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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


MCCONNELL Francis and Margaret _____.
 Mary Ann, Hugh, Sarah, Elizabeth, James, John William, Lydia Matilda, Catherine. (1823-37.)
MCCONNELL John and Margaret Tierney. Married April 26, 1825.
 Sarah Ann, Margaret, Francis, John William. (1827-33.)
MCCONNELL Barnabas and Margaret McIntosh. Married April 11, 1826.
MCCONNELL John A. and Hannah Watt. Married May 15, 1827.
 John Arthur, David Augustine, Catherine Jane, Francis William. (1831-38.)
MCCONNELL Thomas and Mary Ann Skelly. Married August 3, 1830.
 William, Susan. (1831-38.)
MCCONNELL Hugh and Elizabeth Walters. Married April 28, 1835.
 Demetrius Augustine, Mary, Ann Elizabeth. (1836-39.)
MCCONNELL Augustine and Rebecca Branniff. Married February 5, 1837.
 Mary Elizabeth. (1839.)
MCCOOL Charles and Jane Montgomery. Married January 30, 1821.
MCCORMICK James and Charlotte _____.
 Martha. (1810.)
MCCORMICK Hugh and Ann _____.
 Thomas, Mary Ann, Francis, John, Catherine, Elizabeth. (1832-39.)
MCCOY John and Susan _____.
 Mary, Hugh, Patrick, Ann, Catherine, John, Margaret. (1806-17.)
MCCOY Alexander and Margaret _____.
 Mary Ann, James, Patrick, John, Hugh, Catherine. (1813-22.)
MCCOY Hugh and Ann O'Hara.
 Mary, Ann, John Augustine. (1816-20.)

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