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    Ebensburg Mountain Sentinel, 17 Jun 1852, Contributed by Lisa Baker

One of our oldest and most respected citizens, Capt. ROLAND HUMPHREYS, while passing through the tunnel, four miles east of Johnstown, on Saturday afternoon, was caught between the section of a boat and the tunnel wall and was instantly crushed to death. His unfortunate situation was noticed by the driver of the team, and every effort was made to extricate him ere the vital spark of life had fled, but without avail. A part of the boat truck had to be cut away ere he could be taken out, so firmly was his body wedged in between the wall and the boat. The deceased was well and favorably known to all the citizens of our county, as also to many in the State, and by his loss society is deprived of one of its brightest ornaments, his family of a kind, humane, and well-beloved father. His was born in Wales, March 10, 1795, and came to this country while a young man, where by honest industry and untiring perseverance he established for himself an unblemished reputation, made a comfortable home, and maintained a large family of children. For a number of years he commanded a volunteer company in this county, "The Invincibles," and at the breaking out of the Mexican War, the patriotism of the father still slumbering in the bosoms of his sons, three of them volunteered for the Mexican campaign and served with honor and distinction in that war. One son was killed during the assault on the castle of Chapultepec while doing battle for his countrys rights. The other two returned home at the close of the war and reside in our midst.

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