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EVANS, William M.

    Ebensburg Alleghanian, 19 Mar 1863, Contributed by Patty Millich


Written on the Death of William M. Evans who was Wounded at the Battle of Fredericksburg and subsequently Died

He sleeps, alas! The sleep which knows no waking!
Stranger, tread softly on the patriot's bed.
Cease your wild tears, ye hearts with anguish breaking. -
One hero more lies numbered with the dead.
All the emotions of his fond heart checking,
Bade he adieu to home and loved ones dear,
No thought of danger or of foeman recking
Love of his country, e'er to him most near,
Answered he nobly to a nation's calling,
Bravely pursued he where duty led the way,
First in the ranks, death's missiles round him falling
Soon on the ground, the gallant soldier lay.
What though his form was so manly and so bright,
What though his heart was joyous, gay and light, -
The Death Angel heedeth no sad mourner's prayer -
Snareth he neither the young nor the fair;
Same beauty remaineth where sunlight hath fled
So nightly in visions, returneth our dead;
Though he sleeps in the his grave, far away, all alone,
Yet we greet him in dream-land, and call him our own.
Wrap then around him our flag beloved emblem!
Fit winding-sheet for the young and brave.
And in that land where death cannot part them
Shall the loved meet again: the land beyond the grave.

[Signed] E. J. E.

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