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    Johnstown Tribune, 2 Apr 1890, Contributed by Janet Gray


Dennis Harkins, of the Twelfth Ward, Killed by the Fast Line Last Night

Some employees of Cambria Iron Company returning from work found the body of a man lying near the Pennsylvania Railroad track between 11 and 12 o'clock last night. They notified the P.R.R. station officials who took charge of the body and removed it to the baggage room. There it was identified as the remains of Dennis Harkins, of the Twelfth Ward. It lay at the station until half past 8 o'clock this morning, when it was taken to Henerson's morgue and prepared for burial, being afterward removed to the deceased's late home, whence the funeral will take place.

Harkins came here about nine years ago from Pottsville. He was employed by the Cambria Iron Company, having charge of the pig bed at No. 5 blast furnace. He was about forty years of age and leaves a wife and five children. His father, who lives in Pottsville, has been notified of his death.

As the deceased had on working clothes when found, it is presumed he was on his way home from the furnace when he was struck by second section of Fast Line east, which passed along about 11 o'clock. His head was badly crushed. There were no marks on any other part of his body.

At the time of the flood the Harkins family lived in one of Mrs. Dowling's houses on Iron Street. Although having a rough experience, none of the members of the family were lost.

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