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    Johnstown Tribune, 26 Jan 1885, Contributed by William Hearn


Dr. John E. Hutchinson died a few minutes after 5 o'clock yesterday morning. On Friday morning, the 16th inst., after visiting some patients and returning to his drug store, he complained of a clicking sensation and subsequently he had a chill. Becoming quite ill later in the day he went to bed, and, his symptoms became alarming. Dr. J. K. Lee was summoned on the Sunday following. Dr. Lee pronounced the affliction pheuro-pneumonia. Dr. Hutchinson's constitution had been impaired by previous attacks of disease, and hence the patient's condition was considered very precarious by his physician from the first.

On Saturday night at 11 o'clock, when the doctor left him, he was resting easily and there was apparently no immediate danger, and the pneumoton (?) had been checked. But about 3 o'clock in the morning of sunday, he turned over on the opposite side from which he had been lying, when he had a slight hemorrage, after which he fell asleep, and remained so until he was awakened by a chocking sensation about 5 o'clock, when, spitting on his handkerchief, he discovered blood, which he had not seen two hours before, and explained that he was blood, and suggested that was what gave him the choking sensation in his throad, and that he would spit it up, when in attempting to do so he had a very severe discharge of blood from the mouth and nose, and immediately afterward expired. There was no person in the house with him but his wife during the night, as his death was entirely unexpected.

Dr. Hutchinson was born in Addison County, Vermont, about 1811. He began attending school at a very early age, and when ten years old was a clerk in a drug store. He attended West Point Military Academy for a time, but his health gave way and he was compelled to leave the institution. His brother William was a physician in Vermont, and he read medicine with him for quite a while. He was associated with a Bellefonte, Centre County, (Pa.) doctor, and then located in Hollidaysburg, where he practiced his profession for a short time, coming to Johnstown in 1869. Here he gave his exclusive attention to the treatment of patients until 1874, when he purchased a drug store on Franklin street from Dr. J. C. Luke near the post office. Subsequently he had fitted up a store room at the corner of Locust and Franklin streets, and he was carrying on business and practicing there at the time of his death.

In September, 1879, the Doctor was united in marriage with Miss Amanda Jane, daughter of Thomas and Amanda Gore, By her he had one child, which died in infancy. He and his wife occupied rooms above the drug store, and the funeral will take place therefrom.

Dr. Hutchinson's mother died when he was quite young. His father died in 1876. Beside his wife and his brother William, the physician, he is survived by three sisters -- Mrs. Kimball, a widow; Mrs. Woodward, and Mrs. May nard, all residents of the State of Vermont. They have been notified of their brother's demise, and William is expected to arrive here in time for the funeral.

The deceased was a refined, scholarly gentleman, though rather eccentric, and was possessed of a pecular faculty of making friends. Everybody liked him because he had a kind word to say of all. He saw little of the evil in men, and all the good.

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