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Bell's Gap Railroad Extension
Lloydsville, Pennsylvania

Contributed by Eileen Beers

The Indiana Democrat (Indiana, Pennsylvania), November 6 1879:

We see it stated that the Bell's Gap Railroad, which has its present terminus at Lloydsville, Cambria Co., is to be extended at as early a date as possible to Coalport, Clearfield county, official announcement having made that the subscriptions of the land owners along the proposed route have been accepted, and that the road will be put through as rapidly as the weather will permit. The new terminus, as at present agreed upon, will be at Whitmer's Run, a tributary of Clearfield Creek. A large force of men will be employed on the grading, filling, etc., and things will be lively along the line in those sections of Cambria and Clearfield counties where the route has been surveyed.

The Indiana Democrat (Indiana Pennsylvania), January 8, 1880:

Work is progressing favorably on the Bell's Gap railroad, which runs from Lloydville, Cambria county, to Whitmer's run in Clearfield county, about sixteen miles. One hundred and fifty men are engaged in its construction, and they are progressing rapidly. Already about a mile of the road has been graded on the Lloydville end and men are now grading near Coalport, on the other end. The road will probably not be completed before next fall.

The Keystone Courier (Connellsville, Pennsylvania), April 1, 1881:

Cambria and Clearfield Coal

The Bell's Gap coal mines at Lloydsville, Cambria county, are being run to their full capacity, and the employees are getting all the cars they can load, at fair prices. Four miles further on, along the line of the extension of the Bell'' Gap Railroad, on the Edmiston farm, the Great Bend Coal Company are opening a drift, and expect to commence shipping within a month. A mile further the works of J. S. McCartney are progressing favorable, and practical miners says he is opening the best drift along the railroad. At Coalport fifteen miles from Lloydsville the present terminus of the Bell's Gap line, Messrs, Huff & Coulter, of Greensburg, has an opening and as soon as the weather will permit they will put up their chutes. They are at present shipping several car-loads per day from taken from the main entry of their works. The outlook along the dividing line between Cambria and Clearfield Counties, as far as the development of the coal industry, is concerned, is all that could be desired, and the prosperity of that section of country is assured. - Johnstown Tribune

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