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1876 Johnstown City Directory

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And names of persons doing business therein.

-- BELSANO. --

Edwards J. L., blacksmith and postmaster.
Empfield G. W., wagon maker.
George N., shoemaker
Hite J. B., general store.
Michaels L., general store


Barker A. A. & Son, general merchandise.
Binder E. L., saloon.
Blum Henry, brewery.
Buck John, general store.
Eyer Dominick, hotel.
Ellwanger Paul, hardware.
Flick F., blacksmith.
Hang Andrew, grocer & tinner.
Hogue John, cabinet maker.
Mansher John E., physician.
Richers Henry, cabinet maker.
Schroth Lawrence, hotel.
Sharbaugh J. W., general store.
Shick Julius, brewery.
Snyder Fred., stone cutter.
Tait A., physician.
Thomas Val., blacksmith.
Walter Aug., general store.
Wetsell D. C., wheelwright.
Winter John, hardware.
Wirtner Benjamin, tanner.


Allen John, carpenter.
Brooks T. H., shoemaker.
Conrad S. & T., shingle mill.
Cooper & Mellon, hotel.
Cramer Frank, wagon maker.
Crouse John, hotel.
Douglas S. M., general store.
Dow Jed, sleigh manufacturer.
Fry Ed., butcher.
Hadds H. J., justice of the peace.
Jones & Littlefield, blacksmiths.
Little D. C., carpenter.
McGough S., hotel.
McGuire Wm., cabinet maker.
Miller G. A., carpenter.
Nutter E. H., & Co., general store.
PERRY CHARLES H., postmaster.
Sloan W. H., physician.
Wharton Charles, shoemaker.
Wills Anthony, shingle mill.
Wirtner & Cramer, wagon mkers.

-- CRESSON. --

Adams Mrs. Mary, proprietress Callan House.
Adams Job, clerk.
Boyles Wm., works P. R. R.
Callan House, Mrs. Mary Adams, proprietress.
Culp Charles, telegraph operator.
Ford Albert, postmaster and ticket agent.
Ford Wm., freight agent.
Haller Nicholas, lumber dealer.
Hughes Thomas, telegraph operator.
Lee Samuel, works P. R. R.
McHaffey James, shoemaker.
McLaughlin Susan, widow.
McLaughlin Jacob, brakeman.
McLaughlin Mark, merchant.
Mullen George, sup't Mountain House.
O'Neil John, saw mill.
Parish Wm., watchman.
Pfeister Gottleib, watchman.
Storm Michael, works P. R. R.


Allbrugh Samuel, boots, shoes and groceries.
Custer Jonathan, blacksmith.
Custer P. F., wheel wright.
Ford William, shoemaker and grocer.
Harris W. W., tanner.
Simmons David, general store.


Bender A., hotel.
Bracken M., merchant.
Brannon M., blacksmith.
Bradley John F., clerk.
Bradley Thomas, merchant.
Christy F. J., merchant.
Dignan M., merchant.
Gibson J. H., ticket ag't P. R. R.
Howell Mrs. K., milliner.
Kelley M. J., hotel.
Miller C. C., physician.
MILLS DAVIS, postmaster and grocer.
Parrish F. J., justice of the peace.
Sebiter C., butcher.
Sembzer Miss M., milliner.
Smith P., milliner.
Troxel T. T., merchant.
Whalon M., grocer.
Woods John, hotel.


Behe & Maxwell, blacksmiths.
Bender G., shoemaker.
Bradley James, blacksmith.
Bradley M. C., hotel.
Brown Peter, hotel.
Brown, P. M. J., merchant.
Conrad James, merchant.
George Robert L., attorney.
Hamilton John, coal merchant.
Helly Mary O., hotel.
Leaghey C. J., merchant.
Martz Henry.
Moyer Joseph H., blacksmith.
O'Dowd Pat., hotel.
Rigel Lazarus A., brewer.
Robine C., hotel.
Thompson F. A., merchant.
Tiley Wm., coal merchant.
WILKIN JOHN, grocer and postmaster.

-- LORETTO. --

Bradley John, general store.
Christy A. J., drugs, etc.
Crawford A., physician.
Fry S., undertaker.
Haid F. X., grocer.
Hertzog J. D., undertaker.
Kessler mary, milliner, etc.
Lacy & Co., store keepers.
Letzmyer Wm., general store.
Maloy M., wagon maker.
McATEER W. W., general store and postmaster.
McConnell J. B., physician.
Meally P., blacksmith.
Moran P., blacksmith.
Myers D. J., blacksmith.
O'Friel Francis, general store.
Shields p. H. & Son, gen'l store.

-- MUNSTER. --

Dever C., blacksmith.
Durbin A., farmer.
Farren John.
Itel J., grocer.

-- PORTAGE. --

Border John, cabinet maker.
Burgoin Joseph, lumber dealer.
Classin Peter, cabinet maker.
Flemer Ignatius, carpenter.
Flinn Wm., saloon.
Gallespie J. W., hotel.
Griffith Wm., merchant and cooper.
Hahn Abraham, carpenter.
Hooper Philip, blacksmith.
Keil J. S., hotel.
Kleinnire H., shoemaker.
Martin & Co., lumber merchants.
McDonald John, shoemaker.
McGough I. J., shoemaker.
McGough J. & J., hotel.
McGough Peter, justice of the peace.
McKenzie Sylvester, grocer and cooper.
Nagle Nicholas, wagon maker.
NOEL J. C., postmaster.
Parrish F. S., cabinet maker.
Parrish J. P., hotel.
Pringle Wm., Jr., merchant.
Ream Levi, lumber dealer.
Seymour P., brick maker.

-- SUMMITT. --

Buergaan Miss C., milliner.
Buergaan Luke, hotel.
Deveraux R., physician.
Eagle John, store and tin shop.
Eckely John, laborer.
Gillen James, merchant.
Hughes Henry.
Johnston C., farmer.
Linton Wm., hotel.
McConnell W., merchant.
McKenna Paul, blacksmith.
Reich C., hotel and store.
Riffle John, lumber dealer.
Salisperger M., stone mason.
Shoebaugh John, cabinet maker and undertaker.
Shumater James, blacksmith.
Spade John, farmer.
Stewart John, cabinet maker and undertaker.
Storm John E., carpenter.
Storm Mrs., milliner.
quail John, farmer.


Baumgardner Rev. A. S.
Cambria Coal and Coke Co., miners and shippers.
Crogle L. & Co., coal miners and shippers.
Gates Michael, hotel.
Heist T. H., general store.
STINEMAN GEORGE B., postmaster and general store.
Stineman I. C. & Co., coal miners and shippers.
PAUL S. S., agent P. R. R.


Adams A., tavern.
Brown P., saloon & shoemaker.
Brown R. M. & J., country store and lumber.
Dimond C. A., butcher.
Hare John E., tanner.
Kurtz F., tavern.
Luke J. C., physician.
Seaman Thomas J., blacksmith and wagon maker.
Weinzirl L., shoemaker.
Wentroth John D., gen'l store.
Woolf N., bark, lumber and groceries.

-- WILMORE. --

Blairsdell I. C., physician.
Burnheimer P. J., shoemaker.
Butler Wm., carpenter.
Cullen A., undertaker.
Ehrnfeld F., wagon maker.
Horner J., proprietor Mountain House.
Kephart Mrs. S. A., gen'l store.
Kerby Pat., grocer.
Maltzie V., proprietor Maltzie House.
McColgan John, merchant.
Miller Joseph, banker and Justice of the Peace.
Pringle G. D., undertaker.
Schrotts John, grocer.
Seamen A., blacksmith.
Shaffer A., blacksmith.
Werdtroth George, proprietor U.S. Hotel.
Woleslagle P. M. & Son, merchants.
Woleslagle P. J., burgess.

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