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HULL, William J.

    Johnstown Tribune, 24August1894, Contributed by Doug Hull


Last night two terrible accidents occurred at the Pennsylvania Railroad Station, this city. William J. Hull, of St. Clair Township, Westmoreland County, whose home was near New Florence, was killed at 7:50 o'clock, and John Crowley, who boarded at Joshua Griffith's hotel, on Railroad street, met his death about two hours later.

Hull, who was about twenty-seven years of age, came to the city yesterday to purchase Christmas presents for his wife and two children, aged four and two years, respectively. At 7:30 o'clock he started for the station, intending to board a freight for home.

A train was standing on track No. 1, and as he was walking across the three other tracks to board it, second section of the Pennsylvania Limited, west bound, rushed upon him. He was struck by the engine and knocked a considerable distance from the track. After the train passed he was picked up and carried into the baggage room, where he lived about twenty minutes. Dr. W. B. Lowman was summoned, and arrived at the station just as Hull breathed his last. He was struck on the head and his neck was broken. There was a large hole cut in the back of his head.

The second victim was John Crowley, aged fifty-eight years, who was killed a short distance from where Hull was struck. Crowley left this city two months ago for the West in search of work, and his whereabouts were not known by his son Jerre, the only relative he has in this place, or any of his friends.

An east bound freight train pulled in at the station, and Crowley was seen hanging to the side of one of the cars as the train approached. Several persons were standing on the platform in front of the ladies' waiting room, where Crowley attempted to alight from the train.

His coat was caught in some manner, and he was thrown under the wheels of the train, which dragged him to the upper end of the platform, a distance of seventy-five feet.

His remains were horribly mangled. They were placed on a stretcher and carried into the baggage room, where they were laid alongside the remains of Hull. At 11 o'clock they were conveyed to John Henderson's Morgue and prepared for burial.

The funeral will take place at 9 o'clock to-morrow morning from St. John's Roman Catholic Church, of which Mr. Crowley was a member. Interment will be made in the church cemetery at Geistown.

In 1878 Mr. Crowley came to Johnstown from Connecticut, having arrived there some years previous from London, England, and up to the time of the Great Flood he was a wire-bundler at the Gautier Wire Mill.

His wife died in England many years ago. He is survived by two sons, viz.: Dennis, who is a member of the British Army and now in South Africa, and Jerre, of Wyoming street, Westmont. During the time Mr. Crowley lived in Johnstown he boarded with Joshua Griffith, of Railroad street, Third Ward.

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