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    Johnstown Weekly Tribune, 13 Sep 1907, Page 1, Contributed by Kerry L. Miller


John James Caught in Premature Let Go of Dynamite in Morrellville Coal Operation.

A premature explosion of dynamite in the Morrellville Coal Company's mine above Strayer street Wednesday morning resulted in the death of John James at the Memorial Hospital that afternoon at 1:50 o'clock. Mr. James was terribly cut and torn about the head and shoulders.

The accident is the first of a serious nature to occur in the Morrellville mine, which is one just recently opened by a new company. Mr. James met his fatal injuries, it is believed, in an attempt to accomplish more work than usual. Instead of placing only one blast, he placed two, and before he got the second one lighted the first exploded with terrific force. James happened to be alone at the time.

Miners employed in other parts of the working a short time after the explosion came across the bleeding and powder-blackened form of Mr. James. There appeared to be some life in the unfortunate man's body, and Dr. Fichtner was hurriedly called. After his hurts were temporarily dressed, Mr. James was sent to the Memorial Hospital; but his injuries were such that death quickly followed. Death apparently came from wounds about the man's head, in which there was torn a large hole. The face, neck, and breast were also terribly lacerated.

John James lived on Strayer street, Morrellville. He leaves a wife and five small children.

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