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GORE, Elmer

    Nanty Glo Journal, 28 Aug 1908, Contributed by Lynne Canterbury


Nant-y-Glo, Aug. 28 -- Death in horrible form came to Elmer Gore, a miner, as he stood in the bottom of a well which he was digging on the Norman George property here. The accident occurred at 8:30 o'clock last evening, ten minutes after Mr. Gore had ignited a fuse which was to set off a large charge of dynamite used in blasting through rock. No explosion following, Mr. Gore had supposed the fuse defective and descended to the bottom of the well. He was just stooping over to pick up the fuse when the dynamite let go with a terrific roar. The man was blown almost to the top of the well, which had been dug to a depth of thirty feet, and his body, mutilated and bleeding, dropped back to the bottom.

For some minutes Mr. Gore lay groaning in the well but when Rowley Evens, who was helping him on the job, reached his side ten minutes after the explosion he was dead. His body had been torn and cut in a sickening manner.

Mr. Gore and Evans had taken the contract to dig the well and worked at it in the evenings after the former had completed his day's work in the mines. Last evening they encountered a heavy rock formation and had decided to put off the charge of dynamite before going home. The explosion did not occur as soon as was customary and Mr. Gore decided to investigate, with the above-stated result.

The report of the accident attracted all Nant-y-Glo to the George property and the excitement was intense. The cries of the dead man's wife and children when they saw the mutilated body were heartrending in the extreme.

Elmer Gore was about forty-five years of age. He was a native of Gallitzin, but about nine years ago moved to Nant-y-Glo and had since been working in the mines here. Recently he had been finishing his day's work there at 4 o'clock and, being very industrious, contracted to dig the well and worked at it in the evenings. Besides his widow and five children, Mr. Gore is survived by several brothers and sisters.

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