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    Cambria Freeman, 26June1903, Contributed by Patty Millich

The body of John Schilling was found in a clump of laurel bushes about four miles south of Nicktown on Saturday morning. The man, who was aged about 75 years, disappeared from his home in Barr township last September and has not been seen since. The body was very badly decomposed and was found by James and Thomas Miller while working in the woods some ten feet away from Blacklick creek in a depression, being covered by water except part of the back and head. They left the body where they found it and word was sent to Coroner Miller at Johnstown.

On Monday Coroner Miller accompanied by Dr. Wheeler of Spangler proceeded to the grounds and after carrying the body out, proceeded to a saw mill about half a mile away where they held an inquest.

The jury consisted of William B. Brown, J. G. Bearer, John A. Ager, Q. W. Brickley, C. V. Flick, and Henry Ager, who after hearing the testimony of James and Thomas Miller, Bert Dumm and John Schilling Jr. and Dr. W. Stuart Wheeling, rendered the following verdict.

We, the jury find that John Schilling Sr., came to his death on or about the 15th day of September, 1902, from a bullet wound in the right side of the skull about one inch above the ear and, said bullet being fired from a 44-calibre revolver in the hands of some person unknown to the jury.

The post mortem examination brought forth a bullet from a 44-calibre revolver, taken from the left side of the skull. It had gone through the brain, but had not shattered the side of the skull opposite from where it made an entrance.

After the ball was found a search was made for the revolver, which was recovered from the bottom of the little pond, where the corpse lay, directly under where the body had been found. It was a self-acting American, bulldog weapon and was recognized by the dead manís son as one which his father had obtained from Samuel Adams of Coopersdale about four years ago. It had one empty shell in it as well as a cartridge which had not been fired. After the post mortem the body was wrapped up and placed in a coffin, later being interred at Hickory Kingdom.

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