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SHRUM, John M.

    Johnstown Tribune, 30 Dec 1879, Contributed by Lisa Baker


SHRUM -- Killed on the Railroad, near Morrellville, Yoder Township, on Monday, Dec. 29, 1879, Mr. John M. Shrum, of New Florence, aged about 34 years.
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The remains of John M. Shrum, the man who was run over and killed by a freight train near Morrellville, yesterday morning, were taken to New Florence on Way Passenger last evening for interment in the burying ground near that village, and the funeral took place this forenoon. There are few further particulars of moment to add in relation to this sad fatality. He went down to his home at Centreville Saturday evening, as stated, and was making arrangements with his wife and three children to remove to this place. Not wishing to lose any more time than he could help at his employment on Monday he boarded a freight train east, which passed Florence about 7 o'clock in the morning, and came on as far as a point nearly opposite the Coopersdale bridge, where he doubtless jumped off with the intention of crossing over and walking up, but it happened he fell back under the wheels, and was horribly mutilated about the body, legs, and head. The engineer of the train which followed not long after saw the remains on the track, and they were placed in a box car and brought to the freight depot, where they remained until after noon, before being positively identified. His brother Christ is a brakeman on Local Freight, and when that train arrived at the station he was told a dead man was lying in the car, whose name was thought to be Shrum, when the gentleman went up and at once discovered that it was all that was left of John. Deceased had been working about the Rolling Mill for several weeks, and a few days ago secured a job at the foundry of the Cambria Works, at general laboring.

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