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GRAMLING, s/o George

    Johnstown Tribune, 15 Aug 1876, Contributed by Kerry L. Miller


There was a terrible accident happened in Adams township, yesterday, involving the life of a bright, interesting boy thirteen years of age, and bringing the saddest kind of mourning into the household of our good friend, Mr. George Gramling, father of the victim. From our information in relation to the calamity, we understand that two sons of the gentleman named were engaged in clearing off a piece of land, their particular occupation at this time being the hauling of logs into large heaps, which were to be destroyed by fire. It was while the younger one was in the act of starting a log to roll down the hill that he failed to get out of the way in time, and was accordingly knocked over in such a manner that his head rested against a stump close by, when the end of the log came down against it, crushing in the skull, and producing instant death. The other brother at once ran to the house, some distance off, to acquaint his father of the sad fatality, and the members of the family immediately hastened to the scene, only to find the body of the boy fast stiffening in the embrace of death. This is truly a terrible calamity, and comes with crushing force upon Mr. Gramling, who has himself been suffering with serious illness for some weeks past. The heartfelt sympathy of neighbors and friends will be tendered the family in their sore affliction.

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