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    Cambria Freeman, 28 Aug 1903, Contributed by Patty Millich


John Bershno, a Slav, aged forty-three years, with a wife and five children in the old country, was killed in the mine of the Logan Coal Company at Beaverdale about noon Monday, a fall of coal flattening his head out of shape and forcing his brains out. Bershno and his brother, Stephen, were experienced miners, having been engaged in this work for over ten years. They were bearing in under a fall and had gone under some three and a half feet, the face of the opening being about seven feet. John stooped down to dig out a small part of coal standing and as he struck it the whole mass fell on his head and shoulders and crushed them beyond recognition. The man was dead when the pile of stuff was removed from him. He was taken out of the mine and removed to his home. Coroner Miller was notified and investigated the case, deciding no inquest was necessary as it was clearly an accident induced by the carelessness of the man himself.

The funeral took place at Windber Wednesday forenoon with interment in St. John's Catholic Cemetery.

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