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AGER, Frederick

    Johnstown Tribune, 4 May 1900, Page 3, Contributed by Lisa Baker


Frederick Ager Meets with a Misfortune Similar to One of His Father

Frederick Ager, of the Tenth Ward, son of Benjamin Ager, met with a serious accident at 3 o'clock on Sunday afternoon near the Ten-Acre Bridge. He fell from a train of cars on the Cambria Steel Company's railroad and had one of his legs and an arm so badly injured that they had to be amputated. Ager was riding on the car next to engine No. 17, which was pushing a lot of cars into the Morrellville yard, and fell to the track between the car and engine. He was taken to the Cambria Hospital, where his left arm was taken off at the shoulder and his left leg above the ankle. The injured man is about thirty years of age.

Mr. Ager's father keeps a little store on Church street. About a score of years ago, while at work in the Gantier Steel Department of the Cambria Iron Company, he was so badly injured by a pile of steel falling on him that one of his legs had to be amputated, while the other one was crushed.

Since the above was put in type Ager has died, the amputation of his leg and arm failing to save his life.

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