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History of Reade High School
Reade Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Contributed by Trina Troxell Corson

     In the early part of 1898 the Board of Education of Reade Township definitely conceived the idea of a Township High School. After much deliberation and planning, work was begun in the Spring of the same year. The original one room building and small Directors room was completed the latter part of July 1898, and High School was opened for its first term, August 8th, 1898. The original course of study was completed in three years and the first class, composed of three members, was graduated in 1901.

     From this time forth the growth was gradual and continuous until 1908, when, after a few minor changes to the building, the course was changed to four years and one more teacher was added to the faculty. This change seemed practically adequate until 1915 when the Board of Education was compelled by the need of more room to build the first addition to the building, which appears to the right of the entrance of the original building. From this point, expansion was so rapid, that in 1922 it became necessary to again make changes in the interior of the building and provide better facilities for the increased number of students. Here the third teacher was added and the Commercial Department became a reality.

In 1923 the first administration of Supervising Principal began in the District. From this time on, the growth and expansion was so rapid that the need of another addition became apparent, when in 1925, after an extensive remodeling program of the whole interior of the old building and the addition thereto of an Auditorium and Class room, they advanced to the position or rating of a First Class School. Two more teachers were added, making a total, including the Supervising Principal, of six faculty members now serving for the best interest of the students.

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