  Similar to what sometimes causes the "flare" on the ties or jackets of TV newsmen.
Q: Pictures in my yearbook pictures were in color. Why have you created your display in black/white?
     A:  Two reasons.  First the variations of color throughout the books varies drastically and create unusual displays.  Second, when I must "clean up" written over pictures, it is much easier (for my skills) to do so in black/white.
Q: Can you update the display if  an actual yearbook or scans of one become available to you?
     A:  Yes and I would be glad to do so.
Q: I have found one (or more) spelling mistakes in a display.  Can these be corrected?
     A: Yes and usually a short time after you contact me.
Q: I have have lost my yearbook and would like to replace it.  Can you help me?
     A: I am sorry to say that I know of no sources for yearbooks.  Virtually all the material used to create the Cambria Schools Pages has been loaned by generous viewers willing to share with others.  My usual suggestion is to try an advertisement in some local publication from the area of the school.  Occasionally there are yearbooks for sale on internet sites such as EBay.

To ask a question about this web site,  contact  Don Varner

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