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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


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Special thanks go to these wonderful people from the Cambria County mailing list who worked on scanning, transcribing and proofreading this book:

Deb Behe, Mary Bookout, Linda Braund, Beth Campbell Fladaker, Lois Crissman, Ann Denson, Bonnie Funk, Carl Gaus, Valerie Gilligan, Jim Glass, Linda Harris, Donna Henderson, Rich Hill, Mary Beth Hodil, Howard Horne, Martha Humenik, Carole Kammer, Cathy Makara, Dave and Jan McConnell, Margaret McElliott, Terry McGuire, Jo Mercer, Ann Monastra, Cheryle Orris, Grace Parks, Adina Roberts, Kelly Rosendale, Mick Simmons, Angela Smith, Mary Ellen Thorpe, Jane Tripp, Carol Vass

Any additions, corrections, etc. can be sent to:

Linda Braund

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