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Laurel United Cemetery
Cambria Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Information transcribed and contributed by Diane Wasser Coposky.

This cemetery was last updated in 2011.

Photo courtesy of Diane Wasser Coposky

Laurel United Cemetery was known as the County Cemetery up until 1992. It is up over the hill from Laurel Crest Manor, which at one time, many, many years ago was the "Poor House". Laurel Crest Manor was also named the County Home at one point. There are only a handful of headstones located at this cemetery. Years ago, the county did not keep plots numbered, so it may be impossible to locate a certain grave. On the cemetery grounds, is a little chapel, and on the inside it has four boards.

Board 1Right board of the chapel; 1901-1955
Board 2Left board of the chapel; 1901-1955
Board 3Rear wall, Left board of the chapel; 1955-
Board 4Rear wall, Right board of the chapel; 1955-

Note: This information has not been provided by any official cemetery source. It is offered here as a tool to promote further research and should NOT be considered as verified proof for genealogical records.

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Name Birth Death Comments Board
& Row
ABLER, John       B2-R14
ABLER, Vincent       B2-R14
ABRAHAM, Jacob       B3-R11
ADAMITIS, Peter     name was listed as Adam ADAMSKY (Peter ADAMITIS) B2-R20
ADAMS, William J.       B2-R3
ADAMSKY, Adam     name was listed as Adam ADAMSKY (Peter ADAMITIS) B2-R20
ADAMSKY, Esther       B3-R18
ADAMSON, David       B2-R6
ADAMZAK, Martin       B2-R17
ADDLEMAN, James       B3-R22
ADELIA, Austin       B1-R5
AGER, Joseph       B2-R20
AGEY, Catherine       B1-R1
AGGDRINTZ, Tony       B1-R19
AKLIN, Frank       B2-R21
ALBENESI, Frank       B2-R19
ALBERTER, William       B3-R3
ALTER, Jackson       B3-R12
AMBROSE, Mike       B1-R15
AMBROSE, Morris       B2-R20
AMRICH, Frank       B3-R3
ANDERCHAK (ANDRECHKO), Charles       B2-R17
ANDERSON, Charles       B2-R3
ANDERSON, Gus       B2-R5
ANDERSON, Henry M. 1905 1989 marker # 552; [Photo] B4-R33
ANDERSON, James       B3-R13
ANDREKOV, George       B1-R15
ANDRESICK, Joseph       B1-R9
ANKLOW, Traff       B2-R21
ANTHONY, Michael       B2-R16
ARDIRE, Joseph       B2-R16
ARENTRUE, Walter     marker # 564 B4-R34
ASMUSSEN, Julius       B1-R19
AUBACH, Steve       B2-R2
AUGUSTIN, Andy       B1-R21
AUKERMAN, Etta       B2-R15
AUSTIN, Zelice       B1-R5
AXMACHER, Charles       B1-R19
BABICH, Mike       B1-R22
BABUIK, John       B3-R9
BACHA, Paul       B1-R12
BACK, Conrad       B1-R16
BACO, John       B2-R19
BAKIK, Andrew       B3-R13
BALKO, Stanley       B2-R7
BALKO, Stanley       B2-R10
BALLI, Michael       B2-R21
BALSCEK, Andrew       B1-R7
BANGHART, Sadie       B3-R3
BANGO, Frances     marker # 580 B4-R35
BANNER, Clara       B1-R5
BANNERS, Stephen       B1-R17
BAPTIST, James       B1-R22
BARAZANSKY, Metro       B1-R20
BARBOUS, George       B1-R5
BARGER, Jackson       B2-R6
BARNET, John J.       B3-R22
BARNETT, Angeline E.       B2-R22
BARR, James       B2-R12
BARR, Joseph       B3-R13
BARSTARD, Consteena       B1-R2
BARTOLEK, Charles       B3-R3
BARTOSZEK, John       B3-R5
BARTWIZAK, John       B3-R14
BATKIEWICZ, Michael       B3-R1
BAUKOS, Stanley       B1-R18
BAUM, Minnie       B3-R7
BEAM, James       B1-R10
BEBONA, Bernaerd       B3-R13
BECH, Paul       B1-R16
BECK, William       B1-R12
BECK, William       B1-R1
BECKEL, Regina       B3-R15
BECKER, Conrad       B1-R11
BEDEKOVICH, Bruce       B2-R16
BEHU, Samuel       B2-R13
BELICH, John       B1-R3
BELL, Andrew       B2-R14
BELLMOCK, Stoyan       B1-R16
BELLOW, Steve       B1-R15
BEMA, Rose       B3-R11
BENDER, Elizabeth       B2-R17
BENDER, Robert     marker # 569 B4-R35
BENDOS, Mike       B2-R6
BENGAL, Jennie       B1-R21
BENIGH, George C.       B1-R9
BENJAMIN       B3-R8
BENNER, Paul       B2-R10
BENNETT, Frank       B2-R7
BENNETT, Howard       B3-R22
BENNETT, Sara       B2-R13
BENOS, Chas.       B1-R17
BENOSKY, Fred       B1-R10
BENSON, Aaron       B2-R1
BENSON, David       B2-R3
BENSON, Frank       B2-R14
BENSON, John       B2-R4
BENSON, William John       B2-R19
BENTZ, Frank       B1-R18
BERG, John       B1-R13
BERG, Peter       B1-R13
BERGSTROM, Andrew       B2-R10
BERKEBILE, Russell     marker # 522 B4-R31
BERKEY, Cormelia       B2-R7
BERKEY, Frank       B1-R5
BERNARDO, Sam       B2-R3
BERNOTT, John       B1-R19
BERRINGER, George D.       B2-R16
BERRINGER, James       B1-R7
BERRINGER, John       B2-R3
BERRINGER, Mary       B1-R6
BERSONSKY, George       B3-R2
BERT, Michael       B2-R7
BERTINO, Frank       B3-R16
BERTRAIN, James       B1-R10
BERZANSKY, Andrew       B2-R21
BESEMARY, Gasper       B1-R16
BEVILAQUE, Dominic       B2-R17
BEYNON, John Wesley       B1-R19
BEZOUSKI, Mike       B1-R15
BIDALICH, Michael       B2-R15
BIELIK, Joseph       B1-R15
BIESINGER, Casper       B2-R13
BILAK, Frank       B3-R3
BILEFSKY, Robert       B3-R3
BIRD, Julia       B3-R10
BIT, Frank       B1-R22
BITTLER, General       B1-R13
BLAIR, David Lemuel       B1-R17
BLANTOWICH, Rick       B1-R7
BLOUGH, Rose       B1-R19
BOCEAN, Louise       B3-R4
BODNAR, Joe       B1-R15
BODNAR, John       B2-R13
BODNAR, Joseph       B1-R22
BODNER, Robert       B1-R3
BOETTCHER, Albert       B1-R6
BOKOROS, Michael       B2-R20
BOLAND, Eugene       B2-R1
BONEUS, William       B2-R7
BONNER, John       B2-R4
BONSKEY, Walter       B2-R15
BORDNAR, Paul       B1-R7
BORITICH, Mike       B2-R9
BORN, James       B1-R9
BORTZ, George       B1-R18
BORWSER, Philip     Name listed as Philip BORWSER (BOUSA) B1-R16
BORYSZEWSKI, Katherine       B3-R22
BOSS, Joseph       B1-R14
BOTHOREL, Claud       B1-R3
BOUTELLIER, Eugene       B1-R20
BOVICH, Mike (BOBIT)     Name was listed as Mike BOVICH (BOBIT) B2-R10
BOWERS, Peter       B1-R1
BOWERS, Philip       B1-R8
BOWERS, Rose       B2-R10
BOWMAN, Georgia       B1-R22
BOWMAN, Meals       B1-R15
BOYD, William       B1-R9
BOYLE, Andrew       B1-R4
BOYLE, Edward       B2-R13
BOYLE, Sarah       B2-R5
BOYTZ, Harold       B3-R7
BRADLEY, John       B1-R15
BRADLEY, Tresia       B1-R2
BRANCATO, Rose       B3-R16
BRANDONS, John       B1-R14
BRANON, Mike       B2-R2
BRANT, Michael       B3-R18
BRANT, Nelson D.       B3-R4
BRASROK, Michael       B2-R11
BRAVO, Joseph M. Sr.     marker # 596 B4-R36
BRAWLEY, John       B1-R14
BRESSEN, William       B1-R3
BRINKMAN, Charles       B3-R22
BROADSTOCK, Samuel       B2-R16
BROGLEY, Jacob       B2-R6
BROGLEY, Tresa       B1-R2
BROOKS, Lizzie       B3-R15
BROWN, Clara       B2-R1
BROWN, Grant       B2-R17
BROWN, Jacob       B2-R13
BROWN, Lee       B2-R14
BROWN, Lloyd       B1-R15
BROWN, Louis       B2-R3
BROWN, Rev. Evans       B3-R21
BRTYZO, Albert       B2-R17
BRUNING, Leslie Jr.       B3-R3
BRUSKOWSKI, Valentine       B2-R15
BRUSTRYCHIA, Albert       B1-R14
BRUTEMIRE, Mike       B1-R15
BRYANT, Ella       B2-R6
BRYANT, Isabelle       B2-R16
BUCHELL, Thomas       B1-R5
BUDASH, William       B2-R18
BUDNER, Michael       B2-R3
BUFALO, Margaret L.     marker # 598 B4-R37
BURGO, Mary       B1-R8
BURK, James       B1-R2
BURK, Mary J.       B1-R8
BURK, Nellie       B3-R28
BURKE, Harry J.     marker # 579 B4-R35
BURKE, James Edward       B1-R12
BURKE, John     marker # 563 B4-R34
BURKE, Mae       B3-R20
BURKEY, Jack       B1-R14
BURKHART, Nellie       B3-R14
BURN, Annie       B1-R8
BURNETT, Charles       B3-R10
BURNS, John W.       B1-R11
BURNS, Sarah Browm       B2-R6
BURROUGHS, Julias       B1-R20
BURRY, John (BURG)     Name was listed as John BURRY (BURG) B2-R2
BUSH, Irene       B3-R10
BUSHELL, Susan       B1-R11
BUSHOVITSKY, Joseph       B1-R21
BUSKO, George       B3-R11
BUSOLA, Larry       B1-R12
BUTRECL, John       B1-R16
CADU, John     The name was listed as John CADU (Joseph ZIDA). B1-R10
CAIRNS, Michael       B2-R1
CALLAHAN, John       B1-R21
CALLEN, Lawrence       B2-R17
CALVIN, Keith       B3-R4
CAMBRIER, Adrian       B1-R18
CAMBRIER, Adrian       B2-R17
CAMPBELL, Dan       B1-R7
CAMPBELL, Lawrence       B1-R16
CANGLO, Joe       B2-R4
CARIDI, Leo       B3-R2
CARL, Fred W.       B1-R9
CARL, Lewis       B2-R11
CARL, William D.       B3-R21
CARLSON, Nick       B1-R13
CARMICHED, Jennette       B1-R12
CARMUTE, Donald       B1-R4
CARNEY, Mrs.       B1-R4
CAROTHERS, Patricia Louise     marker # 606 B4-R37
CARPENTER, Baby       B2-R14
CARR, Jesse       B3-R15
CARR, John       B1-R1
CARR, John       B2-R7
CARROLL, John       B1-R2
CARSELLA, Dorothy M.     marker # 600 B4-R37
CARTES, Jacob       B2-R1
CAZARES, Rachel       B3-R7
CELODI, Larnie       B1-R11
CESHINE, Richard       B1-R22
CHABODY, Infant       B2-R21
CHALAGE, Frank       B1-R10
CHAMBERS, George       B3-R6
CHAMER, William R. 24 Nov 1924 24 Jan 2000 marker # 605; Pfc US Army Korea WWII; [Photo] B4-R37
CHAMPAY, James F. 6 Jul 1917 31 Dec 1985 marker # 531; S/Sgt US Army WWII; [Photo] B4-R32
CHANDOS, George       B1-R19
CHARNISKEY, John       B2-R12
CHASE, Stella     marker # 543 B4-R33
CHAVERY, Mike       B1-R20
CHERESKEVICZ, Adam       B1-R5
CHERNAK, Louis       B2-R11
CHERNE, Nick       B2-R3
CHERRY, Thomas       B1-R16
CHESLIK, Frank       B2-R14
CHEWSKI, Joseph       B3-R8
CHIARINEL, Giacoma       B2-R13
CHICKEN, Louis       B1-R20
CHICOMA, Rose       B3-R16
CHIRA, John       B3-R2
CHISMAN, Joseph       B1-R7
CHOMO, Mike       B2-R5
CHUPA, John       B2-R18
CINDRIC, Walter       B2-R15
CLARK, Albert G.       B3-R20
CLARK, Howard       B3-R15
CLARK, Paul       B2-R16
CLARK, William       B1-R14
CLAWSON, Peter       B1-R2
CLAYTON, James       B2-R2
CLEMENT, John       B2-R13
CLEVER, Henry L.       B1-R18
COBBS, George       B1-R5
COFFEE, Mike       B2-R5
COFFIE, William     marker # 508 B4-R30
COHOTCHIC, John       B1-R12
COLBERT, Grant       B2-R5
COLEMAN, Joseph       B1-R8
COLGANDIL, Paul       B1-R11
CONDON, Timothy       B2-R13
CONNOR, Belle       B3-R9
CONNOR, Jesse       B1-R22
CONRAD, Berg       B1-R10
CONRAD, John       B1-R14
COOK, Harriet       B1-R4
COOL, Pat       B1-R10
COONEY, Mary     marker # 547 B4-R33
COONEY, Syberton       B3-R5
CORDA, Steve       B1-R13
CORNIK, Lewis       B1-R14
CORSON, Frank       B2-R19
COSTE, Frank       B1-R5
COSTLOW, Rosalia       B3-R3
COUGHENOUR, Cheryl       B3-R14
COURY, Attelis       B1-R18
COVER, Doc       B1-R5
COVER, Donald F.     marker # 502 B4-R30
COVICH, George       B2-R16
COWAN, Leo       B3-R5
COX, Haden       B1-R17
CRAIG, James       B1-R10
CRAWFORD, Harriet       B1-R14
CREDISH, Paul       B2-R3
CRESSWELL, Annie       B2-R12
CRISSEY, Henry       B3-R20
CRISTOFF, Mary       B2-R1
CROW, Louis       B2-R1
CROWON, Ellen       B1-R5
CROYLE, William S. abt 1844   Pvt Co C, 54th Pa Vol Inf B3-R26
CRUSON, Edward       B3-R14
CUCONOTI, Josephine       B1-R11
CUCZYSAN, Michael J.       B3-R9
CULKER, Joseph       B2-R11
CULKIN, David     name was listed as George VAUB (David CULKIN) B2-R17
CUMMINGS, Katherine       B2-R5
CURIO, Joseph       B3-R20
CURRAN, Joseph       B3-R26
CURRY, Isaac       B3-R16
CURRY, William       B1-R22
CUTRO, Ann     marker # 537 B4-R32
CYRNEK, Csamir       B2-R14
CZECH, Joseph       B2-R14
CZEFRA, Stephen       B3-R6
CZVOPA (SWOOPER), Stephen     name was listed as Stephen CZVOPA (SWOOPER) B2-R21
DABROSKI, John       B2-R6
DAMANTAN, Angelo       B2-R17
DAMICO, Carmello       B3-R23
DANDO, Henry Andrew       B2-R8
DANKO, Mike       B1-R19
DASHER, Joseph       B2-R8
DAUGHERY, Daniel       B1-R5
DAUGHERY, Patrick       B1-R14
DAUGHTERY, Anna       B1-R8
DAUGHTERY, Cornelius       B1-R1
DAUGHTERY, Mary Ann       B1-R4
DAVID, David       B1-R17
DAVIS, Arthur       B1-R11
DAVIS, Cora       B1-R6
DAVIS, John Minor       B2-R2
DAVIS, Joseph       B1-R5
DAVIS, Larry C. 1943 1981 marker # 503; funeral home marker has Larry E. Davis; [Photo] B4-R30
DAVIS, Susan       B1-R8
DAYLE, Joseph       B1-R3
DEBEVE, Martin       B2-R2
DEBRILI, Joseph       B1-R3
DEBSKY, Louis       B3-R4
DECKER, Lois M.     marker # 538 B4-R32
DEET, Abert       B2-R15
DEHARPART, Lawrence       B2-R7
DELANCEY, William     marker # 510 B4-R30
DELANEY, Charles       B3-R9
DELANEY, Chester 16 Feb 1911 20 Nov 1995 marker # 586; [Photo] B4-R36
DELANEY, John       B2-R12
DELSANTO, Peter       B2-R21
DELTOVICH, Mike       B2-R8
DEMARIS, James       B2-R4
DEMARKO, Anthony       B3-R6
DEMKO, George       B1-R16
DEMKO, George       B1-R19
DEMPSEY, James       B1-R5
DEMPSEY, Marty       B1-R6
DENNIS, Sidman       B2-R8
DERMIN, Flora J.       B2-R6
DESANTA, Jennie       B1-R4
DEVER, James William       B2-R4
DEWOLF, Raymond       B3-R13
DIAMOND, Michael       B1-R7
DIAMOND, William       B2-R18
DICK, Opal J.     marker # 590 B4-R36
DIENTIC, Joseph       B1-R7
DIERLING, Bernard       B3-R1
DIGGINS, Jessie       B3-R15
DILLON, Hugh       B2-R13
DIMOFF, Michael       B3-R1
DIMOND, James F.       B1-R20
DINODICA, Joseph       B2-R5
DIPOLANTINO, Frank       B2-R12
DIRKIN, Frank     marker # 535 B4-R32
DISHART, Andrew     Name is written Andrew DISHART (DESHARR) B1-R22
DISIKO, John       B2-R21
DIXON, Belle       B3-R18
DIXON, Hillard       B1-R13
DIXON, John       B2-R5
DIXON, Katie       B1-R19
DLINK, Peter       B1-R14
DOCEK, Michael       B3-R2
DODD, Charles       B1-R22
DOLNY, Steve       B1-R10
DOMCOSKY, William       B1-R18
DOMONKOS, Nicholas       B2-R19
DONEHUGH, Thomas       B1-R14
DONELSON, Alex       B1-R4
DONLEY, Paul       B2-R11
DONLEY, Pete       B1-R10
DORMAN, Orange       B1-R7
DOROSH, Joseph       B3-R18
DORVANTA, Michael       B2-R18
DOUGHTERY, Frank       B2-R18
DOYLE, William       B1-R7
DRAVO, Albert       B2-R14
DRAVO, Albert       B2-R15
DRISCOLL, Martina       B3-R15
DROBINSKY, John     name was listed as John DROBINSKY (Frank SMITH) B2-R21
DRUBKA, Ludwig       B1-R17
DUBIEL, John       B2-R8
DUBITS, Joseph       B3-R21
DUBUE (LUBINE), Arthur     name was listed as Arthur DUBUE (LUBINE) B2-R18
DUCHANICH, George       B1-R16
DUCOLI, Elsie Angeline       B2-R14
DUCOTEY, Emil       B2-R1
DUDAS, Steve       B2-R4
DUDEK, Jake       B2-R12
DUDSAH, Paul       B1-R18
DUNDLE       B1-R14
DUNN, Francis       B2-R17
DUNN, Patrick       B1-R5
DURANIK, John       B1-R10
DURKIN, Anthony       B1-R17
DURKOVITCH, Mike       B2-R6
DYDO, Frank       B2-R16
DYER, Arthur       B3-R6
DYNDA, Ann       B1-R2
EAGAN, Robert       B2-R1
EAMIGH, Martin       B3-R20
EDER, Charles       B2-R11
EDGAR, Joseph       B2-R15
EDWARDS, Joseph       B1-R6
ELEFTERIS, Steve       B3-R14
ELIS (ELIA) Steve     name was listed as Steve ELIS (ELIA) B2-R19
ELKINS, Annie       B2-R15
ELKO, Mike       B3-R12
ELLIOT, Sara       B3-R16
ELLWOOD, Catherine       B1-R2
EMARY, Charles       B2-R5
EMIGH, Henry       B1-R7
EMPFIELD, John       B2-R6
ENSIG, Charles       B3-R29
EPPS, Anna       B2-R6
ESCHE, Louise       B1-R15
ETKA, Sam       B1-R15
EVANS, Charles D.       B3-R22
EVANS, Everett       B3-R10
EVANS, George     marker # 529 B4-R32
EVANS, George E.       B3-R16
EWING, William       B1-R11
EWINGER, Margaret       B1-R9
FAGAN, John       B3-R6
FAITH, August       B3-R18
FARABAUGH, Margaret       B3-R18
FARLEY, Anna       B1-R12
FARRELL, Howard       B2-R5
FARRELL, Matthew       B2-R20
FARUK, Michael       B3-R15
FATYGA, Jacob       B2-R1
FAVARIO, Giovanni       B2-R4
FAY, Elias       B1-R3
FEDELE, Cornis       B1-R18
FEDILCHAK, Michael       B3-R6
FEDORA, John       B2-R15
FEDORWICK, Stanley       B2-R18
FELLERS, Silver       B1-R13
FENCHOCK, Andrew 1913 1980 S/Sgt US Army WWII; [Photo] B3-R22
FENDALE, Gearry       B1-R11
FENOTTI, Louis       B3-R4
FERCAK, Margaret       B1-R22
FERENCE, Metro       B3-R20
FERENCIC, Martin       B2-R4
FERNOK, Frank       B3-R18
FETAK, Felix       B1-R21
FILER, James       B2-R2
FILIPIAK, Paul       B3-R16
FINAN, Hugh       B1-R12
FINERGTY, John       B1-R22
FINIGAN, Infant       B1-R20
FINKELSON, Max       B2-R11
FISHEL, John W.       B2-R1
FISHER, Baby       B1-R20
FISHERAK, John       B2-R9
FISTONITEK (FISHER), George     name was listed as George FISTONITEK (FISHER) B2-R19
FITCH, Mollie       B1-R1
FITCH, William       B1-R17
FITZPATRICK, Thomas       B2-R16
FIURINDO       B2-R7
FIX, Paul       B1-R4
FLANGAN, Rachael       B3-R15
FLECK, Charles       B2-R11
FLEMMING, William       B1-R16
FLINN, William       B3-R5
FLOR, Joseph       B1-R22
FOGCEY, Cecil       B1-R21
FOGERTY, Patrick       B1-R17
FORGAS, Charles       B3-R19
FORGAS, Julie       B1-R15
FOX, John       B1-R19

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