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6 JAN 1857
VOL 5, NO 8
[paper dated 1857, should be 1858]

On the 31st ult., by Rev. L. R. Powell, Mr. THOMAS L. JONES, of Ebensburg, to Miss MARTHA WILLIAMS, of Cambria township.

Accompanying the above was a large and delicious cake. The happy couple have our thanks, hoping that they may lead a life of uninterrupted happiness.

27 JAN 1858
VOL 5, NO 11


COUNSEL given in the English and German languages. Collections promptly attended to. Office on Clinton street, in the room formerly occupied by David Hite Esq.
Jan. 7, 1857. Lilly.

DIED--On Thursday, 21st inst., Mr. JOHN DAVIS, of this place, in the 53d year of his age.

10 FEB 1858
VOL 5, NO 13

A daughter of Mr. T. Brophy, of this place, aged six years, had her leg broken by a fall from off a chair last week. We are pleased to learn that the little sufferer is now doing well.

Our friend, Mr. Henry Foster, formerly of the Arcade Hotel, Johnstown, has just taken possession of the Ebensburg House in this place, lately kept by Mrs. Litzinger, and is now engaged in "fitting things up" for the accommodation of "strangers and travellers." Foster is a model landlord and a clever, whole souled fellow. We confidently recommend him to a liberal share of public patronage.

24 FEB 1858
VOL 5, NO 15

The Revd. P.H. Lemke, returned last week from Kansas where he has been residing for some time. We have not learned whether this is a mere visit or whether he intends taking up his residence among the "mountaineers" once more. The Revd. gentleman has hosts of friends in this County who will rejoice at this opportunity of once more taking him by the hand.

ALSO--All the right, title and interest of Michael A. Kline, of, in and to a piece or parcel of land situate in Washington township, Cambria county, fronting on the old A.P.R.R. and adjoining lots of Mary Urban on the east and John Rainey on the west, containing -- acres, having thereon erected a one and a half story plank house and a plank stable now in the occupancy of the said Michael A. Kline. Taken in execution and to be sold at the suit of M.M. Adams.

10 MAR 1858
VOL 5, NO 17

DIED--In Ebensburg, on Tuesday evening, the 9th inst. of disease of the lungs, MRS. CHARLOTTE J. RODGERS, consort of JOHN RODGERS, JR. in the 21st year of her age. Funeral takes place at 2 o'clock tomorrow.

DIED--At the residence of her mother, in the borough of Ebensburg, on Saturday, the 6th of March, of consumption, Mr. DAVID D. DAVIS, in the 23d year of his age.

17 MAR 1858
VOL 5, NO 18

PETER McGOUGH, ESQ. has been elected Justice of the Peace for Washington township, the Berks of little Cambria. Peter possessed in an eminent degree of the duties necessary to make a good Justice--decency and good practical common sense. Require please our beaver touched.
[left edge cut off, not sure of some words]

DIED, This morning, at 6 o'clock at the residence of her father Capt. James Murray, in this place, Miss MARY JANE MURRAY, in the 28th year of her age. Funeral takes place on Friday, at 10 o'clock A.M. Friends are invited to attend.

In announcing the Death of this amiable young Lady, who was endeared to us by the ties of kindred, we have no consolation to offer her bereaved parents, save the assurance they have, as far as human being may be assured, that she has exchanged a world of care and sorrow, for one of never ending happiness. May she rest in peace.

At a Special meeting of Evening Star Special Temple, held March 9th 1858, the B.P.T. announced the death of our Sister Mrs. CHARLOTT J. RODGERS.

Whereupon a committee was appointed to draft resolutions expressive of the feelings of the Temple, who reported the following Preamble and Resolutions:

WHEREAS, It has pleased Almighty God to remove by death from our midst, our beloved Sister, whom we are confident is a bright spirit in that better Temple above; Therefore be it.

Resolved, That while we bow in humble submission to the Divine Will, we can not but mourn and regret the death of our beloved Sister.

Resolved, That we deeply sympathize with the bereaved husband and friends of our deceased in the loss of an affectionate Wife, and a loving Daughter and esteemed Sister; but we rejoice with them in the consoling thought that our loss is her infinite gain.

Resolved, That we wear the usual badge of Mourning for the space of thirty days, and that we enshroud the Charter in Mourning to the end of the present term.

Resolved, That these resolutions be published in the "Democrat & Sentinel" and "Mountaineer", and a copy be forward to the husband of the deceased.

31 MAR 1858
VOL 5, NO 20

On Tuesday the 16th inst. in this place by the Rev. Mr. Jenkins, Mr. JERRMIAH EVANS, to Mrs. MARY ROBERT, all of this vicinity.

On Wednesday morning, at 6 o'clock of consumption, MISS KATE COLLINS, in the 29th year of her age.

The funeral will take place from the residence of her Father, on Friday at 10 o'clock and proceed to the Catholic Cemetery at Summitville.

Her friends and relatives are requested to attend.

It has been beautifully said that "Heaven grants its favorites early deaths." The surviving Parent, Brothers and Sisters of the deceased have every assurance that a holy and blameless life affords that she is now at rest--that her immortal spirit took its flight from its earthly tenement, pleasing in the sight of its Creator, and offering fit for Heaven. May she rest in Peace.

AN APPLICATION HAS BEEN MADE to the Court of Common Pleas of Cambria County, for the Incorporation of St. Francis Academy, at Loretto, which will be granted by our Court at its Session, to be held on the 24th day of May next, if no sufficient reason be shown to the contrary.
Prothono'ary's Office,
March 24, 1858, 4t.

7 APR 1858
VOL 5, NO 21

We learn from the Johnstown Tribune that an affray occurred in Conemaugh borough last Thursday morning, which will result in the death of Frederic Commacher, one of the parties. It appears that Commacher owns a house in Conemaugh borough, tenanted by a man named Baker. On the morning of the fatal occurrence, Commacher, accompanied by his son, visited the residence of Baker, for the purpose of demanding rent then due. Baker, the tenant, was absent, but his wife and Peter Baker, his brother, were in the house at the time Commacher entered. Commacher immediately demanded his rent. After some conversation, Commacher became excited, and picked up a stick and struck Baker with it. Baker immediately fled to another apartment, followed by Commacher. Baker then seized a shot gun which was standing in one corner of the room and "fired the contents into the left breast of Commacher," wounding him fatally". Baker immediately made his escape and is still at large. Commacher was still dying at the time of the last intelligence we received, but no hopes were entertained of his recovery.

WHERAS LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION on the estate of Michael Farrabaugh, late of Munster Township, Cambria county, deceased, have been granted to the undersigned (residing in said Township) by the Register of the said county; all persons having claims against said deceased, are hereby notified to present them properly authenticated for settlement, and those indebted and required to make payment without delay.
Feb. 12, 1858.

21 APR 1858
VOL 5, NO 23

On the 9th inst. Mrs. ESTHER GLASS, consort of Mr. JOHN GLASS departed this life at her residence in Allegheny township in the --th year of her age. The deceased was one of the primitive settlers of this county, having company with her husband emigrated to it when it was Emphatically a "howling wilderness." As a recompense for the privations which she encountered in her youthful days, she was permitted to live beyond the years usually allotted to mortal beings in this world to behold the "desert and solitary place become glad" and see her children and her children's children rise up and call her blessed.
[left edge of paper cut off]

28 APR 1858
VOL. 5, NO. 24

A Mrs. Smay, of Summerhill township, is now 101 years of age. She was born the year 1757, and was 19 years of age at the time of the Declaration of Independence. She is said to retain a vivid recollection of .... of the stirring events of the Revolutionary War. She is probably the "oldest ...." of this county.
[left edge of paper cut off]

In Ebensburg, on the 28th inst., by the Rev. D. Harbison, Mr. WILLIAM GARRETT, .... county, Kansas Territory, to Miss CAROLINE McCULLOUGH, daughter of Solomers McCullough, Esq., of Munster, Cambria county, Pa.
[left edge of paper cut off]

ALSO--All the right, title and interest of Charles Merriman and Susannah his wife of, in and to a lot of ground containing about one fourth of an acre more or less, situate in Conemaugh township, Cambria county, adjoining lands of Lewis Jacoby, Samuel J. Horner, Peter Jacoby and others, having thereon erected a one and a half story plank house, now in the occupancy of the said Charles and Susanna Merriman. taken in execution and to be sold at the suit of Peter Jacoby and Margaret Jacoby his wife.
Sheriff's Office, Ebensburg, April 7, '58.

12 MAY 1858
VOL. 5, No. 26.

DROWNED. The body of a German named Henry Witting was found in the Conemaugh river, on Friday morning last, on a sand bar a short distance below the Cambria Bridge. The deceased was a resident of Cambria City, and worked in the ore mines of Wood, Morell & Co. The last seen of him alive was on the Wednesday evening previous to the finding of his body: He leaves a wife and several children to mourn his untimely end. An inquest was held upon the body by a Corner's jury summoned for that purpose, and their verdict was that he came by his death "in some manner to the jurors unknown." Johnstown Echo.


A young Irishman named Lanigan, was crushed to death in the neighborhood of Johnstown, last week by a tree falling on him.

Frederick Cummacher, who was shot sometime since in Conemaugh Borough, adjoining Johnstown, is dead.

19 MAY 1858
VOL. 5, NO. 27.

At the residence of the bride's Father, on Tuesday morning the 18th inst., by the Rev. D. Harbison, Dr. J. LOWMAN of Johnstown, to Mrs. MARY J. HEYER, daughter of J. Moore, Esq., of Ebensburg.

In Munster township, on Wednesday, 19th inst., Mr. John Myers, in the 67th year of his age. Funeral will start from his late residence at 9-1/2 o'clock A.M.

2 JUN 1858
VOL 5., NO 29

A man named Isaac Blanchard was drowned in Stony Creek, near Johnstown, on last Monday evening. He was engaged in catching "drift timbers," when he accidently slipped into the stream.

The first newspaper in England was published in London, in the year 1588.

At the Cambria County Poor House, the 19th inst., JOHN LEYDON, an inde--- person, and on the 25th inst, JOHN BRAM--HAM, aged 64 years.
[right edge of film cut off]

9 JUN 1858
VOL. 5, NO. 30.

On Thursday, the 3d inst., by the Rev. S.E. Babcock, Mr. WM. T. DEVINE, of Montour county, to Miss MOLLIE J. HAMILTON, of Johnstown, Cambria county.

16 JUN 1858
VOL. 5, NO. 31.

A man named Morgan Williams, committed suicide, while laboring under an attack of temporary insanity, in Johnstown, last Wednesday morning. The deceased was until recently, an employee of the Cambria Iron Company, and was a temperate man. The Tribune says that "upon examination it was found that a huge gash was cut in the throat of the deceased, severing the windpipe, which had undoubtedly caused his death. A bloody jack knife, with the blade open, and a pool of blood where the body had fallen, gave evidence that the man had died by his own hands."

SECOND WEEK, JUNE COURT--The following cases have been disposed of:
Daniel W. Fox vs. Elias Baker--Jury find for the Defendant.

Our young friend, Andrew Gleason, of Summitville, has handed us the following item:

John Conway, an Irishman, was killed last Monday, at 12-1/2 o'clock, in the Central coal bank. He was undermining at the time, when a fall of coal came down on him. He leaves a wife and family to mourn his loss.

23 JUN 1858
VOL. 5, NO. 32.

At his residence, in Summerhill, on the 18th inst., THOMAS CROYLE, aged 95 years.
Mr. Croyle was among the first settlers of Cambria county, having moved to it sixty years ago, and erected a grist-mill and sawmill, (well known as "Croyle's Mills,") to the great convenience of the scattered inhabitants of the county.

He leaves a son and daughter, and a number of grand-children, to mourn their loss.

As a citizen he was highly esteemed, and as a man and a friend those who knew him most interimately set most store on him. An impressive funeral discourse was delivered by the Rev. D. Swope, of Johnstown. W.M.

23 JUN 1858
VOL. 5, NO. 32.

LIST OF RETAILERS OF FOREIGN AND Domestic Merchandize in Cambria county for the year 1858, Classification and Amount of License:

Class License
Loretto Borough.    
Felix Jacob 14 $7.00
William Litzinger 14 $7.00
Daniel Gallaher 14 $7.00
P.H. Shiels 14 $7.00
Philip Hertzog 14 $7.00
Summitville Borough.    
John Stewart 14 $7.00
William M'Connell 14 $7.00
John Orner 14 $7.00
James Gleason 14 $7.00
Joseph A. Parrish 14 $7.00
James W. Condon 14 $7.00
Carroll Township    
Jacob Leib 14 $7.00
Johnston Moore 14 $7.00
John E. Maucher 14 $7.00
James Phagan 14 $7.00
Michael Lattimer 14 $7.00
Peter Wible 14 $7.00
Elizabeth Bierly, Johnstown   $15.00
Isaac Parfitt, Conemaugh tp.   $15.00
Martin Schrotte, Carroll tp.   $15.00
Florain Bingle, Loretto   $15.00
Andrew Guice, Summitville   $15.00
Lazarus Reigle, Washington tp.   $15.00
George Litzinger, Loretto   $15.00
Daniel Wolfort, Johnstown   $15.00
Joseph Alwine, Con. Bor.   $30.00
Classified according to act of Assembly.    
Jacob Leib, Carroll   $10.00
Philip Hartzog, Loretto   $10.00

30 JUN 1858
VOL 5, NO. 33

They have the whooping cough in Hollidaysburg and the measles in Huntingdon, both in their most malignant forms.

On the morning of the 23d inst., by the Rev. J.H. Jones, Mr. BEN P. THOMPSON (formerly of Ebensburg,) to Miss ISABEL, daughter of Price I. Patton, of Philadelphia.

7 JUL 1858
VOL. 5., NO. 34


While in Loretto one day last week, we paused for a moment before the monument erected to the memory of the Rev. Demetrius A. Gallitzin, by the Catholic Congregation of that place, of which he was the founder, and for many years the faithful and zealous Pastor; suffering all the trials and privations which the pioneers of teh Alleghanies encountered. The Monument bears the following simple, unostentatious, but appropriate inscription:

Of the noble Russian family of that name.
Born at the Hague, December 20th, 1770,
Died here, May 6th, 1840.
A loving flock, reaping the fruits of his all
sacrificing zeal, erected this monument as
a tribute of respect to his virtue, and a me-
morial of their gratitude.

At the residence of Richard Trotter, at Lily's Station, Cambria county, on Sunday, the 4th inst., by the Rev. Simpson, Mr. JAMES C. MYERS, of Blair county, to Mrs. LAVINA TROTTER, of Lily's Station.

Justice of the Peace, Summittville, Pa.
ALL BUSINESS INSTRUCTED TO HIS care will be promptly attended to. He will also act as Auctioneer at Public ales whenever his services in that capacity are required.
April 28, 1858:24

14 JUL 1858
VOL 5, NO. 35

On the 13th inst., of consumption, at the residence of his father in Susquehanna township, Cambria co. Pa., Mrs. Gideon Kinports, in the 32nd year of his age.

21 JUL 1858
VOL 5, NO 36

On Friday, the 16th inst., at Summitville, Mrs. Catharine Humphreys in the 60th year of her age.

28 JUL 1858
VOL 5, NO 37

At the residence of Mr. Robert Williams, in Cambria township on the 24th inst., Mr. ELLIS ROWLAND, in the 93d year of his age.

The deceased was one of the pioneers of this county, and was well known to nearly all its first settlers. He was an honest man, a sincere christian, and always commanded the esteem of those who knew him.

11 AUG 1858
VOL 5, NO 39

ALSO--All the right, title and interest of Thomas Orain, of, in and to a lot of ground, situate in the borough of Johnstown, Cambria county, fronting on Vine street and extending back to an alley, adjoining lot of John Weakland on the east, and lot of Samuel Cain on the west, having thereon erected a two story frame house, with a kitchen attached now in the occupancy of said Thomas Orain. Taken in execution and to be sold at the suit of John Dilbert.

22 SEP 1858
VOL 5, NO 45

A man named Alexander Gilbert committed suicide in the Blair County Poor House last Sunday night, by cutting his throat with an old knife, and finally accomplishing the horrid deed with a piece of glass. He was not a regular inmate of the institute, but had merely solicited lodging for the night. He was about 25 or 30 years of age, and supposed to have been a resident of Westmoreland county.

WED 24 NOV 1858
VOL 6, NO 1

Died--In Allegheny township, on Saturday evening the 19th inst., Mrs. ELIZA GLASS, consort of Mr. John J. Glass, aged about 40 years.

WED 1 DEC 1858
VOL 6, NO 2

Sheriff's Sale
ALSO--All the right, title and interest of Mary Margaret Schneider, of, in and to a piece or parcel of land situate in Chest township, Cambria county, containing one hundred and fifty acres, more or less, adjoining lands of John Balweaver and others, about five acres cleared, and a Cabin House thereon erected.

Taken in Execution, and to be sold at the suit of Daniel Kline for use of Michael A. Kline.

WED 15 DEC 1858
VOL 6, NO 4

Cape May, which is now one of the most celebrated places of summer resort in the country, derives its name from Captain Cornelius J. May, a navigator in the service of the Dutch West India Company, who visited Delaware Bay in 1623.

WED 22 DEC 1858
VOL 6, NO 5

On last Saturday, a man named Lenhart, struck a man named M'Tag, during a row, in Johnstown, with a two pound weight, fracturing his skull. Lenhart has entered bail for his appearance at Court. Since writing the above, we have learned that M'Tag died last Monday evening.

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