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day from England, and settled in Westmoreland county, where John Porch, great-grandfather, was born. In that county, also, was born George Porch, grandfather, in 1801, and he died in the same county in 1874. The great-great-grandfather of Mr. Porch on the maternal side of the family emigrated from Germany and was killed by the Indians. Hisson, the great-grandfather of our subject, was taken prisoner by the Indians, but afterward returned to his Westmoreland county home. Andrew Harmon was the grandfather of the subject of this sketch. He was born in 1805, and died in 1869. His father first saw the light in Westmoreland county March 4, 1831. His mother was also born in Westmoreland county February 4, 1837, a daughter of Andrew Harmon, who was born in 1805, and died in 1869.
    W. W. Porch was reared upon the paternal acres in Westmoreland county, and like many of the successful business men of the day began life on his own account as a teacher. He taught four terms in the common schools of Westmoreland county, and then took a commercial course in the Iron City Business college of Pittsburg, graduating from that well-known institute in 1882. Having directed his education with the view of pursuing a business career, he took a position as a clerk in a gents' furnishing store of the "Smoky City," where he remained over a year. At the end of that period, or in 1881, he began selling musical instruments under the employ of the firm of Wilcox & White, of Pittsburg, remaining with that firm until 1888, when he embarked in the business on his own account in Johnstown, and has continued the same at that place to the present time. In addition to the handling of musical instruments he is vice-president of the Mendelssohn Piano Manufacturing company.
    On January 26, 1893, Mr. Porch and Lydia Cline, a daughter of William D. McClelland, of Johnstown, were united in marriage, and to this union was born one child, Ralph, on December 29, 1895.

RAYMOND J. KAYLOR, proprietor and editor of the Hastings Tribune, is a son of James and Cecelia (Burke) Kaylor, and was born in the Cambria county alms-house, April 16, 1867, during his father's stewardship.
    His great-grandfather was a native of Germany, whence he emigrated to America about the time of the Revolutionary war. He enlisted as a soldier in that famous struggle for American independence. After the war he located on a farm in Adams county, Pennsylvania, where he died. Two of his sons, Peter and Jacob Kaylor (the latter was the grandfather of the gentleman whose name heads this sketch) came to this (Cambria) county about the time Father Gallitzin arrived, and located with the colony at Loretto. There Jacob Kaylor met and married Katie McConnell, who was a member of the Loretto colony. This marriage resulted in the birth of several children, one of whom, James J. Kaylor, became the father of our subject. He was one of the younger children in the family, and was born on the old homestead, near Loretto, Pennsylvania, and died June 14, 1894, at the age of sixty-nine years. He received a liberal education, for those early days, and for a number of years followed the profession of teaching. For ten years - from 1858 to 1868 - he was steward of the County Home, and it was during this term of office that Raymond J. Kaylor was born. On retiring from the above position, Mr. Kaylor returned to the homestead near Loretto, where he followed the pursuits of a farmer, remaining on the farm the

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