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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


MCGUIRE James C. and Elizabeth _____.
 Bridget, Charles, James, Elizabeth Jane, William, John Chrysostom, Edward. (1806-19.)
MCGUIRE Michael and Margaret _____.
 Ellen, John, Timothy, Margaret Jane. (1810-25.)
MCGUIRE James and Deborah _____.
 Sarah Ann. (1819.)
MCGUIRE Luke and Martha Cooper. Married August 20, 1822.
 Mary, Rebecca, Margaret, Henry, Augustine, Luke, James, Elizabeth, Mark. (1823-37.)
MCGUIRE Henry and Mary Burke. Married February 10, 1824.
MCGUIRE Vincent and Margaret Eckenrode. Married November 2, 1824.
 James Ross, Mary Ann. (1826-33.)
MCGUIRE Andrew and Elizabeth Ann Gardner.
 Cornelius, Sarah Ann, Sylvester, Andrew John, Mary Elizabeth. (1827-39.)
MCGUIRE John and Susan Storm. Married March 3, 1829.
 Mary Ann, James, John, Nicholas, Peter. (1829-37.)
MCGUIRE Charles and Catherine Kenny. Married October 25, 1830.
MCGUIRE Michael and Margaret Bostick. Married February 12, 1833.
MCHUGH John and Elsie _____.
 Catherine, James. (1806-10.)
MCHUGH Matthew and Mary Ann McGuire. Married August 24, 1819.
 Agnes, John, Ellen, Michael Richard, Alice, Mary Ann, Bridget Rachel, Matthew. (1820-34.)
MCHUGH Michael and Elizabeth McManus.
 Matthew, Henry. (1824-35.)
MCINTIRE Peter and Elizabeth _____.
 Mary, Elizabeth. (1798-1803.)
MCINTOSH Archibald and Margaret Becht. Married May 14, 1820.

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