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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


MCCARTHY John and Mary _____.
 Ellen, Elizabeth, Prudence Ann, Ellen. (1835-39.)
MCCARTNEY John and Elizabeth _____.
 John (the father, 1782.) Elizabeth (the mother, 1790.)
 Hannah, Elizabeth. (1807-10.)
MCCARTNEY Margaret, 1787. Rosanna, 1794.
MCCAULEY John and Mary _____.
 Charles, Alexander. (1812-14.)
MCCAULEY Daniel and Ann Kirkpatrick. Married June 4, 1822.
 Margaret, John, Thomas. (1823-29.)
MCCLAIN Alexander and Eliza Henry.
 John. (1820.)
MCCLOSKEY Patrick and Ann _____.
 Mary, Ann, Theresa, James, John, Cornelius, Rose Ellen, Thomas, Patrick Augustine. (1804-25.)
MCCLOSKEY Dennis and Margaret _____.
 James, Mary, John, Mary. (1804-10.)
MCCLOSKEY William and Ann _____.
 Mary Ann, James, Hugh, Margaret, John, William, Peter, Patrick, Joseph, Edward, Edward David. (1805-23.)
MCCLOSKEY James and Esther O'Hara. Married January 28, 1834.
 Rachel Ann, Mary Matilda, William Sylvester. (1835-39.)
MCCLOSKEY Hugh and Ellen Brady. Married March 1, 1835.
MCCLOSKEY John and Susan Flynn. Married January 8, 1839.
MCCONNELL Henry and Margaret _____.
 Cornelius, William, Alexander. (1806-10.)
MCCONNELL Arthur and Catherine _____.
 Augustine, Francis. (1808-10.)
MCCONNELL John and Margaret _____.
 Cornelius. (1811.)
MCCONNELL James and Margaret _____.
 Ann. (1811.)

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