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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary




The Statue Unveiled1
 First Settlement on the Alleghenies27
 Inscription on Tombstone of Capt. Michael McGuire31
 Captain Richard McGuire31
 Other Pioneers32
 Father Gallitzin33
 Father Gallitzin at Wilmore38
 The Wilmore Family39
 Extracts from Father Gallitzin's Letters40
 His Chief Persecutor Retracts43
 He is a Total Abstainer45
 He Endeavors to have Loretto made an Episcopal See48
 His Opinion of Mendicant Friars, and His Defence 
    of Father McGirr49
 He is Empowered by Act of Assembly to Resume 
    His Family Surname53
 Captain McGuire's Company53
 Father Gallitzin's Life in Peril54
 His Death and Funeral57
 His Monument59
 Mission at Loretto, 185160
 Visit of Monsignor Bedini, the Papal Nunzio62
 Dedication of the Brick Church64
 Collapse of Church Floor66
 Pastors and Assistants since 184066
 Index of Parish Records, 1800-189669
 The Borough of Loretto71
 Act Incorporating the Borough72
 Supplement to the above75
 Loretto Notes76
 Memoranda of Rev. M. W. Gibson79
 Dates in Local History88

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