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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


the spring of 1896, and during three months of the summer season which he spent in the ancient monastery of Galloro, on the Alban hills, six miles from the Eternal City, he made his “Index of Parish Records, Loretto, Pa. 1800-1896” This index comprises an alphabetical list of 1301 marriages, giving names and surnames of husband and wife, with date of marriage and name of officiating priest in each instance; an alphabetical list of the maiden names and surnames of the married women (1850), which could be found in the records, set opposite the names of their husbands; and finally an alphabetical list of all those (6949) baptized during the ninety-six years. These are arranged in family groups under the names of the parents, and in each instance are given the number of the entry, the name of the child, the date of birth, and the name of the priest who administered the baptism. The labor in making up this Index was herculean, but the result is of the utmost importance; and it is doubtful if any other parish in the country has such a complete and convenient set of baptismal and matrimonial records. The number of families represented in this Index is 2143. The following table will be of interest, as showing the number of some families bearing the same surname, and the number of children baptized in them;

    No. of     No. of
Family No. of Children Family No. of Children
Surname Families Baptized Surname Families Baptized
Adams 12 57 Litzinger 19 69
Bradley 25 93 McConnell 20 52
Brown 11 28 McCoy 13 61
Burgoon 11 40 McDermitt 12 44
Burke 10 36 McGough 15 66
Byrne 13 57 McGuire 25 114
Christy 12 34 McMullen 17 55
Conrad 13 55 Miller 11 30
Coons (Kuhns) 12 71 Myers 23 94
Dimond 10 43 Nagle 16 56
Dougherty 22 57 Noel 23 98
Eckenrode 23 107 O'Neill 10 33
Flick 10 49 Parrish 12 61
Glass 20 94 Skelly,O'Skally 12 41
Hertzog 10 30 Smith 14 21

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