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History of Cambria County, V.2


married his second wife, Miss Caroline Richter, Feb. 16, 1847. They had one child, Helen, March 3, 1848, died in June, 1919, as the wife of Valentine Lutringer, of Johnstown, Pa. Nicholas Wirtner, living at Carrolltown, enlisted in the army Oct. 4, 1862, Company G, One Hundred Seventy-first Pennsylvania Militia, for nine months, and was discharged Aug. 8, 1863. He reenlisted Feb. 29, 1864, in Company L. Third Division Heavy Artillery, for three years and was honorably discharged Nov. 9, 1865. John B. Wirtner was drafted, but when he arrived at Harrisburg the war was over.
    John B. Wirtner, a tinner by trade, conducted the leading hardware store at Carrolltown from 1858 until 1880, when he sold his business and moved to a farm at Beaver Dam, White Township. He now leads a retired life at Patton, Pa. He was married by Rev. Magnus Mayer, O. S. B., Jan. 19, 1860, to Catherine Farabaugh, a daughter of Augustine Farabaugh. Their children were: Albert Augustine, now known as Rev. Modestus Wirtner, O. S. B.; Francis Peter, born Feb. 2, 1863, died May 2, 1873; Philomena, born Oct. 13, 1864. She is now known as Sister M. Callistus of the Mercy Sisters, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Sylvarius, June 20, 1866, married Mary Baker; Simon Isadore, Jan. 7 1868, died March 26, 1868; Sylvester Urban, May 25, 1869, married Lucy Sunderland; Catherine Matilda, March 12, 1871, died May 21, 1919, the wife of Adam Hitch; Henry Edward, born Oct. 8, 1873, married Mary Edna Mantz; Mary Rufina, June 9, 1876, wife of John Krise; William Vincent, Aug. 30, 1878, died Feb. 14, 1902; Theophilus, Jan. 11, 1881; Augustine, Dec. 6, 1883, married Elizabeth Scheer; and Thomas Marcellus, born May 21, 1886.
    On his mother's side Reverend Wirtner traces his ancestry to George Fehernbach, who left home for the City of Trier, Germany. Here he worked for a time as a stone mason and then learned the baker's trade. A few days after his marriage to Catherine Moltz, he was obliged to enter the army against Napoleon. His wife refused to remain behind and insisted on going as a cook for the soldiers. Upon their return to their home in Kapel, Baden, Germany, they built a two-story stone house, the wonder of the inhabitants, who had never seen a two-story building. He then opened the first bakery in the town. They had three children: Augustine, born Aug. 27, 1800, died at Carrolltown, Feb. 22, 1874; Catherine, who became the wife of Thomas Fieler; Michael, born in 1807, came to Carrolltown, but left later for Minnesota, where he died April 5, 1865. His second wife was Francisca Genshaerter. Francisca married Matthias

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