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BARKO, Steve

    Johnstown Tribune, 4 Jun 1906, Contributed by Patty Millich

(The following is a partial -- the very top is cut off, but the rest of the obit is intact).
Steve Barko, a nineteen-year-old Slavishman employed as a driller at the Cambria Steel Company's forge plant at Franklin, was instantly killed about 11:45 o'clock this morning by the explosion of an emery wheel. Part of his head was knocked off by a fragment of the shattered disc.

The wheel which caused the fatility was of the ordinary variety, about a foot and a half in diameter and two inches thick. It was speeded up to about 1,400 revolutions a minute when Barko applied a drill which needed sharpening. He had scarcely started the operation when other workmen in the shop were startled by a sharp report, followed by a shower of stony fragments. They found Barko lying by the dismantled machine with a large hole in the left side of his skull.

The remains of the victim, who lived in Minersville, were taken to Brady's undertaking establishment and prepared for burial. The funeral will take place tomorrow morning from St. Stephen's Slavish Catholic Church

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