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On 3 Apr 1769, a warrant for 249 acres between the Stonycreek and Conemaugh Rivers was issued to Charles Campbell under the Ft. Stanwix Treaty. This was the beginning of Johnstown.

Over the next few years, warrants were also issued to: James Daugherty, Thomas Afflick, Benedict Forsey, James Flack, Jacob Stutzman, Robert Adams, Martin Riley, and Peter Snyder.

In 1794, Joseph Johns purchased the Charles Campbell warrant (although it had changed hands several times since he owned it). In 1800, he began laying out lots and streets. When his village did not became the county seat, he sold his land in 1807 to William Hartley and Dr. John Anderson.

Because of the abundance of timber, the first industries of Johnstown were rafting and flat-boat building.

Johnstown was officially incorporated 12 Jan 1831.

There were two major events in the history of Johnstown in 1852 -- the Pennsylvania Railroad was completed through Johnstown and the Cambria Iron Company was founded. Suddenly, the population of Johnstown (and the county) skyrocketed. Johnstown expanded its boundaries and its businesses.

Then, on 31 May 1889, the Johnstown Flood destroyed large parts of the city and its population.

But, within a few years, Johnstown was able to rebuild its businesses and population. By 1920, it was the 9th ranking city in Pennsylvania.

Over the years, Johnstown has been hit by several floods. But it continues to survive and thrive.

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