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Souvenir of Loretto Centenary


he sold the farm to Adam Rudolph, the present owner, and came to live in Loretto, where he still resides, reasonably hale and hearty, in the 89th year of his age. He has shaken hands with Presidents Andrew Jackson, William Henry Harrison and James K. Polk, and retains a vivid recollection of the most celebrated statesmen of early times.


    The two old ladies seen in the above picture are sisters, daughters of Englebert Walters and Susan Behe, who were among the pioneers of this district. Mrs. Cooper was born March 10, 1810, and Mrs. McConnell, February 21, 1812. They were both baptized by Father Gallitzin, and were married by him on the same day, -- April 28, 1835, -- the former to Joseph Cooper, the latter to Hugh McConnell, who was reared in the prince-priest's house, and whose wife also lived for a time with Father Gallitzin. They are residing on the same farms to which they were taken after their marriage, -- the former near Loretto, the latter near Chest Springs. Despite their advanced age they are still remarkably active, and surrounded by their numerous descendants they are peacefully biding their time.

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