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    Cambria Freeman, 4 Nov 1904, Contributed by Patty Millich

The Trigger Caught

"It's a pretty good old gun."

The words were spoken by sixteen-year-old Roy James, son of Thomas James of Elmora, this county, while he and George Weakland, a lad of about his own age, sat in the kitchen of Mrs. Elizabeth Wood's house at Bakerton Sunday evening waiting for their friend, Charles Wood, to finish his supper. He referred to a double-barreled shotgun which stood in a nearby corner, and for which he reached, drawing the weapon toward him, muzzle first. There was a sudden loud report, an exclamation of "Oh, my," and the youth pitched forward over the gun, a great bleeding wound over his heart. He died within five minutes without regaining consciousness.

The wounded boy's companions and Mrs. Wood who had been in an adjoining room were at first almost paralyzed with horror, but soon recovered enough to do what they could to stanch the gaping wound, pending the arrival of Dr. S. T. Williams of that place. The physician arrived half an hour after the accident to find the patient dead. It is believed he did not live five minutes after receiving the wound.

The remains of the lad were removed to his home later in the evening and early Monday morning word of the fatality was phoned to the office of Coroner E. L. Miller of Johnstown. That official was in Pittsburg when the message came and did not learn of the fatality until his return on the 1:58 train in the afternoon. Upon hearing the circumstances of the case he decided that an inquest would be unnecessary.

The dead boy's mother died about a year ago. Besides his father, Thomas James, he is survived by the following brothers and sisters, all at home: Samuel, Bright, George, Edward and Elizabeth.

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