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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


MCGOUGH James and Elizabeth Dimond. Married May 11, 1834.
 Catherine Matilda, Mary Ellen. (1835-37.)
MCGOVELIN Gilbert and Catherine _____.
 Luke. (1822.)
MCGRANAHAN Thomas and Grace _____.
 Mary. (1820.)
MCGRANAHAN James and Bridget _____.
 Mary, Patrick. (1820-24.)
MCGRANN John and Catherine _____.
 James. (1834.)
MCGRAW Peter and Catherine McAfee. Married June 22, 1807.
 Edward Francis, Benjamin, Mary Ellen. (1808-15.)
MCGRAW John and Charity Delozier. Married April 26, 1812.
 Edward Augustine, Joseph Daniel, Peter. (1813-17.)
MCGRAW William and Jane _____.
 Eliza Ann. (1813.)
MCGUIRE Michael and Patience _____.
 Luke, Rachel, John. (1800-05.)
MCGUIRE Michael and Sarah Byrne.
 Mary Ann. (1803.)
MCGUIRE Luke and Margaret _____.
 Elizabeth, Augustine, Margaret, Anastasia, Michael L., Catherine, Monica. (1801-17.)
MCGUIRE Richard and Eleanor Byrne. Married May 15, 1800.
 Mary Ann, Bridget Rachel, Agnes, Catherine, Juliana, Michael, Agnes, John, Richard, Joseph. (1801-22.)
MCGUIRE Peter and Charity _____.
 Charity, Ann Patience, Catherine, Patrick. (1801-10.)
MCGUIRE James L. and Catherine _____.
 John, Charles Michael, Michael, James, Catherine. (1802-12.)
MCGUIRE Ross Patrick and Margaret _____.
 Theresa. (1804.)

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