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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


BURGOON Richard and Ann Delozier. Married May 16, 1814.
 Ann, Jacob. (1815-16.)
BURGOON John and Rhoda Anderson. Married January 10, 1815.
 Andrew. (1816.)
BURGOON Jacob and Mary Burkle. Married December 26, 1815.
BURGOON Benedict and Catherine Weaver. Married November 14, 1824.
 Michael, William, Margaret Ann, Susan, Joseph. (1826-35.)
BURGOON Jacob and Elizabeth Weaver.
 Mary Clothilde, Luke. (1837-39.)
BURKE Patrick and Apollonia _____.
 Thomas, Theresa, Prudence, Susan, Catherine. (1810-23.)
BURKE John and Esther McGough.
 Ellen, Augustine Edward, Elizabeth, James, Patience, Juliana, John, William, Mary Bridget, Silas, Cecilia Esther, Rachel Ann. (1812-33.)
BURKE Nicholas and Margaret Woodburn. Married January 19, 1813.
 Elizabeth. (1814.)
BURKE Edward and Catherine Noel. Married May 14, 1822.
 Susan Prudence, Nicholas Augustine, William James, Catherine. (1823-28.)
BURKE Edward and Ellen Keefers.
 Mary Jane. (1839.)
BURKE William and Alice _____.
 Mary. (1834.)
BURKE James and Veronica McGuire.
 James. (1837.)
BURKE James and Elizabeth Catherine McKinzie. Married October 21, 1838.
BURLEY William and Catharine _____.
 Simon and Alexander. (1829.)
BUTLER Richard and Ann Dodson. Married April 29, 1817.
 Andrew, Sarah Ann. (1818-26.)

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