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PAUL, Harry J.

    Johnstown Weekly Tribune, 11 Nov 1887, Contributed by Diann Olsen

A Cambria Engine's Victim.

Harry J. Paul, an employe in one of the upper Gautier shops, had his right leg and left foot mangled under the wheels of an engine about half-past 10 o'clock Wednesday forenoon on the Cambria Iron Company's railway. In attempting to cross the track, which lies between the shop and the water-closet, for the purpose of visiting the latter, a cloud of steam arose from a large pipe nearby and completely enveloped him. In consequence he did not notice the approach of the engine nor did the engineer see him. The result was, as stated above, the mangling of Paul's leg and foot.

Dr. W. B. Lowman was at once summoned and administered temporary treatment, after which fellow-workmen of the injured man took charge of him and carried him to the hospital. He was in a very exhausted condition when placed on his cot, and it was feared he would immediately expire.

He, however, in the course of a few minutes, rallied somewhat, and Dr. Lowman, assisted by Dr. G. C. Briskey, then amputated his right leg at the hip joint and his left foot. He recovered very slowly from the effects of the operation, but toward evening he seemed brighter and more cheerful. During the night he slept a good deal, and there was a hope that he might survive, but toward morning he began to sink, and at a quarter after 6 expired.

His father, John B. Paul, of No. 61 Maple avenue, Woodvale, and Dr. G. C. Briskey were with him during the night.

Shortly after noon yesterday the remains were coffined by Messrs. Henderson & Alexander and removed to the family residence. Deceased was almost eighteen years of age.

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