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TEIDEMANN, Gustavus Victor (Dr.)

    Ebensburg Alleghanian, 18 Apr 1861, Contributed by Patty Millich

A somewhat celebrated personage of this locality, named Dr. Gustavus Victor Teidemann, died at the County Poor House on last Saturday. The Doctor was at one time Court Physician to the King of Hanover. Owing to reverses, he came to this country some years since and ultimately settled down to the practice of his profession in Carrollton, this county. Becoming sick and destitute, however, he was removed to the Poor House a few weeks ago, where he shuffled off his mortal coil and departed for the unseen world. The Doctor was well known in this community. He was singular and eccentric in his walk and conversation. Among other strange notions, he contended that he was "a legitimate son of the great Napoleon." Whether this latter declaration be a true bill or only the vagary of a mind diseased we are of course unable to say. Peace to his ashes!

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