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HUMMO, Emelle

    Cambria Freeman, 08June1900, Contributed by Lisa Baker

By a result of a drunken orgie among the Huns at Lilly on Tuesday night one of the them, Emelle Hummo, was burned to death and the house in which the celebration took place destroyed by fire.

The debauch, in which about 10 Huns participated, began carry (sic) on Tuesday evening. Before midnight all of them were stupified by drink. How the fire originated nobody knows. The alarm was first given by a locomotive passing with a train. By the time the citizens of the town had turned out the building was blazing from root to cellar, and houses adjoining were threatened.

For a time it appeared the one side of the town would be destroyed, but hard work by the bucket brigade confined the fire to the house in which it originated.

Hummo was not missed by his fellow countrymen until Wednesday morning, when one of them became sober enough to count noses. Search of the ruins was then instituted, and the charred bones of the dead man were found. He leaves a family at Lilly.

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